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Phone rings then says call ended: Here’s why

Last Updated on May 20, 2022 by Kennedy

Trying to call a number on your mobile phone and all you could get is the phone rings then says call ended. I do understand the feeling especially if this occurs several times while trying to make a call.

In order to find the solution for this problem, there are certain things or questions you need to ask and answer, and they are as follows.

  • Is the problem of phone rings then says call ended happens to all contact or on a particular number
  • Do I have an active network service on my mobile phone?
  • Do I have call minutes or paid my monthly phone bill?

Why l listed the above questions is because from there you will identify if the problem is caused by your phone, your network provider, or probably from the person you are calling.

Now let me explain the major reasons behind the problem of phone rings then says call ended and how you can solve or fix the problem.

Phone rings then says call ended

This can be caused when you have been blocked by the recipient, you have barred outgoing calls on your mobile phone, or you line has been disconnected by your service provider. 

There’s one fact about the problem of phone rings then says call ended as there are several factors that hinder such problem and no just one.

These factors are categorized into two, and they are;

  • When the problem is caused by your phone or your network provider
  • When the problem is caused by the recipient and it’s network service provider

I will explain them one after the other

How to fix call ended

When the problem is from your end

If you try to call any number or probably all the numbers on your mobile phone, and all you could get is phone rings then says call ended then it simply means the problem is from you.

This is the solution I have for you in order to fix the problem of call ended while trying to call a number on your mobile phone.

Please make sure you have minutes to call, an active cellular network or have paid your phone bill.

1. Check if you have enabled call barring

This is applied to android phone users.

You may have mistakenly enabled call barring on all your outgoing calls and this restrict you from making calls.

In order to do so, you have to open the phone app on your android phone and tap on the hamburger menu.

You will see options which includes settings, kindly tap on the settings. On the next screen you will see supplementary services especially if you are using a Samsung phone.

Open the supplementary services and select call barring by opening the option.

Now take a look at your screen and see if call barring is enabled on all outgoing calls, if it is so, then be rest assured that the problem of phone rings then says call ended is caused by call barring and you have to disable it.

Phone rings then says call ended

Now go back to your phone app and make a call. Definitely it will fix the problem as long as you have disabled call barring on all outgoing calls.

2. Set network to auto connect or preferred 4G network

There are quite number of persons that doing fixed the problem of phone rings then says call ended while trying to call a number on their mobile phone.

All you have to do is to open the settings app, open connection or network connection, and tap on mobile networks.

On network mode, set it to auto LTE, 3G, 2G (Auto connect) or (Auto preferred). Just set the network to network mode to auto and you are good to go. Please make sure that the volte is enabled and if you have the feature on your mobile phone.

3. Clear data and cache on phone app

If still nothing works for you, then you have to clear data and cache from your phone app. Please don’t be afraid to do so as you won’t lose your contacts or phone numbers.

So you get started by opening the settings app and scroll down to apps. Search for phone and you will see the phone app.

Open the phone app and tap on storage, look below your screen and you will find both clear data and clear cache.

Tap on both clear data and clear cache and clear up the phone app. After restart your phone and make a call. This also helps especially if the phone app is filled up with cached files and data.

4. All permissions on the phone app

I’ve seen where someone denied permission on it’s phone and couldn’t make a call, after looking at it’s mobile phone I found out he denied permission for the phone app.

So get started by opening the settings app, scroll down to app and open.

Search for phone and open the phone app. Scroll down a bit and you will see permissions just like on the picture below.

Phone rings then says call ended

Open permissions and select phone.

Allow permission on phone

Now make sure you allowed permissions by selecting allow or checking allow.

5. Reset network settings

You have done everything but all to no avail and you are indeed tired and confused, you only left with the option of resetting your network settings.

This is what I’m very much different from resetting your phone and you won’t lose data, files or information stored on your phone.

To reset your network settings, open the settings app and scroll down to about phone. You can also open the settings app and search for reset.

Open reset and you will see lots of options including reset network settings. Tap and open reset network settings and finally tap on the button that says reset settings.

Reset network settings

This should definitely fix the problem of phone rings then says call ended on your mobile phone unless you have to factory reset your phone.

Remember if you are disconnected by your service provider over non payment of phone bill, you will be disconnected. So if you don’t have minutes to call or haven’t paid your monthly phone bill, it is a strong indication that your line has been disconnected from making outgoing calls.

When the problem is not from your side

Phone rings then says call ended happens to occur for a particular contact or phone number on your mobile phone, below are the reason.

1. You have been blocked by the person

In some mobile phones, when a number is blocked it will tends to ring once then disconnects or shows call ended. This is very common on android phone though the likes of samsung phone will show number busy.


To confirm that truly the recipient blocked your number, use another phone number unknown to recipient and call back. You can create a Google voice account, get an assigned phone number and use it to call the person.

If the call goes through, then be rest assured that the person blocked your number.

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2. The number may have deactivated

Another problem of phone rings then says call ended may be caused by a deactivated line. The ringback tone you are hearing isn’t real but rather a hitch as the call didn’t go through as you may have thought.


I recommend you to send a text message to the person and see if it will go through(get delivered). If it doesn’t then be rest assured that the number isn’t available or deactivated by the network service provider.

Related Questions

What is call ended no voicemail?

This is caused when you may have been blocked by the recipient, and the recipient doesn’t have a voicemail on it’s mobile phone. It can also be caused by a poor network reception on both the caller and recipient phone.

What does call ended mean on Samsung?

On samsung, call ended means a caller abruptly hangs a caller before the recipient answers or picks up the call.

Thomas Sills

Tuesday 8th of March 2022

Could be many reasons. But this fixed mine (Android Pixel 2 XL on AT&T): Settings / Network & Internet / Mobile Network / Preferred network type: WAS: “LTE (recommended)” CHANGED TO: “3G”


Tuesday 29th of March 2022

THANK YOU! Been suffering for months!

Z. K. H.

Friday 18th of March 2022

Was losing my mind with this issue--your tip worked. Thank you!