Best fix for phone memory full but no files

Phone memory full but no files?

I have got the best solution or the answer for you.

What can be more confusing than removing all the files on a smartphone but it shows Phone memory full but no files.

The very first I experienced this, I was completely confused and ran shorts of ideas. Having transferred all my whole files and deleted most of them, it still Phone memory full but no files.

I searched online for solutions or how to fix the problem but all to no avail. After searching the internet, I still couldn’t find the solution.

Finally, I had to take a closer look at my smartphone and found out that I was naive and a plain novice.

This is the fix I used in fixing my smartphone when I was experiencing phone memory full but no files.

Fix phone memory full but no files

If you’re using the Samsung phone or your smartphone is running on the latest Android 10, you need to do this.

On your android smartphone, go to your internal storage, click on the three dots vertical line (options menu).

Having clicked on the options menu, you’ll see the trash or recycle bin folder.

Phone memory full but no files

Simply tap on the trash folder and you’ll see all the deleted files stored in the trash folder or recycle bin folder.

Since you don’t need the files, you need to permanently get rid of the files.

To do that, simply tap on edit and you’ll be given an option to delete all the files permanently from your smartphone.

If you don’t want to permanently delete all the files in the trash folder or recycle bin folder, tap on edit and mark all the files you want to permanently delete from your smartphone.

You can as well restore the deleted files back to your Samsung smartphone. Doing so, you’ll see that your phone internal storage will increase and you will stop seeing phone memory full but no files.

Since the latest Android 10 version, many Android smartphones have this feature, which is the recycle bin or trash folder feature.

This stores all the deleted files just like it is on the computer.

If you’re experiencing memory full or phone memory full but no files, you need to get rid of the deleted files permanently from the trash folder and from your smartphone.

So you need to try this out, but in the case that it didn’t work out, then you need to try the second option or solution.

Using a phone cleaner app

This is one of the most recommended solutions for fixing Phone memory full but no files, and it has helped a lot of people.

The question is;

What phone cleaner app do I recommend for you.

1. Phone Cleaner – Cache Clean, Android Booster Master 

There are so many phone cleaner apps for android smartphones, but I prefer this very Phone Cleaner – Cache Clean, Android Booster Master.

This cleaner app helps to solve the problem of phone memory full but no files. It is the case if your smartphone is packed with lots of junks files

The app is a superphone cleaner is fast cache cleaner, speed booster, android power master.

The application isn’t just for cleaning junk files and releasing space in your internal storage. The app helps to hibernate power-draining apps on your android phone.

The CPU cooler feature is superb and prevents your smartphone from lagging.

For the problem of phone memory full but no files, you need to use this very application and it will help you out.

Download Phone Cleaner – Cache Clean, Android Booster Master 

Apart from the two methods above, there’s another method for phone memory full but no files if you’re using the Samsung phone.

Go to the settings app on your smartphone, scroll down, and locate device care. Tap on the device care to open, you’ll be given three options depending on your phone model.

Kindly click on memory, it will analyze or check the memory of your phone. Afterward, you’ll be given an option to clear cached files packed in your device.

This really helps a lot in solving the problem of phone memory full but no files.

If this option didn’t work for you, you only have one option to solve the problem of phone memory full but no files.

That is a factory reset.

Honestly, this is the final solution for you, and definitely, it should solve the problem unless it requires you to take it to a phone technician for flashing or a repair.

I’ve seen some number of persons that updated their smartphone, after that, they start to see memory full.

If you have been in this situation, I tell you that you need to factory reset your phone after the update.

Mind you, the phone won’t be downgraded. Your phone will still have the latest software update.

The reason why this does happen is that the update is pretty much big, and your phone internal storage can’t contain it.

If you do the update, your phone internal storage will be filled up, and the confusing part is that you won’t see the files update.

For example, when I updated my Samsung galaxy s9 plus smartphone to Android 10, it states 5GB for the software update.

But the truth is that when the software update was complete, a whopping 25GB was taking from my phone internal storage.

After exploring my phone, I found out that the 25GB went straight to my system memory and there’s no way I can delete or free up the 25GB.

So in this case of having done the methods mentioned and nothing worked, the only option left is to perform a factory reset.

Let me repeat again, doing a factory reset will completely wipe out every file, installation, and customization you did on your phone.

However, your software update won’t be wiped out or affected at all.

So this is what you need to do to solve or fix the problem of phone memory full but no files.

Why is my phone saying storage full when it’s not?

This is usually caused by an error in a software update or a mobile phone error.

I recommend you use the cleaner app above to clean off junk files and optimize your phone. Again you need to hibernate unused apps from running in the background.

What should I delete when my phone storage is full? 

Why do you want to delete your files in the first place, why not get a good SD card for your smartphone instead of getting rid of your files or apps.

However, as the case may be, you should uninstall unused apps and also clean and optimize your smartphone. This goes hand in hand with phone memory full but no files.

How do I free up space on my phone without deleting everything?

First is to remove all junk files from your phone, clear cached files, and optimize your phone.

After doing this, check the space on your phone’s internal storage and if it is not enough, then you need an external SD card or OTG USB drive.

Move your videos and files to the external SD card and permanently delete them from the internal storage.

What is taking up all my storage?

You can’t really say for sure until you analyze your smartphone. From there you’ll know what is taking up your storage.

To analyze your device, you’ve gone to your phone settings app, device care, and click on storage. On tapping on storage, it will show the major functions of your phone and the space they have taken from your internal storage.

Tap in advance to see all the functions or features on your smartphone and space they have taken from the internal storage.

Phone memory full but no files

You’ll also be shown the available space left in your internal storage.

Go through all of them, and know the folder or probably the function you’ll get rid of to free up space on your phone.

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This is where I round it up on phone memory full but no files. I do hope that this post solves your problem and please don’t forget to use the share buttons to share this post.

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