7 Advantages of whatsapp over texting you should know

Instant messaging is very much on the increase with lot of users using their preferred app to send messages across, by simply using the internet and not a cellular network.

There’s no doubt that whatsapp is the best among all the instant messaging app, and mostly commonly used when it comes to sending messages or chatting online..

So we will be looking at the major advantages of whatsapp over texting.

There are quite large number of people that still makes use of the cellular texting to send messages across, and the truth is I’m one of them. When you compare the two means of sending messages or information across, you will see that whatsapp has an edge over cellular texting.

This bring me to explain the advantages of whatsapp over texting, and let’s proceed to that.

What is the advantages of whatsapp over texting?

The advantages of whatsapp over texting is the ability to use whatsapp to send messages, videos, audio and files across the world notwithstanding the distance, location and no sim card.

It does end here, there are lots of advantages you will get from whatsapp which the normal cellular texting is lacking abundantly, and they are as follows.

Before going further into the article, iPhone users tends to prefer and use iMessage a lot more compared to whatsapp and this is because iMessage is very similar to whatsapp being an instant messaging app and services. 

Now the ios 16 has made iMessage a lot better as one can easily edit and unsend iMessages, I don’t see the need to send whatsapp messages to someone using an iMessage except if the person is using an android phone. 

Now let’s proceed on why whatsapp is better than the regular texting. 

1. No sim no problem

Who says you can’t use a mobile phone without a SIM card?

That’s complete fallacy cause you can enjoy your phone without inserting a sim card into your mobile phone, be it android or iphone.

You can also use whatsapp without a sim card but first you must create a whatsapp account, verify it with your mobile phone number and you’re good to go. You can remove your sim card and still make use of whatsapp as long as you have a working Wi-Fi connection.

Can you be able to send a message with cellular texting without a sim card?

The answer is a big no cause you need an active sim card to send a cellular text message across. This is one major advantages of whatsapp over texting, being able to send a message across without a sim card.

2. Send messages, videos, audio internationally

Advantages of whatsapp over texting

Another feature where you can’t compare texting to whatsapp, being able to send messages, videos and audio files across the world.

In this very aspect you don’t need to compare the means of sending messages cause Whatsapp beats cellular texting hands down.

Let me ask you this question;

Have you ever tried to send video or audio message to someone abroad and it went through?

The answer may be yes or no.

Even if the video or audio went through, it will go through as an mms and the cellular charges or fee us usually high.

However, using whatsapp to send videos or audio files are very much easy and not stress whatsoever.

All you need to do is to open your whatsapp, open the contact you went to send the file to, tap on the attachment button, locate the file and send it to the person.

Wherever the person may be, he or she will receive the sent video or audio files unless the person is living in a country where whatsapp is banned.

This is a good advantage of whatsapp over texting, being able to send videos and audio files internationally without using a third party website to upload and share the file url.

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3. Advantages of whatsapp over texting: Whatsapp is relatively cheap

When it comes to sending messages or making calls abroad, people tends to use whatsapp instead of the cellular network. This is because whatsapp or relatively cheap or cost effective compared to using the cellular network to send a message or make a call abroad.

When it comes to making an international call or sending an international message across, most people around me use whatsapp than any other instant messaging app because it is commonly used among other instant messaging apps.

Remember, for you to send or receive messages using whatsapp, both parties must have a whatsapp account and the app installed on the phone. You cannot use whatsapp to send a message to someone on Skype.

Because of the fact that whatsapp is very popular, people tends to use it to send messages abroad or internationally because it is cost effective compared to when using cellular texting to send a message internationally.

In some cases, the text message may not go through.

When talking about the advantages of whatsapp over texting, sending messages internationally and in a seamlessly way is on the major advantage whatsapp has over texting.

4. Creating a group to send information and ideas

Advantages of whatsapp over texting

WhatsApp I’d now used to share information and ideas, and this is very common among groups.

One of the main purpose of creating a whatsapp group is to swiftly share information, messages, ideas to multiple people at same time and for all to see.

The maximum number of people per a whatsapp group is 512 as at 2022, and this makes it lot better and easier to send information across to a quite number of people. Only a single message you sent on the whatsapp group, all 512 participants will see the message, and no need sending the message individually.

You can never achieve this by using the cellular texting.

With cellular texting, you will send the message to all the contacts you want to send the message individually. This will incure lots of charges on the sender’s end by the cellular network service.

This is why I mentioned that whatsapp is cost effective compared to using cellular texting to send a message across.

Having a group to send messages, share information and ideas is another advantages of whatsapp over texting.

5. Avoid typing and make a video call or voice chat

It is not always that one would type on the keyboard just to send a message across, you may chose to go for a video or voice chat to send the message across, even a voice note will be a lot better. 

Since video call was introduced on whatsapp, there are lots of people that prefers to use it to send a message especially if there’s a bond between the person and the recipient.

With video call and voice call on whatsapp, you can dump typing or texting as well and save yourself the stress of typing lots of letters just to send a message or an information across.

When talking about the advantages of whatsapp over texting, the ability of a person to send a message using the call feature on whatsapp beats the cellular texting hands down.

6. Knowing when a sent message has been read

When you send a text message using the cellular network, you will never know if the message was read by the person or not. As long as the message shows delivered, you will assume that the person have seen and read the text message.

However, with WhatsApp, there’s nothing to assume.

When a message is read on whatsapp, the sender will know as it displays a two sent blue icons. Though there are situations where a person will chose to be invincible on whatsapp, the sent icons wont display or show a blue color.

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7. Delete a sent message

Another advantages of whatsapp over texting is the ability to delete a sent message before the recipient sees the message.

This is not possible with cellular texting.

As long as you have send the message and it shows delivered, you cannot delete the message from the recipient side. Once a message is sent and delivered, that’s the final, no room to delete the text message.

Other advantages of whatsapp over texting is the ability to share locations, pdf files or documents, send message using your computer, etc.

Does WhatsApp use SMS or data?

Kindly note that whatsapp uses data like cellular data or Wi-Fi to send an receive whatsapp messages. 

Being an instant messaging service, it uses the internet and not cellular network service like the default sms text messages. 

Lastly before I go, why is WhatsApp better than texting? WhatsApp is better because it can be used to send messages, videos, audio and files across the world notwithstanding the distance, location and no sim card.

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