Why use whatsapp instead of text (6 reasons explained)

There’s no doubt that whatsapp is among the messenger or instant messaging app in the world today. It is used almost in all countries of the except for the few countries that banned whatsapp.

The question we have right now is, why use whatsapp instead of text.

Irrespective of the fact we have whatsapp and the messenger app is very popular and commonly used among other instant messaging app, there are lots of people that still prefer to use their phone default message app in sending text messages.

I’m not surprised cause I myself tends to use text messages app than using my whatsapp chat in sending a text message. The truth is, whatsapp has an edge over texts and this is what I will explain on this topic, why use whatsapp instead of text.

Now let’s proceed to that.

Why use whatsapp instead of text?

WhatsApp is cost effective, and can be used to send messages internationally and in a seamless way, ability to send a message without using a sim card, and do a video or voice chat.

There are various reasons to use Whatsapp instead of text or the default messages app, and they include the following reasons.

Why use whatsapp instead of text

1. Being able to send a message without a sim card

This is one of the reasons I love whatsapp and the number one factor on why use whatsapp instead of text. The ability to send and receive a message without a sim card.

As long as you have activated or created a whatsapp account on a mobile phone, you don’t need a sim card to use whatsapp to send and receive messages, do a voice call or video call.

This works perfectly fine if you have a working Wi-Fi network around you, there’s no need to insert a sim into your phone just to use whatsapp messenger.

However, if there’s no available Wi-Fi around you then you should know you must use a sim card and data to use the whatsapp. I usually see people asking if it is possible to use whatsapp without a sim card, the answer is a big yes but you must a working Wi-Fi.

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2. Able to send a long note

Another reason why use whatsapp instead of text, to able to send a long note using whatsapp.

Text usually have number of words for each page or numbers, the more you exceed the limit on each text box, the higher the fee rate will be. However, this is very much different with WhatsApp.

On whatsapp, you can compile a long and send it to multiple contacts on your whatsapp list without incurring high fee or charges by your cellular network service.

3. Why use whatsapp instead of text: Whatsapp is cost effective

Why use WhatsApp vs text

When using text to send a long text messages, files, video or pictures, the cellular network tends to charge higher depending on the number of files you’re sending.

However, this is quite different on whatsapp.

In this aspect, whatsapp is cost effective in the sense that the number of size the files will take will not drain the available data for those that are using limited data for their whatsapp.

The best part is using the Wi-Fi and if it is unlimited, you absolutely has nothing to lose at all.

You can chat for hours, make a video call or voice calls for hours and it won’t drain your limited or capped data. If you’re using a Wi-Fi, then there’s absolutely nothing to worry on this very aspect.

One of the reasons why use whatsapp instead of text is because whatsapp is cost effective than texting.

4. Ability to chat with lots of people at same time

This is where whatsapp group comes in handy, you chat or send information to 256 participants of a whatsapp group.

All the 256 participants can send messages or chat at same time, this you cannot achieve by using the messages text app. You can only send messages to multiple contacts on your phone and they will reply separately without others seeing their sent messages.

You can use WhatsApp to share ideas and informations with up to 256 persons, and their response will be seen by all the participants in the group.

One of the reasons on why use whatsapp instead of text is to share ideas and informations with lots of persons numbering 256 at same and all participants will see each other response

5. Dump texting for voice and video message

There are times you will get sick and tired of texting on your mobile phone that you would prefer to use video or voice call to send the message, whatsapp has a huge edge over texting on this very aspect.

There are other apps that can do the job and this includes the likes of Skype, Google duo, viber etc, but I always prefer whatsapp or Skype.

Instead of texting or sending an audio file, you should use WhatsApp and tap on any of the video icon or the call icon and send your message. Remember, it is very much cost effective even if you’re using a limited data plan.

So one of the reasons why use whatsapp instead of text is to send a voice or video message using the whatsapp messenger as you can’t see such on default message app.

6. Send messages internationally

Sending a message internationally is lot better and faster on whatsapp compared to when you’re using a cellular network to text the message to the recipient.

In some occasions the recipient might not receive the text message or the message will not go through, this cannot happen if you’re using whatsapp to send the message.

As long as the recipient is on whatsapp and the message showed two good or sent icons, definitely the recipient will see the message.

I mostly use WhatsApp to send messages to my family living in abroad or very far from my location instead of using the cellular service, whereas it is cost effective for me.

Asking why use whatsapp instead of text?

The ability to seamlessly send messages internationally in the most cost effective and avoiding cellular network fee or charges.

Remember, you can use WhatsApp to send your location to another person, send documents and other files, make a broadcast, etc and these features you can’t see on a text message app.

I can further go on to list as many as I can, but I leave it these number of reasons why use WhatsApp vs text on iphone, android or on a tablet device.

One of major flaws of whatsapp is that you cannot send a message from whatsapp to any other instant messaging app like Skype, Facebook messenger, goog duo, viber etc. You must send the message to another whatsapp user. 

On texting, you can text a message to any phone and cellular network service. This is the major advantage texting has over whatsapp messenger.

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All these are the reasons why use whatsapp instead of text. For me, I love the fact that one can use whatsapp without a sim card, and it is cost effective especially when it comes to sending or calling someone in abroad. You can also join and share your thoughts on this very topic as well thanks.

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