List Of Vpn That Works With Amazon Prime

List of VPN that works with Amazon prime especially this year being 2021. The listed vpns unblock the restriction imposed, and allows you to access the website from any given location and especially if it is not available in your country.

Amazon prime is worldwide just like the Netflix, but the main purpose of this post is to watch amazon prime videos for other countries like the UK, USA, or Canada.

The stream video works exactly like the Netflix, the videos that will be shown to you are the videos meant for your country.

And many people thinks that videos shown to Americans or to the UK are the best, especially the latest movies or TV series like the Game of thrones.

The truth is that noticed that amazon prime shows the best videos to the US especially the TV series.

Again, Amazon Prime isn’t available in some countries, but with a good vpn, you will access and watch videos on the prime.

The Question is What vpn works with Amazon prime or can bypass the restriction??? This is the reason why i came up with this post, how to unblock amazon prime using a good vpn.

Best Vpn that works with Amazon Prime

Vpn that works with Amazon prime

I have three vpns that i recommended for you. Two are cheap while the other is affordable and value for money. The three vpns are as follows;

1. Surfshark VPN

900 plus servers | Unlimited connection | Data encryption | No logging policy | Support Torrenting | Netflix and Amazon prime supportswitch | kill switch

Surfshark, one of the best VPN that works with Amazon prime, and the cheapest vpn you can get in 2019.

Monthly Plan: $11.95/m

One Year Plan: $5.99/m

Two Year Plan: $1.99/m

The Surfshark vpn which starts from $1.99 offers a good vpn services to its customers. Not only that it works with Amazon prime,  it supports torrenting, p2p connection, Netflix etc.

Using this vpn, you will get more than 900 premium quality servers to select from, and servers easily unblock the amazon prime restriction. All you have to do is to select server from US, UK, Canada, Australia etc based on the location you want.

One of the good qualities of a good vpn is the logging Privacy policy. This is the process by which a vpn don’t collect and store a user’s information on their database. Surfshark vpn has a strict no logging policy and i have confirmed it to be true.

Apart from the no log policy, another feature that you should look out for is the internet speed. I do get a good amount of internet using the Surfshark vpn, the speed i’m getting using a server from US is as follows;

Ping: 21ms / Upload: 28.06mbps / Download: 43.56mbps

The above speed depends one’s location, isp and internet speed.

Kill switch feature will also help you to stay on the internet protected. The kill switch is that which makes a vpn to be secured by not exposing a user’s true or original ip address in the case of network disconnection.

There are more which you will get using a Surfshark vpn other than using it to unblock amazon prime. All you have to do is to go through here and read more about it.

2. NordVPN

5000 plus servers | 6 Device connection | Data encryption | No logging policy | Support torrenting | Works with Netflix & Amazon prime | kill switch

The popular NordVPN can’t be left out on the list of vpn that works with Amazon prime. The vpn which has a whopping 4000+ servers unblocks both amazon prime and Netflix.

Monthly Plan: $11.95/m

One Year Plan: $6.99/m

Three Year Plan: 2.99/m

With tons of servers to select from, watching amazon prime using nordvpn is so easy. You can watch videos for Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, South Africa,  Canada or USA. And that with an amazing speed. My speed is as follows;

Ping: 33ms / Upload: 38.10mbps / Download 48.71mbps

The above speed is gotten from a US server(California). NordVPN is among the vpn with the highest internet speed rate, unless your isp offer a way too low speed rate.

Just like the Surfshark vpn, there’s support for torrenting, and you can connect up to six device at a time to use the nordvpn. So six users can use a single nordvpn account and you can call it peer to peer connection.

The vpn also featured kill switch and no logging policy. When looking for a vpn that works with amazon prime, nordvpn should be on the top list as it offers thousands of servers, very good internet speed and cheap price.

3. ExpressVPN

3000 plus servers | No logging policy | Support torrenting | Kill switch | Data encryption | Support 5 device connection | Works with Netflix & Amazon prime

The third on the list of vpn that works with amazon prime is the expressvpn. Not the cheapest vpn that you may be looking for but it really worth every penny.

Monthly Plan: $12.95/m

Six Months Plan: $9.99/m

One Year Plan: $8.32/m

Expressvpn is the fastest vpn you can get in 2019, which can give you up to a maximum speed rate of

Ping: 60ms / Upload: 45.05mbps / Download: 90mbps

As the name implies, is all about speed.

But it doesn’t just end on speed rate!!!

ExpressVPN is one of the vpns that keeps a very strict no logging policy, your privacy and information won’t be collected or stored and you’re protected from hackers etc.

According to ExpressVPN, they only collect some data which they outlined in their privacy policy, they are listed below;

  • Apps and app versions successfully activated
  • Dates when connected to the vpn
  • Choice of vpn location
  • Total amount of data transferred per day

The vpn featured the kill switch and theirs is a top notch. Torrenting and file sharing is 100% supported on ExpressVPN and thanks to the high speed rate, downloading of torrent files is just express.

You can connect upto five device simultaneously on ExpressVPN be it smartphone to pc. If you want to unblock Netflix, BBC or amazon prime, get ExpressVPN today.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

Amazon prime gives it’s subscribers instant access to video streaming.This includes instant access to thousands of movies and TV series.

  • You can store unlimited photo in the amazon cloud drive.
  • The prime music offers unlimited ad free access to more than one million songs and thousands of play list.
  • Members get access to more than 800,000 ebook titles. One can borrow one one per month, with no due date.

With amazon prime account, one can download a mobile app that allows customers in most parts of the country to shop from early morning to late night.

The three above are the vpn that works with amazon prime i recommend to you, though there are more vpns out there, these three are my best cause of the price, speed and strong data encryption.

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