How to delete miscellaneous files on android phone

Is your smartphone running slow because of tons of junks files, this post will teach you how to delete miscellaneous files on android phone.

You don’t need to do it manually cause it is time consuming and not only that, you can’t remove all them.

As long as you’re using a smartphone, be it android or ios, miscellaneous file is one common thing that you’ll be seeing in your smartphone. If you all them to pack so much, it causes lagging in your smartphone.

You might think that your android phone has started to Lagg or hang, you don’t know that it is tons of miscellaneous files that are causing your phone to lag.

Not only that, it can occupy your internal storage making your smartphone to be shortage of ROM.

Miscellaneous files can reach up to 6GB in size, though this depends on the type of android smartphone you have.

The higher the smartphone, the higher the number of miscellaneous files that your phone will have essentially those with up to 8GB of ram.

It is recommended that you always delete miscellaneous files on android phone. At least you should be doing that once or twice in a day.

If you’re a hardcore phone user, chances that you will have tons of junks files in your smartphone. So i will recommend that you clean up your android smartphone twice in a day.

If you notice lag or hanging while using your android phone, don’t hesitate to clean up your phone cause many a time, it is miscellaneous junks files that are causing it.

How to delete miscellaneous files on android phone

Let me repeat this again, you can’t delete junk files from your android phone manually. Even if you do, you can’t get all of them and whereas that will be time consuming.

So i have the best app which you can use to delete miscellaneous files on android phone and save yourself your precious time of deleting it manually.

1. One booster App

how to delete miscellaneous files on android phone

This is one of the best app that will help you on how to delete miscellaneous files on android phone. The one booster application is very effective in cleaning all the junk files in your android smartphone.

Not only that, it free up space in your ram, which makes you phone not to hang or lag.

The apps boost of antivirus, though i always prefer to use eset mobile antivirus when it comes to scanning my device for virus check.

According to the developer, One Booster helps free up your storage space by removing junk, residual and cache files which slows down your phone.

With our professional cleaner, you can also free up much more space from cleaning cache data from social apps without worrying about deleting the wrong files.

One booster app also helps to hibernate auto start apps in your android phone and save your smartphone battery.

Download one booster app for android

2. Ccleaner app

how to delete miscellaneous files on android phone

Another good android app that’s helps on how to delete miscellaneous files on android phone is ccleaner app.

As clean master was banned on goo play store, ccleaner took over as the best cleaner app in google play store.

The application helps to remove junk, free up space in your android phone internal storage, clean up your uses RAM, and monitor your system and browse safely.

If your android phone is lagging or hanging up a lot, kindly download and install ccleaner as it will delete miscellaneous files on your android phone.

Download ccleaner app for android

3. Files by Google

 delete junk files on android phone

The third best app that you can use to delete miscellaneous files on android phone is files by google. The app helps to analyze your internal storage and further remove unwanted files piled in your storage.

Files by google also helps you to delete old photos and memes from chat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, and clear your cache.

This in turn helps your android smartphone performance and makes it to run very smoothly even if you’re using a 2GB of ram.

Apart from helping you to clean yo space in your android device, it helps you to locate files in your smartphone faster. Be it the files is in apk, doc, png or mp3 format, it helps you to find any type of file in your phone.

Download files by google app

4. AVG Cleaner

Best cleaner app for android

The fourth superb app to help delete miscellaneous files on android phone is the AVG cleaner. The app is so good irrespective of the fact that it is on my number four list.

Just like the other cleaner apps for android, AVG cleaner free up space and speed up your phone with the best cleaner app for Android.

AVG Cleaner will help your android phone to run faster and smoother, store more data, free up memory by cleaning junk, and stay charged for longer.

The app features a battery saver which helps improve your device’s battery life. All you need to do is to download and install the AVG cleaner app on your android, and allow it to analyze and improve your android phone performance.

Download AVG Cleaner app for android

5. Delete miscellaneous files on android using Phone Cleaner

Best cleaner app for android

The last on the list of best apps that will help to delete miscellaneous files on android phone is the phone cleaner app for android phone and tablet.

The app is good but because of lots of annoying ads, i had to put it on the number five. Any task performed on the app bring lots of ads on your android screen.

It is one of the ways the developer makes his money, but for me, the ads are too much and way too annoying. But if you don’t mind, you can go ahead and use the phone cleaner app.

According to the developer, the phone cleaner app is armed with CPU cooler, it can optimize the phone with the help of battery saver, super cleaner and power clean.

The app is a fast RAM cleaner, junk cleaner master and powerful app cache cleaner can improve your phone.

And lastly, it is a RAM booster and junk notification cleaner also make their contribution in optimizing the phone.

Download phone cleaner app for android

If you’re looking for how to delete miscellaneous files on android phone, you don’t need to do it manually, but rather use these best android cleaner apps to clean or delete all miscellaneous and junk files from your android smartphone.

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