Surfshark VPN Review And Netflix Support

Last Updated on February 13, 2021 by Kennedy

Surfshark VPN provides us with the cheapest vpn services in 2021, as low as $1.99 per month for three years, and it supports Netflix and torrenting. And the best part is that it supports peer to peer network.

Surfshark  which is new in the vpn world,  offers good amount of security, speed, and data encryption.

With over 900 servers from 50 countries to select from, you can’t complain of poor speed network when using this vpn to surf on the Web.

Surfshark VPN Features

Number of servers: 900+ | No logging policy | Support torrent and P2P | Unblocks Netflix | Tor Compatible | Kill Switch | available on all devices | Good mobile app

When it comes to using a vpn, what matters is providing the user’s with adequate security that they needed. Surfshark vpn bears no atom of leak at all, or to compromise one’s true ip.

The Vpn gives you what you needed as your Internet activity is kept private. No ip and dns will be leaked using surfshark vpn.

No Log Policy On Surfshark VPN

When looking out for a good vpn, no logging policy is required especially if it a paid vpn. According to them they don’t collect a user Internet history, but rather they collect these information below;

  • User’s Email address
  • Billing Information
  • Crash report (Diagnostic)

Having used the vpn, I can say that i really trust and believe what they said about the information they do collect from users. And the information above should worry you at all.

Surfshark Internet Speed Rate

Whenever I’m looking for a vpn to use, speed is the number one feature that always comes to my mind. As long as it is Internet, speed is a priority for me and you.

I love the speed rate of surfshark vpn, though it differs from location to location and also the network speed as well.

I always go for US server and preferably New York, and below is the speed I’m getting from it.

Ping: 21ms / Upload: 28.06mbps / Download: 76.56mbps

This isn’t great but at least it is quite okay and i can stream videos online without buffering, plus download which is good as well.

I also tried the speed rate, using a UK server and below is the speed rate;

Ping: 21ms / Upload: 36mbps / Download: 53.71mbps

The UK server is quite better compared to what i got from the US server, but all the same they are good for me. Yours might bettered my own speed rate using surfshark vpn.

Supports Torrenting

For those that loves to upload or download files from torrent sites, you will notice that not all vpn that supports it, prohibiting you from downloading torrent files.

Using surfshark vpn, you can download music, movies, games and other files from any torrent site you want.

Peer to Peer(P2P) Connection

Peer to peer is one in which two or more computers share files and access to device such as printers without requiring a separate server computer.

You can as well say that a P2P is the process by which multiple computers are connected to each other via the Internet.

There are some vpn that doesn’t allow tthe peer to peer connection, especially the free ones. But surfshark vpn fully accepts a P2P network connection. Not only that, you can also connect your phone to the computer without having any issue of leaks.

Surfshark Netflix Support

This may not be a priority to you, but to some others, it does. Those that love to watch or stream movies or TV series on Netflix will value this feature.

When i say that surfshark vpn unblock Netflix firewall, what I’m trying to say is that you can access any Netflix video using this vpn.

For example you can have access to Netflix US, UK, CANADA, NETHERLANDS, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA etc from your country. Contrary to this, you can’t have to a Netflix video meant for another country.

But thanks to Surfshark and other powerful vpn, that restriction was unblocked and you can have full access to Netflix channels for another country.

If you want to watch channels for US, you will have to use a server from the United States , and you want to watch channels for UK or Canada, use server from these regions.

Streaming HD videos is also flawless from my end, though i was using a mobile data which almost got wiped out.

Supports All Device

Another good feature of this vpn is that it works nearly on all device like Android, IOS, Mac, Linux, Windows and also has chrome and Firefox extension.

Kill Switch Feature

The kill switch features is that which makes a vpn services to be secured as it makes sure that a user true ip address is never exposed online in the case of a network disconnection.

Usually, this case is rare but a times it does happen and if the vpn doesn’t have the kill switch feature, you see your true ip address exposed on the Internet.

When the kill switch feature is enabled on your vpn, it will instantly kill your Internet connection in the case of a network connection error caused by the vpn or your isp provider.

This is one of the reason that every vpn should have a kill switch feature.

Other Good Features of Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN

Other good features of this vpn which makes it superb and attractive includes the following;

Whitelist – This type of feature allows a user to set up the vpn in such a way that not all Internet apps or software installed on his or her device will use the vpn services.

Therefore, the user will Whitelist these apps from connecting to the Internet through the vpn.

Camouflage Mode – One special feature of surfshark vpn which makes it difficult to if a user is using a vpn or not to browse the internet.

Good and Easy Mobile App – The one i mostmostly use as i always love mobile browsing. The vpn app is so easy and a one touch click go.

All you have to do is download the app, key in your account information, select your preferred server(location) and click connect.

Very Good and Friendly Customer service – To contact them for inquiry or issues, i recommend that you use the chat option on the website as it is faster and better way of reaching them. Through the chat feature, you can lay your complaint or issues and the customer service agent will sort it out immediately.

Surfshark VPN Pricing

Surfshark vpn offers the cheapest vpn services compared to others, you can get $1.99 per month for a two year plan.

Here’s how the pricing is;

$11.95 for a month plan

$5.99 per month for a year plan

$.199 per month for a two year plan

You can go through this  surfshark vpn link to buy any of the above packages. (the above link contains an affiliate link, and if you buy from the link, I will get a token from it thanks).

For Example;

You want to buy for an one year plan which costs $5.99 per a month, you will have to make a complete payment which is $5.99 times 12 months, which is $71.88. This is what you will pay for the one year plan.

If you want to pay for the two year plan, it will be $1.99 times 24 which is $47.76 and that is what you will pay.

What I’m trying to say is that you can’t be paying them monthly, No, but rather make the full payment. If you to make a monthly monthly payments, then the monthly plan if for you and that is $11.95.

Surfshark vpn is one of best and cheapest good vpn that i always recommend to people in dire need of a free vpn, with its cheapest prices, good speed rate, no logging, unblock Netflix, allow torrent and P2P , i don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t try the surfshark vpn it today.

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