Why battery won’t charge to 100 android? Explained

Battery won’t charge to 100 android? You are very worried and disturbed as your mind tells you that something is wrong with your cell phone.

I perfectly understand.

What can be more painful than that if you’re using an Android smartphone? When battery issues start, it can be a real headache for the user.

I remember that I’ve been in your shoe before when I was using my infinix android smartphone a few years back.

The phone was working properly and perfectly fine until one day, it began having some battery issues which was a real turn for me.

The maximum my phone can charge is 90% and it stays like that.

Just like you, I was asking people around me the reason why my battery won’t charge to 100 android, and no one could give me an accurate answer to my question.

I embarked on a research and after going through a series of similar battery problems, I was able to detect the reason why my infinix hot battery won’t charge to 100 percent.

Before going into the solution, let me first give you the reasons why you’re having such an experience on your android phone.

This will in turn help you to avoid such mistakes again.

Reasons why battery won’t charge to 100 android

The reasons vary from user to user, and I writing this based on my own experience with my previous smartphone: the infinix hot 2.

The major reasons are stated below;

1. Overheating

Do you know that overheating on a smartphone causes battery damage on a smartphone?

You may be experiencing such on your android phone always and don’t seem to care after all your phone is still working, and perfectly fine.

When the battery problem starts, you’ll be confused and start asking the cause of the problem.

You wouldn’t know that it was caused by continuous overheating on your android smartphone.

So I want you to know that the major causes of battery won’t charge to 100 android is caused by overheating. Then the question that goes is what causes overheating in an android phone?

Excessive playing of online games and at the same time multitasking makes the phone gets heated up, and many a time we found ourselves doing this all over again without minding if it will damage our smartphone.

Another thing that makes the android phone to get heated up is charging and playing games with your phone or maybe using the internet to download or download stream videos online.

I do the later a lot and I believe that it is one of the reasons my infinix smartphone battery got damaged.

You may have to argue with me that overheating is causes battery damage in a cell phone, but the fact is that it does.

Overheating of a cell phone can make you experience battery won’t charge to 100 on android.

2. Using your phone while charging it

battery won't charge to 100 android

The second reason why you’re having battery won’t charge to 100 android is using your cellphone whilst charging it.

This also comes in handy with overheating, but not always the case.

Charging of phone and the same time using it or not allowing it to charge completely before using it for the internet or game playing.

This is very wrong and you need to stop it.

Some phone manufacturers give the go-ahead order to charge your phone and the same use it, but I have come to notice that doing this continuously helps in damaging a phone battery.

First, your phone won’t charge faster, and you’ll be surprised to see that instead of your phone battery to increase in percentage, rather it decreases.

I don’t know if you have experienced such before using your android phone?

And it never occurs to you that if such continues to happen, it might damage your android phone battery in the long run.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t entirely charge your phone and at the same time use it, but do it sparingly.

3. Faulty charger

A faulty charging adapter is another cause of battery that won’t charge to 100 android. It does happen and has once happened to me.

However, you can be able to detect faulty charging adapter pretty much easily.

If your android phone charger suddenly finds it difficult to properly charge your android phone, you should try using another charger to charge your phone.

If the other charger charged it to a hundred percent, this now means that you have a faulty charger and should replace it immediately.

Aside from the charger, USB cable can also cause such a problem.

In this case, use another USB cable on your phone charger to see if the problem is from the charger or from the USB cable.

So you should do the needful and change the faulty charger to a better one, and make sure the new charger matches your old charger.

4. Inappropriate charging adapter & USB cable

When I say inappropriate charging adapter, I mean to say charger that isn’t meant for your android smartphone.

This can as well cause the battery won’t charge to 100 android and continuous usage can completely damage your phone battery.

This can be an inappropriate charging adapter or USB cable.

If the charger or USB cable that came with your android phone (out of the box) has damaged, in order to buy a new you should check the specifications and make sure that the two matched.

5. Low power voltage

Do you know that low power voltage can cause the battery won’t charge to 100 on an android phone?

Maybe you’re not aware of this but right now I’m telling you it does happen and can even damage your phone or the battery.

Low power voltage is what rendered my LG G2 smartphone useless, as I was charging the phone with a low power voltage.

There are two things that come with charging your device with a low power voltage, and they are;

Both slow charging and damaging of cell phone battery come hand in hand and this exactly spoilt my first android phone.

So please it is not recommended to use a low power voltage or currency to charge your smartphone, be it android or ios.

