How to access the cloud on android, iPhone & computer

This article give you a detailed explanation on how to access the cloud on android and iPhone with some much ease.

As you and I know that cloud is a storage service where you can upload your data, files, videos, pictures, documents and have them properly secured than leaving these files in mobile phone, computer or any external storage.

We have different varieties of cloud storage services like the ios iCloud, samsung cloud storage, Google cloud storage, etc.

For this article on how to access the cloud storage, I will focus on ios iCloud, samsung cloud, and Google cloud storage.

Now let’s get started.

How to access the cloud

To acces the cloud you only need to open the cloud storage url or app, sign into your account and upload, restore files and data from the cloud storage. 

This is just the initial explanation as I will now go ahead into a detailed explanation on how to access the cloud on android, iPhone, and Google cloud storage.

How to access the cloud on android

To access cloud on your android phone, kindly open the settings app and tap on the human icon which contains or probably is you phone account.

This tutorial is how to access the cloud on samsung.

how to access the cloud on samsung

After you have tapped on the human like icon, it will open you samsung account which includes the settings.

Look below and you will see Samsung Cloud( sync, back up, and restore).

how to access the cloud on samsung

Please kindly tap on the Samsung cloud and wait for few seconds to load you samsung cloud storage account.

After the Samsung cloud storage has loaded, you can then have access to the cloud on samsung phone or tablet. With this you can backup your files and data, and also restore your files and data.

This is how to access the cloud on samsung or an android phone though it differs from all Android phone brands. Continue below on how to access the Cloud on Android using the Google drive app.

How to access the cloud on ios(iCloud)

To access the cloud iphone or iPad, kindly open the Settings ap and then click your name at the top of all the options.

If you have the Mac computer kindly tap on the Apple logo in the top-left corner and select System Preferences, and then Apple ID.

On the next window you will see iCloud, so you have to click on the iCloud option.

how to access the cloud

Upon clicking on the iCloud option you will be taken to your iCloud account and with this you now have access to your iCloud account and page.

Also note that you’ll be shown how much storage space you have in iCloud, and what kind of data it’s currently holding.

You can also access your iCloud by using a browser, that is if you are not using your iPhone or Mac computer.

To do so, you have to open the official website and enter the email address linked to your Apple ID account. Next is tap on the arrow icon, and then enter your password.

If you have two-factor authentication set up on your Apple ID account, a code will be sent to all your devices. Enter this code on the iCloud website to gain access.

You’ll be shown a list of icons and options more icons will be available on the desktop version of the site than the smartphone version. Tap on any of these icons to see the data stored in your iCloud account.

From there you can easily delete, move, or download anything you’ve saved in your iCloud account.

So this is how to access the cloud for ios user and whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or the Mac computer.

How to access Google cloud storage

To access the cloud storage for google on android is a lot easier thanks to the google drive app that is available on all Android phones.

To access the Cloud on Android, all you have to do is to open the app folder and search for drive on your android phone.

You will see the drive app, go ahead and open it and that’s it. You now have access to the Google cloud storage on your android phone and which you can upload files, documents, videos and pictures, and download these files on your android phone as well.

How to access the Cloud on Android

Remember Google drive requires a Google account though every android phone works with a google account.

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Where are google drive files stored on android

How to access the Google Cloud on computer

To access the google cloud storage on your computer kindly login to your Gmail account or create one if you don’t have a Gmail account or I will say a Google account.

After you have logged into your Google account or Gmail account, tap on the grid at the top-right corner of the window.

How do I see what's in my iCloud storage?

Options will be shown to you and you have to click on the Drive icon.

how to access the cloud

Tap on the google drive icon and it will automatically redirect you to your Google cloud account. Remember you must have a Google account in order to have access to the Google cloud storage.

How to access photos on the cloud

First you need to turn on the cloud photos to automatically save photos into the cloud storage. You do by opening the Settings app and tap on “Photos.” Turn on iCloud Photos by swiping the button to the right if it’s not already enabled.

On iphone kindly open the Photo app.

Use the “Albums” button at the bottom of the screen to browse your photos by album and category. You can also tap “Search” to find photos by keyword, location, or time period.

How to access iCloud Photos

To access iCloud Photos, get started by opening the in a web browser and login to the service using your Apple ID unless you have already logged into the account in that same browser.

Now you have to tap on photos and you should see all your photos taken on all your iOS and iPadOS devices.

How do I see what’s in my iCloud storage?

To see what’s in your iCloud storage you have to first open the iCloud storage on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer by going to settings, tap on your apple ID and you will see iCloud. Open iCloud by tapping on the option and you will see all that you have in your iCloud.

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