How to save contacts to sim card on android

Looking for how to save contacts to sim card on android, look no further as this post has the answer to your question. This post contains a detailed guide on how you can do it and and it wouldn’t take up to six seconds of your time.

Recent android smartphones are built in such a way that contacts are saved to email address and not the sim card.

This changes weren’t appeasing to some android users, especially those that love to save contacts to their sim number.

But you need not to worry as i will guide you through on how to save contacts to sim card on android instead of email address or to your phone.

How to save contacts to sim card on android

To save contact to a sim card, open the phone and enter the phone number, tap on add contact and select create new contact. Enter the contact name and tap on the drop down menu located at the top of your phone, then select sim card. After you must have done that, go ahead and save the phone number on your android phone. 

Now this is nothing but an initial explanation on how to save contacts to sim card on android as I will give you a detailed explanation. 

I’m using Samsung galaxy s9 plus and LG G8 for this tutorial and it is applicable to all android phones irrespective of your phone brand.

So you’ve got a contact number that you wish to save it to your sim card instead of any other location in your phone, this is how to go about it.

How to save contacts to sim card on android;

First thing you should do is by going to phone app, and next is to type in the contact number. You’ll have to click on the save contact or add to contact (depending on how it is written on your phone).

When you click on save to contact, it will bring out create contact and update existing contact. You will select your preferred option.

Maybe it is create contact and tap on it.

When you tap on the create contact, it will bring out a menu which you’ll have to type in other details of the phone number. This includes name, work, email address and group.

Select your preferred option and leave the rest as it is.

Then you need to look up, at the top left corner of your screen. You’ll see where it is written Google, simply tap on it.

how to save contacts to sim card on android

When you tap on it, it brings out a drop down menu with list of options for you to save the contact. The options includes;

  • Phone
  • Sim Card
  • Google email address

You’ll see the option where it is marked good ☑️ and that means that it is where your phone contacts are saved.

So to change it, simply select phone by tapping on it. You’ll see that the good icon will now be on phone.

After that you can save the contact to your phone which will be stored or saved to your sim number.

As you can see, it is a difficult one at all just that you don’t know about it. And with this, all your new phone contacts will now be saved in your sim card instead of email address or phone .

This is just how to save contacts to sim card on android. However, there is a reason why google made it in such a way that phone contacts are saved to email address by default.

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Maybe you don’t there are some good advantages of saving contacts to email address instead of phone or sim card.

Advantages of saving contact to email address than sim card

how to save contacts to sim card on android

Below are the advantages and also benefits of saving contacts to your email address instead of phone or sim card.

1. Restore your contacts

This is one of the huge benefits which i love most, contacts saved in an email address will forever be there and can’t be removed.

Through synchronisation, you can get all your old phone contacts restored to your new android phone.

For example you were using an LG G7 smartphone which you saved all your contacts using your email address.

However, if you upgrade your device to LG G9 or maybe to a Samsung galaxy note 10, through your email address which you used in LG G7 and also in your new device which is the Samsung galaxy note 10, you’ll recover all your whole contacts to your new phone.

This is done through synchronization. As long as you use the email used in your old phone to new smartphone, all your contacts will pop into your new phone.

Even if you loose your sim card, the contacts will be there because you didn’t save it to your sim card but rather to your email address.

You don’t need to start all over again to save your old contact to your new new or to move them there, the contacts will automatically be saved in your new phone.

So if you’re looking for how to save contacts to sim card on android, you better think over it using this number one reason before going ahead to do so.

2. Able to access your contact on your computer

Another advantage or benefit of saving contact to your email address instead of sim card or phone is that you can easily access your contacts from your computer.

This comes in such a way that you actually use the same email address both on your phone and also on your computer.

Not only that your contacts will be in your phone, it will also be saved in your computer. This works bear if your using windows.

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So thinking on how to save contacts to sim card on android, you should give it a second thought before proceeding on doing that.

3. Ability to save thousands of contacts

I don’t know for your network provider but mine is only limited to save up to 300 hundred contacts and that’s it, it is filled up.

If you try to save more contacts to your sim card, it shows sim card full. In this circumstance you don’t have any other option than to save the contacts in your phone, which i don’t recommend at all.

But using your gmail account, you can save up to five thousand contacts and always have them restored any time you want.

This benefit give an edge in saving contacts to your email address than any other option given to you.

This is another good benefit which makes you consider your decision on how to save contacts to sim card on android and reverse that decision.

So these are the three best advantage of saving contacts to your email address instead of sim card or to your smartphone.

But also, i would like you to know that some prepaid network providers have made a provision that their subscribers can backup their contacts and have it restored back when the need arises.

But the truth is, it doesn’t come for free and moreover, it is limited to a certain numbers depending on your network provider.

Mine is limited to 300 contacts and yours might be higher or even lower, whilst gmail gives you close to unlimited contacts to backup and restore anytime you want to.

So if you don’t really fancy saving your contacts to your gmail account, and prefers to your sim card, make sure you always backup your contacts in case you lost the sim card

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You can easily restore the contacts back using the link your network provider gives to you. And note that this doesn’t come for whilst using your gmail account is one hundred percent free.

The last but not the least, you can loose the sim card or the number might be assigned to another person, but your gmail account is yours forever and can’t be assigned to any other person.

Once you have your contacts saved in your email address or linked to your email address, you will absolutely have no problem moving your contacts from one phone to another.

However, you will have to secure your email address incase it gets hacked and someone gets hold of your contacts. 

If you are switching your phone from android to iphone and have all your contacts in your email address, you simply have to download and install the Gmail app on your iPhone and import all your contacts to your iPhone.

These are the reasons why I always have my contacts saved in my email address instead of phone or sim card. 

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This is where i round it up on how to save contacts to sim card on android, and for me i will recommend that you should use your gmail account to save all contacts in your phone for future use.

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