5 Quick solution to samsung internal storage full

This post gives you the best solution on Samsung internal storage full, though you’re deleting some files and nothing is happening.

There are some phone user’s who don’t have a micro SD card on their smartphone, making use of the available space on their phone internal storage to save their files, videos, or downloads.

If your phone is 64GB in size, definitely it will get filled up especially if you’re the type that does lots of videos or has lots of software packed in your internal storage.

I’ve got lots of Samsung phone users asking this question on their Samsung internal storage full.

Some will say that they have deleted or gotten rid of many files, videos, or downloads but nothing seems to be changing.

Their phone still bleeps memory full.

I’m here to help you out on Samsung internal storage full, so all I need from you is to read this post from the beginning to the end of the post.

Samsung internal storage full

I have three methods that will help you to solve the problem of Samsung internal storage full, they are listed below.

1. Clearing the trash folder 

First, if you’re using the Samsung my files application on your Samsung phone, and running the latest Android 10 software, I want you to take a closer look at my files app.

Please kindly note that this is for those that their Samsung internal storage full respective of the fact that they have removed or deleted many files but it still shows memory full.

So kindly open the Samsung my files app on your android phone.

It will look like the picture below;

Samsung internal storage full

Simply tap on the three dots vertical line located at the top right corner of your screen.

When you do that, you’ll see trash or recycle bin depending on the Samsung model you’re using.

Tapping on the trash or recycle bin shows you all the deleted videos, pictures, files, or downloads, both big and small.

You’ll be given an option to empty the trash folder or recycle bin completely, or you select the one to be removed from the recycle bin.

The selected files will be permanently removed from your Samsung phone, and can’t be restored.

However, you can restore any files that were moved to the trash folder or recycle bin folder.

To restore any video or files to your main internal storage or micro SD card, tap on edit, and the options given to you, select restore.

This immediately restores the file or video to your phone’s internal storage or SD card.

You can as well select delete, to permanently remove the file from your Samsung phone.

As you removed all the deleted files from the recycle bin or trash folder, your Samsung phone internal storage will be free and you’ll have enough space left.

Mind you, this depends on the size of the deleted files or videos.

So this is the first solution to Samsung internal storage full.

Moving onto the next one which involves the deleting of miscellaneous files from your Samsung smartphone.

2. Deleting miscellaneous or junk files 

Do you know that having lots of junk or miscellaneous files can make your android phone internal storage to be full?

That’s another thing to look out for on Samsung internal storage full.

The solution to this requires that you have to download an application for the cleaning of miscellaneous or junk files from your Samsung smartphone.

For this, the very first app I’m recommending is the cc Cleaner app for android.

The application helps to remove junk, free up space in your android phone internal storage, clean up your uses RAM, and monitor your system and browse safely.

The cc cleaner app helps a lot to clean up miscellaneous or junk files occupying your Samsung phone internal storage.

This helps to fix the problem of Samsung internal storage full.

There are lots of good Android apps that will help to clean up your Samsung phone internal storage, and I’ve already made a post about it.

All you need to do is go through this post on How to delete miscellaneous files on android phone and it will solve your problem on Samsung’s internal storage full. 

3. Buying SD card or OTG flash drive 

This is the last option I’ve for you after you must have done the methods mentioned above and it didn’t work.

You need to expand your phone storage by buying an SD card or memory card, or you can get an OTG flash drive.

If you’re the type that has lots of videos or files which you wouldn’t want to get rid of, I recommend at least 128GB of micro SD card or OTG flash drive.

There are lots of Samsung SD cards in the market or online stores like Amazon.

You can check the best Samsung SD card from Amazon.

Still, on Samsung internal storage full, there are two methods that I rarely recommend unless your phone is having issues.

They are;

  • Soft reset or reboot
  • Hard reset

The solution to Samsung internal storage full through soft rest 

If you have cleared your Samsung phone to the recycle bin and deleted miscellaneous files, and still getting Samsung internal storage full, that means your phone is now having issues.

Sometimes performing a soft reset will rectify the problem.

Soft reset means restarting or rebooting your Samsung android phone. In this case, you won’t lose any data or files saved on your smartphone.

So all you need to do is press the power button, and select restart or reboot.

Check if it has solved the problem of Samsung internal storage full you’re experiencing and if it didn’t then you need a hard reset.

Hard reset on Samsung phones

If all the methods mentioned in solving Samsung internal storage full didn’t work for you, I’m sorry the only solution is to hard reset your Samsung phone.

Before performing a hard reset on your Samsung phone, first, you need to back up your phone.

I recommend using the Samsung Smart Switch for both mobile and pc to back up your files.

After you’re done backing up your phone and files, next is to perform the hard reset.

Since your android phone is working, I recommend using the settings app for the hard reset.

I’m writing this based on the Samsung galaxy s9 plus, and which works on other Samsung Galaxy phones.

Locate the Settings app and click on it.

Scroll down to the General Management and tap on it. You’ll see language, date and time, and reset.

If you look below, you’ll other options which include back up and restore.

If you don’t want to use the Samsung smart switch for your backup or maybe you’re not on pc or a computer, I recommend this to you.

Kindly tap on the backup and restore, and also tap on where it states back up data.

This will load all your files and you can then proceed with the backup.

After you’re done with the hard reset, come back again and this time select restore data to restore all your files or backed up data.

Going back, to hard reset your Samsung phone simply tap on reset.

You’ll see many options, but you only care about factory data reset. So kindly ignore every given option, and scroll down to factory data reset.

Tap on it and again scroll down to reset.

That’s it, you have successfully factory reset your Samsung phone and this should solve the problem of Samsung internal storage full.

If the problem persist, I’m sorry you have to take your phone to technicians for further solution or service.

But these methods listed here should solve your problem with Samsung internal storage full.

How do I free up internal storage on my Samsung? 

Delete miscellaneous files or junk files to clean up spaces in your Samsung phone internal storage.

You should move large videos or files from the internal storage to a micro SD card, OTG, or USB flash drive.

How do I clean up my storage? 

You’ll only need cc cleaner or other cleaner apps for android to do the work for you. Doing it manually consumes lots of time, and which I don’t recommend at all.

I’ve provided the link on deleting miscellaneous files or junk files from any android phones.

How do I free up space on my Samsung phone without deleting apps? 

Memory expansion is the only solution to this question.

Get yourself a micro SD card and move your files to the SD card storage and save up space in your phone’s internal storage.

All these also work hand in hand with Samsung internal storage full.

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That’s all I have on Samsung internal storage full, and I bet these methods offer a lot of help to you.

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