Are cookies on phone bad? Everything explained

Now looking at the question being asked by internet users, are cookies on phone bad?

Do you actually think that cookies are indeed bad on your phone?

This i will explain to you in this post. 

There are some phone users that wants to know if enabling cookies on android or ios phone like iPhone is bad, however, they are at the right place to get their answers to the question on are cookies on phone bad.

First, I want you to know that everything has advantage and disadvantage and this is also applied to cookies.

Cookies has its advantages and also one major disadvantage which make some phone users to disable cookies on the phone or probably on their browsers. 

However, I wouldn’t advise such. That is disabling cookies on your browser app 9r any other applications unless you won’t be be extremely private on the internet. 

Before going into the question are cookies on phone bad, I want you to understand that one of the most advantages of the cookies is their persistence.

That is to say when a cookie is set on your browser, it can persist (stays) for days, months or years, This makes it easy to save user preferences and information.

In browser, http cookies do not only remember which website(s) a user have visited or opened, rather they remember the information about the websites or web pages you opened in a browser.

Cookies helps a user fill out the address forms quickly & efficient. Take for example, you opened on your browser. After you’re done with Facebook, you exited from the page and searched for other things.

On opening the browser to visit your Facebook page, upon typing the letter F you’ll see that Facebook url will display on your browser url tab. This is the work of cookies as it helped in saving and storing both facebook website and your login details.

Again, most online shopping websites just like the ecommerce websites allow the cookies for the address & email information of the visitors. This helps them to know the number of visitors that visit their stores.

Are cookies on phone bad

Cooking are not bad on a phone because it is through cookies helps to save lots of information and details on a browser or an app.

Cookies are essential and plays a very important role in our day to day use of the internet. As long as you make use of the internet, cookies are essential and good for you.

If you don’t know much about cookies, I recommend you to go through this post on cookies and learn about cookies and how it works.

Going back to the question, are cookies on phone bad and my answer being no, let me further explain the reason why cookies are not bad but rather good and essential for your day to day use of the internet.

1. Cookies saves your login details

Have you ever tried to login to any of your account on your browser and something pops up stating save login details for future use?

You will go ahead and tick on yes to save your login details for future use. Anytime you open the browser to go to your account, you wouldn’t have to login again cause your login details are already saved.

Here comes the question;

What do you think that helped to save your login details?

The answer is cookies.

It is the work of cookies that helped to save or store your login details on the your phone or the computer and as well as the browser you’re using to browse. Without the cookies in your browser, you won’t see the option to save login details for future use.

This answers the question are cookies on phone bad cause they are not.

Are cookies on phone bad

2. Cookies helps to track internet activity

This comes in handy for ecommerce websites who sales products online, through cookies they are able to track their users and also those offering affiliate programs. Through cookies, they track all the users that visited the website and also bought products using the affiliate link.

Without the cookies, there’s no way ecommerce websites or affiliate programs can track all the numbers of visitors that visited their website and bought products.

Are cookies on phone bad, definitely no as it is a problem solver for the ecommerce websites or affiliate marketers.

For websites owners, cookies also help them to ascertain the number of people that visited their website through analytics. Without cookies, they can’t track the number of website visitors or their geographical location.

3. Plays a major role in the banking industry

As it states that all bank customers account information are stored in the bank database,what do you think that helped them to be able to store millions of their customers information.

At one click, a customer’s bank account information displays on the computer, what do you think that helped them to do that.

You download a bank mobile app, login into the app using your bank details and everything goes successful. What do you think that helps you to achieve that?

Is all down to cookies.

Through cookies banks are able to store and save their customers accounts, and offer their customers fast banking services through the bank mobile app.

Are cookies on phone bad, definitely no cause it is compulsory for banking sector and banking services.

4. Help in filling form 

When you fill a form online and after completing the form, what do you think that helps to save the informations you entered?

That is the cookie.

It is the work of the Cookies that helps to remember commonly entered information such as names, addresses, and other fields on a form and in turn helps to save the information on a given website.

With this ca you say cookies are bad or the question are cookies on phone bad, you can’t say such cause without cookies you can’t fill out forms online.

4. Helpful in personalization

Through cookies, ads are displayed or shown to you based on your sesessions in the internet. Through cookies you may view certain items or parts of a site, and cookies use this data to help build targeted ads that you might enjoy.

With this do you think cookies are bad?

Definitely not. Are cookies on phone bad, not all but however, if you want to stay private online you might think of disabling cookies on your browser.

You can edit and setup cookies to expire when the browser session ends which is usually called session cookies, or they can exist for a specified length of time on the client’s computer and the cookies persist a much longer period of time than Session state.

The reason why some internet users don’t use cookies while browsing the internet is because they are not secured and this is the reason why I do recommend to always delete your cookies after each browsing session.

Cookies are very useful but has its lag and that is not being secured cause they store all your internet activities and informations saved in your mobile phone or on the computer.

If your phone or computer isn’t properly secured with login password, a third party can get your informations thanks to cookies. This is one major reason some people disable cookies on their browsers.

For me I don’t recommend such especially if you have a personal computer or your mobile phone is well secured using a pin or a password.

You can as well delete cookies after you’re done with each browsing session or set it to expire immediately you close your browser.

In this scenario if one asked are cookies on phone bad, my answer is still no. They are not bad but helpful even if it is a third party cookies.

Third party cookies are generated by websites that are different from the web pages users are currently browsing on the internet, usually because they are linked to ads on that page.

Take for example, you opened and there are ads on that very page, those ads which are linked to a website generates cookies on your browser even though you never clicked on the ads. So the websites that displays the ads are called the third party cookies.

The Third-party cookies let advertisers companies track an individual’s browsing history across the websites which a user visited and which contain their ads.

Now you know what third party cookies are.

If you you also ask “Are cookies on phone bad” based on the third party cookies, my answer is no cause it is through cookies they determine the number of users that saw their ads, and also clicked on their ads.

This is pretty much genuine from every perspective.

Some will argue about the third party cookie not being advisable to be enabled cause the government can also be a third party cookie.

The government can get a user information on the internet through cookies and also an advertiser can also get what are user browsed on the internet through cookies.

This is why some number of persons disable or block third party cookies from their browser.

This doesn’t mean that cookies are bad on phone. If you’re not comfortable with third party cookies, I recommend you to disable or block it completely from your browser.

Are cookies on phone bad?

Definitely no.

How to clear cookies on my cell phone

You can only clear cookies on your mobile browser, and for other mobile applications you clear the cache. Is not all mobile apps that makes use of cookies but all mobile browsers do.

Kindly go through this page to read more about cookies on phone and how to clear cookies.

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Lastly, are cookies on phone bad?

The answer is even with the disadvantages. I only recommend you to disable or block third party cookies from your phone or mobile browser.

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