The Best Data Plan For Heavy Internet Users

We always look for the best data plan for heavy download, especially if we have large files that we need to use on our device, be it mobile or pc.

I’m the type that always have tons of large files to download, more especially games and videos.

In this country, what we have is limited data plan which many a time is not enough or adequate for our needs.

For example you subscribed to mtn or airtel data plan of N2000 for 3.5GB, you will see that it is not enough to browse, stream videos or download some files.

However, many of the a time we complain that the internet data plan we subscribed to, don’t reach the thirty days before it exhaust.

These data plans are not enough if you’re the type of person that stream videos from YouTube or download games and movies.

Then Qestion goes “What is the solution for heavy download” 

Is because of you that i come up with this post best data plan for heavy ddownload, as i will show you the internet bundle plan i do subscribe when i’ve list of files to download.

This includes the four major network we have as the likes of others are not nationwide except for selected regions.

Best data plan for heavy download

Best data plan for heavy download

I will start from my number one network for heavy downloading to the least. Please you that is reading this post, if you have any to share with us, please do it through the comment box.

1. 9mobile Weekend Plan

Bet this might come as a surprise to you as 9mobile seemed to have the costliest data plan in Nigeria. That’s true but their three day data plan is really good for me.

It goes for N200 for 1GB valid for three days and you can subscribe for multiple times as there’s no limit in subscription.

However, you can only subscribe during the weekend, that is Saturdays and Sundays respectively.

But you can still use in weekdays. For example you subscribed on Saturday or Sunday and didn’t exhaust it, you can still use it on Monday and Tuesday till the three days validity reaches.

Your question right now is, is it available to all? And the answer is a big “YESSSS”

So how do you subscribe to this 9mobile N200 for 1GB data plan, to do so on your keyboard, dial  *929*10# with N200 on your 9mobile sim and you’ll be allocated with 1gb data valid for three days.

To check your remaining data, dial *228# and it will be displayed on your screen.

Note that if your sim is on 9mobile data bonus, you will get 2gb for N200. 9mobile bonus data is only available on new sim and valid for three months though some are six months.

There’s nothing like speed throttling on this plan and it works on 4G LTE phones too. You can use it on your android, ios, pc or any internet device you have that supports sim card use.

With this plan, you can get 15GB data bundle for N3000 or maybe 10GB for N2000 for three good days. This is why it is suitable for downloading.

2. Airtel Binge

Airtel is another network that offers a data plan for heavy data users and it is valid for 24hrs(daily). It goes for N350 for 1GB and N500 for N2GB for one day. It works on any internet enabled device and there’s no speed throttling at all.

You will enjoy it more if device supports 4G LTE and you’ve airtel 4G coverage in your area.

Below are the list of airtel Binge data plans which is available on all device be it gprs or 4G LTE.

N300 Binge Plan N350 1GB 1 Day *141*354#  
N500 Binge Plan N500 2GB 1 Day *141*504#  
N1,500 Binge Plan N1500 6GB 7 Days *141*150#  

To check your airtel Binge remaining data plan, dial *140# and your balance will be displayed to you.

3. Double Data plan for heavy users

What i mostly use after i have reached 9mobile Weekend three days validity. This is only available on new sim, be it 9mobile, airtel, glo and mtn in Nigeria.

On this double data plan, you get times two of any data plan you subscribed to and it is valid with the time frame of your main data bundle. That’s really the icing on the cake i must say.

My two best are Airtel and Glo which gives me 18GB data and 19GB for N3000 or 30GB and 31GB for N5000. Let me say this again, it is available on new sim and valid for three months.

What i do to continue to enjoy the double data bonus!!! 

This might sound lot crazy to you but that’s what i do in order to enjoy the double data. As it is only applicable for three months, i will note down the date and month that i bought a sim, i will keep subscribing on the sim in terms of internet data.

Immediately it reaches the three or six months time frame, i will dump the sim and buy a new one.

Sometimes, it’s good to do crazy things in order to get what you want. Sim card is being sold at the rate of N100 to N300 so you’ll buy four sim cards in a year.

Again please don’t always go to the main office in buying the sims as you might be mistaken for a fraudster, buy from retailers or resellers on the roadside.

To enjoy these data plans, it is recommended that you use a 4G device, be it mobile phone or mifi routers and you will enjoy it more.

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Below are the speed i’m getting though it all depends on one’s location and network coverage.

Mtn Network 4G LTE Speed 

Ping: 10ms / Download: 35mbps / Upload: 15mbps

Airtel Network 4G LTE Speed 

Ping: 3ms / Download: 7mbps / Upload: 3mbps

9mobile Network 4G LTE Speed

Ping: 7ms / Download: 21mbps / Upload: 12mbps

Glo Network 4G LTE Speed

Ping: 2ms / Download: 5mbps / Upload: 4mbps

So guys these are the methods that i use and i think that is the best for heavy download or users. Please if you have have more on this to share with us, use the comment box to do so thanks.


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