Does imessage compress photos? What you should know

One of the best ways to send pictures and files on iphone or ios device is through the imessage, similar to other instant messaging apps like whatsapp, Skype, telegram, etc.

On imessage, you can easily send files or pictures from one ios device to another, as long as there is internet connectivity in the device.

So here we’re looking at the picture quality of imessages, and how good they are. This brings us to the question of the day;

Does imessage compress photos?

The simple answer is no. Imessage does not compress photos or reduce the quality of the sent photos sent using the imessage. 

This is one major advantage the imessage has over whatsapp, and we all know that whatsapp by default do compress sent pictures or photos.

This article focuses on the imessage and it’s picture quality when sent to another imessage user.

Does imessage compress photos?

No, imessage doesn’t not compress photos after being sent to another imessage user as the picture quality remains intact or untouched.

For example, you want to send a photo with a size of 15mb, imessage will not reduce the size of the photo below the 15mb. The size of the photo after being sent to another imessage user will still remain 15mb, and with this the quality of the photo will not be reduced.

However, the large a file or a photo, the more data it will consume unless you have an unlimited data plan.

The maximum photo size I sent to another imessage user is 18mb though the person complained because he’s on a limited data plan.

So while sending a large file file or photo using the imessage, be sure the recipient will not complain about the file size especially those using the cellular data to browse on their Iphone or iPad. Most cellular data are capped or limited.

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So there’s no need asking does imessage compress photos because the answer is no. Imessage does not compress photos before sending the photos to another imessage user. Everything remains intact and untouched.

Does iMessage reduce photo quality?

The answer is no. Imessage does not reduce the quality of a photo sent to another imessage user, the photos will be sent as it is without any reduction or compression.

This is where I love to use the imessage to send pictures to friends and family that has the imessage or uses the ios device. Other instant messaging apps like whatsapp, Skype, telegram, Facebook messenger reduces the photo quality and the size of the photos.

When sending a photo to an android user, I will firsr compress the photo in a perfect way that it won’t reduce the quality of the photos before using whatsapp in sending the photo to the Android user.

When comparing the imessage and other instant messaging apps, the ios imessage beats them all hands down on this very aspect of sending quality photos and majorly because the imessage does not compress photos.

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iMessage vs WhatsApp image quality

There’s no way you can compare whatsapp image quality to imessage because the image is way better compared to whatsapp.

WhatsApp has a maximum photo limit of 350kb and that cannot be exceeded from my own observation. If you try to send a picture size to of 1mb, whatsapp will drastically reduce the size to just a maximum size of 350kb and this reduces the quality of the picture.

On the side of the imessage, it doesn’t compress the photos or reduce the quality of the photos, this making the imessage to be very much better in sending photos compared to whatsapp.

Let me give you an example of iMessage vs WhatsApp image quality.

iMessage vs WhatsApp image quality
Example of an Imessage photo

The above picture was sent to me using the imessage, and below is the same picture sent using the whatsapp messenger.

does imessage compress photos
An example of whatsapp photo

If you look at the two pictures, one is way better compared to the other. The imessage picture is way better compared to the whatsapp picture.

The reason for this is because the imessage does not compress photos while Whatsapp messenger do compress and reduce the quality of a photo.

Fix imessage pictures not showing

If imessage pictures are not showing on your iPhone or iPad, kindly check if you have a working internet connection, and make sure mms is enabled on your device.

To enable mms on your iPhone, simply open the Settings and scroll down to message an tap to open. Navigate to MMS Messaging and make sure that it’s enabled.

Another method to fix images not showing in imessage is by signing out from your apple ID. To do so, kindly open Settings and Tap Messages.

Open Send & Receive and Tap and hold your Apple ID, then Sign out.

Choose ”Use your AppleID for iMessages” and Enter your AppleID credentials and confirm. This will restore backed up settings and messages and clear the possibly corrupted data.

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Related Questions

Do text Messages compress images?

Text messages does not compress images but they will sent as mms and which will incure lots of charges from the cellular network service.

When you want to send an mms to someone using the cellular network service, I recommend you to reduce the file size because if the file is to large, the message may not be delivered to the recipient.

Every cellular network service has it’s limit on the size of videos or images that will be sent through the mms.

What is iMessage picture limit?

Imessage does not have picture limit but imessage file limit is 100mb and pictures are included.

So this simply means that you can send a picture with a size of 90mb or 100mb (though I haven’t seen such) through imessage and it will be delivered to the recipient.

Does iPhone compress photos?

No, iphone does not compress photos if you’re sending the photos through the imessage, the photos will be untouched.

This is same with the topic of the post, does imessage compress photos. You can send a photo wity a size of 20mb and it will be delivered as 20mb to the recipient.

Does whatsapp lower image quality?

The answer is yes. Whatsapp do compress a photo and this will in turn reduce or lower the quality of the photos.

It is nothing new, as whatsapp are known to compress images and reduce the quality of the images.


If you want to send a high quality photo and the recipient uses an ios device, I recommend you to send the photo using the imessage simply because it does not compress photos or reduce the quality of the photos.

This goes on to answer the question of the day, does imessage compress photos. And with this, I draw the line on imessage and whether it does compress photos, pictures or images. Remember, the answer is no.

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