6. Low-quality portable charger

This is for those that use a portable charger or power bank to charge their phone.

Using a portable charger to charge your device is good, nothing wrong with that but where problems may arise is using the low-quality ones to charge your phone.

Has it ever occurred to you that these low or poorly built portable chargers or power banks can damage your phone?

It does and I have seen some number of persons that bought these cheap or poorly built portable chargers, which in turn damaged their phone battery.

If you value your android phone no matter the price, please don’t try to use the fake or inferior power bank to charge your phone.

If you do, then don’t come to the internet looking for a solution to battery won’t charge to 100 android phone when the problem starts.

7. Faulty charging port

Faulty charging port can also make your android phone not to charge properly or even not to charge at all.

It may be that the USB cable isn’t connecting properly with the charging port, and thus restricting power going through the USB cable.

This problem is quite common, but first you must verify and confirm that the problem is from your phone charging port before proceeding to the solution.

Phone engineers can help detect a faulty or damaged charging port causing your battery won’t charge to 100 android phone.

8. Software issue

Do you know that software issue can also make battery charging problem on android phones or the battery won’t charge to 100 android.

It may OTA software update for your phone or you installed a custom rom on your android phone.

OTA software update can cause such problem but it’s very rare to see.

However installing a custom do causes such problem if not done appropriately or the custom rom is bad and this can damage an android phone battery.

7. Faulty battery

This the overall or main reason why you are experiencing this very battery problem on your android smartphone.

My battery won’t charge to 100 android?

The answer is a faulty battery.

The painful aspect if you’ve run out of warranty and right now we have a non-removable battery.

There’s no way you can fix a faulty or damaged cell phone battery and even if an engineer tells you it is possible, I’m telling you that that the person is lying to you.

These are some of the reasons for battery won’t charge to 100 android. Now let’s move onto the solution to these problems.

The solution to battery won’t charge to 100 android

1. Using the right charger and USB cable: Please always endeavor to use the appropriate charger and USB cable built for your phone.

Each charge and the USB cable have specs, go through it, and know the charger specs for your android phone. In case you need to charge your phone using another charger, check and see if it matches your phone charger.

This really helps in making your android phone battery last longer and I can testify to that.

2. Plugging your phone directly into a wall socket: This is the second solution to battery won’t charge to 100 android, and the best way you can charge any device, be it a smartphone, portable charger, speaker, etc.

Do you know that plugging your phone directly to the wall socket charges it faster?

Maybe you don’t know about that.

I’ve seen quite a number of people using the electric extension socket to charge their devices at the same time. This really slows the charging cause the power output will be too low compared when you plugged your phone directly into the wall socket.

battery won't charge to 100 android

Again I recommend plugging your phone directly into the wall socket while charging your phone than using the electric extension socket.

3. Allow your phone to charge complete before using: 

If you can’t endure leaving your phone for about one hour and thirty minutes to charge complete, then leave it for thirty minutes, unplug it and start using it.

So the third solution to battery won’t charge to 100 android is to allow your android phone to charge complete before using it.

This is for hardcore phone users (addicted) or if you want to use your phone while charging it, put it in an airplane mode.

Doing this won’t easily damage your cell phone battery. But if you turn on the mobile data or WiFi while charging your phone, it heats up and on the long run damage your android phone battery.

4. Rolling back software update:

Like I said earlier, software update can also cause a battery won’t charge to 100 android.

In case you updated your phone to a new software update and since then having charging issues, simply roll it back and see if it will correct the issue. 

Though at times another software update will be rolled to correct such battery issue.

5. Reboot your android phone: Another way to solve battery won’t charge to 100 android is by rebooting your android smartphone.

There may be hitches causing such problem and rebooting or restarting your android phone helps in solving such battery issue. 

You can as well clear cache on your android smartphone to see if it will helps to resolve battery not charging properly on android phone.

There’s so many cache apps on Google play store to choose from to helps clear cache on your android phone.

6. Battery replacement: When you start having battery issues on your android phone, the only solution to the problem is to change the damaged battery to a new one.

If you continue to use a damaged or spoilt battery on your android phone, it might damage the phone completely or some of the phone functions.

Problems like this battery won’t charge to 100 on android may require that you have to change your phone battery to a new irrespective of the fact that it is non-removable.

Having done all that i listed above and it didn’t work, the only option you’ve is to change the battery if you noticed that it has damaged or faulty.

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That’s all i have for you on battery won’t charge to 100 android phone, and i hope these tips will be of help to you.

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