Symptoms of cell phone battery dying you should know

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Bad cell phone battery can be so annoying and frustrating, especially on smartphones. So this post covers all you need to know about the symptoms of cell phone battery dying.

In this era of non removable battery, having a faulty or bad cell phone battery can be so frustrating, knowing fully aware that you can’t replace the battery by yourself rather you’ll have to give it to a repairer.

Symptoms of cell phone battery dying

Cell phone battery damage

Below are the list of common problems that indicates symptoms of cell phone battery dying and they are as follows;

1. Battery percentage decreasing while on charging

This is a very common issues that shows a bad cell phone battery, battery percentage decreasing while charging your smartphone.

In this type of battery issue, charging your cellphone seem to be a waste of time as it doesn’t increase the battery percentage.

In the case that it charges the phone it will be an extreme slow charging.

For example, your phone charges from zero percent to hundred percent under two hours. With this type of issue, it takes up to four hours to charge your phone complete.

2. Battery drains faster

Another symptoms of cell phone battery dying is that the battery drains so fast compared to as it is.

If your cell phone battery begins to drain rapidly than before, it is a sign that you’re having a bad cell phone battery which should be changed.

For example, your phone can go up to ten hours before the battery goes flat, then suddenly it can’t last up to three hours and the battery is dead.

In this case there’s nothing you can do other than to change the battery of your phone, else the problem will still be there.

If you don’t want to change your cellphone battery, you can get yourself a power bank which you’ll be carrying along with you.

3. Battery percentage suddenly goes to hundred percent

Apart from the other two issues above, this issue is so popular especially on low quality battery phones.

Your battery shows ten percent, and immediately you plugged it for charging, it suddenly goes or shows hundred percent under a second.

Some might not be shoe hundred percent, but the battery percentage increases rapidly under a second or two. And if you turn off or restart your phone, it goes back to five percent.

This is a very good sign of symptoms of cell phone battery dying. This only requires that your phone battery needs to be changed or replaced with a new one.

4. Overheating of cell phone battery

You have been using your cell phone for the past two to three years, and it doesn’t heat up apart from when you’re playing online games etc.

The all of a sudden it heats up when you’re surfing on the internet or chatting with your friends. This is another symptom that your cell phone battery is bad, and it should be replaced before it causes harm to your phone.

5. Expansion of battery size in a cell phone

This error is very noticeable if you’re using a removable battery cell phone. If your cell phone battery expand than it’s normal size, then it signifies that the battery has damaged.

This is usually caused by excessive heating, and with time you’ll notice that the battery can’t be charged anymore or it will be dropping lots of charges.

When it comes to your cell phone battery expanding it bulging, there’s no two ways about it other than you need a battery replacement for your phone.

6. Cell phone won’t power on

This sums everything on the symptoms of cell phone battery dying. If you continue to use a faulty battery on your cell phone, kindly note that with time, it goes completely dead.

And this can even cause some serious problems on your cell phone.

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That is why it is recommended that if you start having issues with your cell phone battery, report on time before it damages your phone.

Causes of battery damage on a cell phone

Having understood the symptoms of cell phone battery dying, now is the causes of damage on a cell phone.

1. Overheating

Overheating is one of the major causes of damage in cell phones till date.

Then the question is, what causes overheating? 

I will say it too much phone usage. What i mean by phone usage is when someone is playing online games, same time browsing or downloading on the internet with some other apps running in the background.

This causes the phone to overheat especially playing online games till the battery runs flat.

Continuous doing of such thing will definitely damage the battery on the long run.

Mind you i’m not saying that one shouldn’t play online games and do other things as same time, but at least give your phone a break.

2. Charging and using your phone at same time

symptoms of cell phone battery dying

If you started experiencing battery percentage decreasing while charging your cell phone, then you need to answe this question.

Do you charge your cell phone and same make use of it?

If the answer is yes, then it is the reason why your battery percentage decreases while your phone is charging.

We make this mistake a lot and think that it will not harm our phone, but it will and on the long run.

I’ve been in this situation before, my third cell phone damaged because of this problem.

If plugged it in to charge it, i noticed that instead of the battery percentage to be increasing, it decreases. And many a time i’m always charging and pressing my phone at same time.

If you read the manual of your cell phone, you’ll see it is written that you should allow your phone to charge complete before making use of it.

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Continuous doing of such damages your phone. However, the number one symptoms of cell phone battery dying in this category is battery percentage decreases while charging.

3. Using a wrong charger

Every phone has it charger which differs from phone to phone, but we tends to use any charger we see to charge our device.

Please this is very wrong and if you care to check the manual that comes with your phone, it states use a recommended or compatible phone charger to charge your phone.

We tends to get confused on the word compatible, we do think that as long as the usb cable slot into the charging port of our phone, then it is compatible.

But that is very wrong.

Every phone charger has its own watts and the voltage which it generates while charging a phone, and the phone it comes with is built in such a way that it is compatible with the watts and the voltage.

In the case that you use a cell phone that generates a higher voltage and watts which isn’t suitable for your device, it will damage your cell phone battery.

It will not happen immediately, but on the long run as you continue to use it in charging you device.

If your phone charger is damaged, while buying a new one, make sure that the specs of the new charger, matched with your phone charger. In this case, it will not cause any harm to your phone at all.

4. Overcharging of a cell phone

I’m still on the topic of this post which is symptoms of cell phone battery dying, but here i’m explaining the causes of battery damage on a phone.

You may be surprised to see overcharging making the list, the answer is yes.

Overcharging is one of the causes of battery damage in a phone. Too much charging of your phone even while the battery percentage is on 80%.

You don’t allow your battery percentage to get to at least 15% before you plugged it in the socket for charging.

I don’t know about your phone manual, but mine states that charge your phone when it gets to 15%. But some of wouldn’t even want to it to go beyond 50% and we plugged it in the socket.

Please it is recommended that you allow your phone to get at least 15% before you plug it into the socket or for a charge.

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At least charge your phone one or twice in a day, depending on the capacity and your phone usage, for it to last long for you.

Apart from overcharging your phone, it is not advisable to allow your phone to get to zero percent or the battery goes flat before you plug it into the socket.

Please immediately it shows 15%, it will start giving you a notice that you should charge your phone. Though this depends on the cell phone brand.

As it shows that, kindly charge your phone and don’t all it to goes off or reach 1% before you charge it. This can also damage your cell phone battery on the long run.

If you try as much as you can to avoid these causes of battery damage on a cell phone, there’s no way your cellphone battery can’t last at least for seven years.

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With this, i’m come to the conclusion of the symptoms of cell phone battery dying and the causes. Don’t forget to share this post and subscribe to this website email newsletter to get the latest updates straight to your email address thanks.

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