15 Sure tips on how to save Iphone battery

Your iphone drains faster and it is really frustrating you, okay guys i have the best tips on how to save iphone battery life , and if you follow the steps or methods, you use your iphone for a longer period than before.

Iphones are known to have a medium or probably poor battery life, especially from iphone 8 downwards, though the likes of Iphone xs max and the latest iPhone 11, pro and pro max has good battery capacity.

Aside from them, others are way too poor and average, which makes some users to be carrying portable charger wherever they go.

So the question is, how do i save iphone battery life in order for it to last longer. There are some basic tips that i have provided on this post, that will help to save battery on iphone. 

So guys let’s go straight to the tips that i have for you, and i’m telling you that it helps to reduce battery draining in any iphone model and to also save iphone battery life.

How to save iphone battery

How to save iphone battery

Currently i have ten basic tips that really works, and worked for my iphone xr. Like i said, this is for all iphones and even the iphone 11 pro max with high battery capacity.

1. Save iphone battery life by reducing screen brightness 

Do you know that high brightness causes a phone’s battery to drain, and not just the iphone. This is one basic tip if you really want to save iphone battery, dim the brightness but not so low.

Better still you can turn on auto brightness, this helps to keep your iphone brightness at an average display and save it’s battery.

2. Close Apps in Background 

Another way to save iphone battery life is by closing apps in running in the background, especially the ones you’re not using that particular time.

The more you have apps running in the background, the more battery it drains. But if you try and close the apps that you are not making use of in a particular time, it save lots of battery on your iPhone.

3. Save iphone battery by turning off mobile data or WiFi 

This is one feature that drains a smartphone battery, internet mobile data or WiFi network.

If you’re not browsing, chatting, download or streaming on your iPhone, it is recommended to turn off you mobile data or WiFi network.

As they are on, it attracts online notifications and updates, and this in turn heats the iphone and thereby making the battery to drain.

4. Save iphone battery by removing animation 

Another method to save iphone battery is by removing animation on the phone, However, this feature offers little functionally and takes a toll on an iPhone battery.

I noticed that whenever i turned on my iphone animation, the battery drains a bit but no so much. So since it offers little, turn it off or leave it turned on if you want it.

5. Save battery on iphone by turning off GPS Location 

Next method on how to save iphone battery life is by turning off the GPS. This is one thing that smartphone users haven’t come to know, that having your GPS location turn on on your iPhone, drains the battery.

This is not just applicable to iphones, but to all smartphones with GPS feature on it. If you’re not making use of it, please kindly turn it off especially if your WiFi or mobile data is on.

Seriously GPS location can take 15% of your battery usage when turned on.

The question is, how percentage will remain if you use it for almost 3hrs on your iPhone.

So if you want to save iphone battery life, it is recommended to always turn off the GPS when not in use.

6. Avoid live Wallpaper 

If you’re not crazy about live wallpapers, i don’t see the reason why you should use it on your iPhone, especially when you have lots of apps packed on your homescreen.

Removing live wallpaper from your homescreen helps a lot to save iphone battery, but if you’re crazy about it, then continue to use it.

Hey you can get a portable charger to carry along with you.

7. Turn off Bluetooth 

Having a bluetooth always turned on can drain a smartphone battery, and this is also included in an iPhone. So to save iphone battery life, turn on the bluetooth when in use, and turn it off after you’re done.

Though bluetooth don’t consume enough battery percentage like GPS or mobile data, it is good to turn it off when not in use.

For those that listen to music up three hours through their bluetooth headphones, i don’t really fancy that at all. At times it heats up the phone and thereby making the phone battery to drain a lot faster than it should.

8. Reduce display time 

The next tip to save iphone battery life is by reducing the display time, and it really help a lot in saving some amount of battery percentage.

If you go on a smartphone research, you will notice that most thing that consumes a lot battery is the display.

However, this happens on both android and ios smartphones. Again when i say display time, i don’t really mean the time duration of when you’re browsing or maybe chatting, but rather your homescreen.

Try to reduce the number of hours or minutes you want your iphone to display, when you’re pressing it. I recommend for a maximum of a minute.

9. Lock Your iPhone 

Another tip to save battery on iphone is to lock your phone when not in use. You can activate auto lock and set it with the time of your display.

With this, whenever your homescreen dims, your phone locks on it’s own and this helps to save a lot of battery life on iphones. This isn’t just only on iphones, but rather all smartphones including android.

As i recommend one minute display time, set your automatic lock to one minute as well. The two will work together and same time.

10. Turn off Airdrop 

The airdrop is a wireless file-sharing feature Apple introduced in iOS 7, can be extremely handy.

To use AirDrop on an iPhone, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then set the phone to look for other AirDrop-enabled devices.

As with any feature that uses wireless technologies, the more you use it, the more battery power it uses. To save power on your iPhone, turn AirDrop off when you’re not using it.

11. Disable button key tone and vibration

Whenever i see people using this feature on their phone, i do get pissed off. Though it is a nice feature, i don’t see the reason why one should use it, especially the button sound.

The button key tone is one hell feature that helps to drain battery faster in a mobile phone, especially if you are chatting.

For vibration, there’s no need to activate it in the case of ringing tone or phone alert, the more your phone vibrates, the more battery it drains. But it not like the button key tone.

12. Turn off Push notifications 

In as much that i love push notifications a lot, that doesn’t take the fact that it doesn’t drain my phone battery.

Push notification is an exciting feature in a smartphone, and most people loves it, but with high number of notifications that comes into your iPhone, it tends to drain the battery.

Though push notification tends to drain the iphone battery, i don’t really care at all cause it makes me to see new mails faster plus other notifications.

But if you really want to save your iphone battery, you can have it disabled.

But apart from the push notifications, apps on your iPhone can also send a notification to your, like WhatsApp, online shopping app, reminders, browsers etc.

You can head over to Settings > Notifications, tap an application from the list and under “Alert Style” tap “None”.

13. Use airplane mode 

Do you know that the best and satisfying way to save battery on iphone is to turn to on the airplane mode. While doing this bear in mind that you will not receive any messages, calls or notifications.

I always use the airplane mode if i don’t really fancy getting calls or messages, and it really helps in saving battery on my iphone. Note that you can still connect to Wi-Fi if your phone is on the airplane mode.

14. Turn off Automatic Updates 

It’s always a good idea to keep your apps and operating systems up to date. Some updates can help your apps run faster and smoother, decreasing the processing power needed to make them function.

Since iOS 7, Apple has supported automatic app updates, meaning when an app update arrives, your phone will install it in the background so you’re always up to date. That process can drain battery, though.

15. Try avoiding your iPhone from heating up 

This is the last tip on how to save iphone battery, by avoiding it from heating up. How do you avoid your iPhone from heating up, one is by playing less online games.

Do you know that playing online games for five three hours drains your iPhone battery from 100% to 10% especially if the battery capacity is less than 3000mAh.

Some users will turn their screen brightness to 60%, turn on bluetooth for wireless connection, using a wifi connection or mobile data to play an online game. I give you a maximum of three hours thirty minutes and watch your battery go to zero and blank.

Always endeavour to optimize your iphone battery to enjoy more battery life, but if you can’t do such, try get yourself a good portable charger (power bank) with high capacity that will serve you.

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These are the 15 basic tips that i have for you on how to save iphone battery, try them and tell me if it really worked for you.

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