Does google voice use data? All you need to know

One of the means to make calls, send messages aside from the instant messaging apps we have including the ios imessage is google voice.

Google voice allow assigns a number to you and which you can make and receive, and also send text messages using the number assigned to you by the voice app.

So the question we have here today is;

Does google voice use data?

The simple answer is yes. Google voice app use data or Wi-Fi to make or receive calls, and as well as send a text message.

It got to my notice that quite some number of persons do think that because of the fact that Google voice app is all about calls and messages, so therefore it makes use of the cellular network service. But that isn’t the case as the voice app doesn’t use the cellular network service.

Does google voice use data?

Yes, Google voice uses data or Wi-Fi for it’s services like to make and receive calls, send a text message just like any other VoIP service app.

You can use both Wi-Fi or cellular data on google voice app, though I prefer using Wi-Fi than data unlimited maybe if I’m using an unlimited data plan.

Remember, you can also use google voice on your computer and not just for mobile phones. This is quite similar to whatsapp web, or I will say the google duo web version. But all in all you must have an active internet connection in your device before you can use the google voice to make or receive calls, and send text messages.

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How much data does google voice use?

Google voice uses 50mb for calls for an hour, and 50kb for 50 sent text messages on my network carrier.

Speaking about the google voice data consumption, from my own experience Google voice doesn’t consume much data even if you’re making or receiving calls.

does google voice use data

The data consumption is at minimum so if you’re very much concerned about how much data it will take you to make an hour call,  I will say around 50mb which is very low.

So for those on a limited data plan, you don’t need to worry so much asking about does google voice use data because the data consumption is very low.

In terms of the text messages, you can send 50 to 100 text messages using the Google voice and the data consumption will only be 50kb to 1mb which is still very low.

Does Google Voice use data for messages?

Yes of course, Google voice use data in sending a text messages from one user to another just like making and receiving calls.

Some of you might think that Google voice uses the cellular network service in sending messages but that is not so, for it to work or send messages you must have an active internet connection in your device.

You shouldn’t be concerned about the data consumption because it is very low. You can send 500 text messages on google voice and it will only cost you a maximum of 5mb.

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Can i use google voice without a carrier?

Yes of course, you can use google voice without a carrier network, and you will be assigned a voice number for calls and text messages.

You can also use google voice without a sim card as long as you have an active Wi-Fi you’re good to go.

Does google voice use data or minutes?

Google voice uses data to send messages, make and receive calls and not cellular network minutes.

There’s no relationship between google voice and the cellular network or the carrier network. You can use google voice without a sim card in your mobile phone or device.

It only requires an active internet connection and you’re good to go.

Does Google Voice use WiFi?

The answer is yes. Google voice uses wifi or cellular data for it services like sending text messages, making or receiving calls from another user.

Does Google Voice use WiFi

You can either use Wi-Fi or cellular data for google voice. Remember, internet network is very much compulsory for google voice to work.

How does Google Voice work?

Using the Google voice, you have the choice of using your own phone number that you may move to the service or receiving your own when you sign up for the first time using your mobile phone or the computer.

If you choose the latter, you’ll be prompted to enter your location or probably the zip code and a phone number as a firsr time user.

You can enter your chosen digits and check to see if they’re available or probably being taken, and if you care about the phone number’s digits (for example, if you’re a business and want to have a vanity number that others can dial).

You can build your voicemail message once you receive your phone number (which happens instantly). After that, you can use your phone or computer to make calls.

You can also send and receive text messages using the service.

When you get a call, you’ll hear a notification that someone is calling your Google Voice number, especially if it’s redirected to your cell phone.

You can then choose whether or not to respond. If you choose to call back, the person’s caller ID will display your Google Voice number rather than your iPhone or Android device’s number.

Related Questions

Can you use google voice without wifi?

Yes you can use google voice without wifi but you must have a cellular data plan in order to use the google voice to make and receive calls, or to send a text message.

Does google voice use data or wifi

Google voice uses any of the Wi-Fi or data for it’s services like making and receiving calls, and sending messages to other voice users.

That is to say you can use Wi-Fi or data for google voice.

Does Google Voice use alot of data?

Google voice doesn’t use lot of data, 500 text messages on google voice will only consume 5mb data, while 1hr call will consume a maximum data of 50mb from my own experience.

So you can make a thirty minutes call at just 20mb which is very similar to other instant messaging apps like whatsapp, Skype, telegram, Facebook messenger, etc.

Does Google Voice use minutes or data on iPhone?

On iphone, Google voice uses data and not minutes for it’s call services and sending a text messages. This also goes to android phone and other device like the computer.


Having answer the question of does google voice use data and you have seen that Google voice doesn’t consume lot of data even if you’re on a limited data plan, you can go ahead to download and install the app on your mobile phone.

You can also use the web version on your computer as well.

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