Does Google voice show your real number during call?

Still on google voice and trying to answer some of the major questions being asked by users especially the newbies on google voice and how it works.

Now the major question we have here is very important and one of the things you should know if you’re planning to use google voice for your calls and text messages.

The question is;

Does Google Voice show your real number?

The answer is no. Google voice doesn’t show the real number of a user but rather a Google voice phone number assigned to the user.

This voip services is built in such a way that it protects the privacy of the user, and this includes hiding a user’s real phone number or email address.

These are some of the things I will clear up in this article. Now let’s continue.

Does Google Voice show your real number?

No, google voice protects the privacy of it’s user and doesn’t show the real phone number or email address of a user during call or text message. What will be show up during call or text message is the assigned Google voice number.

Does Google Voice show your real number

As you know that Google voice assigns a phone number immediately you register or create an account with the services, this number is what will be displayed on a recipient screen during call.

For example, you used your phone number +12224447777 to register for google voice and after the registration was successfully completed, you were assigned +14433322256 as your google voice number.

When you make a call using the Google voice or the google voice app, what will be displayed or shown to the recipient will be +14433322256 which is your assigned Google voice number.

I want you to know that there’s no way Google voice will show your real number when making a call or sending a text message using the Google voice on your phone or computer, even if you used your phone number for the registration.

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This question of does Google Voice show your real number is now cleared up and if you really doubt what I’m saying, you can get two mobile phones and use the one that has Google voice to call the other phone.

You will see that it will show the caller’s Google voice number and not the caller cellular phone number.

Does Google Voice show your email?

Google voice doesn’t email address of a user during call or when sending a text message but rather what will be show up will the google voice number.

There are rare occasions where Google voice users complained that their email address was revealed during calls and text messages, this was among the google voice business users.

Honestly I can’t really explain why such happened and to only those that created their account using a Google account or the Gmail account. However, the number of persons that experienced this hitches was just six and since then I haven’t seen any complain from users.

Does google display my google voice number during call?

Yes of course, during call the recipient will see the caller’s Google voice number as that is what will be displayed during call.

This also goes to the main topic on does Google Voice show your real number. Google voice will never show a user’s real number but instead what will be shown to the recipient is the google voice assigned phone number.

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What happens when you call a Google Voice number?

When you call a Google Voice number, the call will go through just like when calling a normal cellular phone number. The recipient might need to have a little data or probably a Wi-Fi in order to answer the call.

Honestly there’s no much difference between the normal cellular call and the google voice call except that the cellular network calls require an airtime or minutes, while Google voice requires an active internet connection like Wi-Fi or a cellular data plan.

How to create a Google Voice account

1. Get started by going to, click the Get Google Voice button, and log in to your Google account if you have already created a Google Voice account.

2. For a first time user, you have to sign up on your iPhone or Android device, and I recommend you should download the app instead of using the web version though they are all the same.

3. Once you accept the terms and service, click Continue to get to the page where you can find or choose a phone number.

4. On the list of options, choose Select when you’ve found your winner and move on to verify your existing number.

5. On this pane, you need to verify with Google that you have an existing number. Be aware that the number you input here will be the initial line you’ll use for call forwarding from Google Voice to the number.

6. Once you click the Verify button and input your phone number, Google will text you a code you need to input into Google Voice. Get that code and input it here. Click Verify.

7. Once your phone number has been verified, Google requires you to tap Claim to officially take control over the number. Do that and you’ll be all set.

This is how to create a Google Voice account for a first time user. After you’re done and have gotten your google voice number, then you’re ready and set to make calls using the Google voice and with the assigned number.

Related Question

Does google voice hide your real number?

Yes indeed, Google voice will hide the real number of a caller during call, but will rather display the assigned Google voice number on a recipient screen. The recipient will never see the real number of a google voice user except for the assigned phone number.

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This is where I draw the line in this article of does Google Voice show your real number. Once again I assure you that you’re free and safe making calls or sending text messages usingTh the google voice as it wouldn’t reveal your real identity including your real phone number.

Also you shouldn’t bother asking what happens when you call a Google voice number as nothing happens other than the call will go through and the recipient receiving the call.

If you still more questions based on this topic does Google Voice show your real number, I’m open to all your comments and suggestions.

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