Does WhatsApp show online when on video call? Explained

Whatsapp video call is one of the popular means of making a video call in the world today, and it has already overtaken Skype or any other media app that offer such services.

When i was browsing the web, I saw this question of does WhatsApp show online when on video call?

And to my greatest surprise, some users were indeed saying you will be seen online. So this is what I’m here to clarify if truly does whatsapp video call show you online.

Now let’s proceed to the answer.

Does WhatsApp show online when on video call? 

The answer is no. Whatsapp does not show you online when on a video call, instead what it will display is last seen which you can also call it whatsapp video call last seen.

I was really surprised when I saw some users on the internet stating that indeed Whatsapp will show you online during a video call or voice call. However, this is completely wrong and I don’t know where the got the information from cause the statement is very incorrect.

I decided to be hundred percent sure of what I’m saying and I called few of my friends around to run the test.

First, I opened the whatsapp app on my mobile phone and it showed online on my friend’s whatsapp account. I then called one of my friend’s whatsapp number which he picked the call and we began to chat.

I asked the others to check my whatsapp status, lo and behold it showed last seen on my profile.

I stopped everything and started all over again. Immediately I began to use the whatsapp video call, my whatsapp status changes from online to last seen which indicates that I’m offline. I did this for five consecutive times and same thing happened all over again.

Honestly, I don’t really understand where the users get the information that whatsapp will show you online during a video call, that’s a fallacy and not true. Almost everyone is using whatsapp, so you can decide to try this out and confirm for yourself.

Going back to the question once more, does WhatsApp show online when on video call?

The answer is no. Whatsapp will only show your last seen immediately you start to make a video call using the app. If you doubt me, you can try and confirm what I’m saying.

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How to know if someone is on WhatsApp call

To know if someone is on WhatsApp call, try and call the person and if it shows user busy, it simply means that the person is on whatsapp call. This includes both the voice call and the video call.

If a user is on call and you tap on the button to call the person, what you will see on your screen is user busy. This implies that the user is making a call on whatsapp and it won’t go through until the user is done with the call.

Just like I answered the question of does WhatsApp show online when on video call, on opening the user’s profile it will show last seen but immediately you try to call the person, it will display user busy on your screen.

So when you see user busy while calling someone on whatsapp, it implies that the person is on a WhatsApp call and be it voice call or a video call.

Having said about if truly does WhatsApp show online when on video call, then the question that follows next is when does whatsapp show online. This question is very much common though there are lots of newbies in the phone industry.

When does whatsapp show online

WhatsApp do show online if a user opens the whatsapp app on it’s mobile phone or chatting with friends on the app.

Once someone opens the whatsapp app, it will immediately display online on the user whatsapp profile or page. However, if the user is on whatsapp call, what is display is on the user’s profile or page is last seen. You may think that the person is offline but when you try to call the person, what you will see is user busy.

Aside from whatsapp call, whatsapp will display a user online immediately the user open the app unless in the cases where the user hides the online status on its whatsapp account.

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To hide whatsapp online status on your whatsapp account, you need to do this immediately. 

Open the whatsapp on your mobile phone and tap on settings. On android, you will see settings by tapping on the hamburger menu located at the right corner of your screen.

Tap to open setting and also tap on account. The first option you will see is privacy, tap to open as well.

Now look closely and you will see last seen. This is where you will have to change your whatsapp status to hidden and it won’t be show online again.

Does WhatsApp show online when on video call

Kindly tap on last seen and set it to nobody. This now means that absolutely nobody will know that you’re online on whatsapp.

Why does whatsapp not show online during a video call? 

The main reason why whatsapp not show online during a video call is because calls are not deemed to be online on whatsapp.

Apart from calls any other activity or action you perform on whatsapp will automatically display if you are online. I’m talking about during chatting, updating your whatsapp status, viewing someone’s pic or status, etc.

But when making a video call or voice call whatsapp will never show you online and I’m saying this based on my experience as at this moment of writing this article.





Are both callers shown online during WhatsApp video call?

Both whatsapp callers are not shown online, instead what another user will see on their profile status is last seen which is deemed they are offline.

This is similar to the question of does WhatsApp show online when on video call, after making my research I found out that immediately you start to make a whatsapp call, it will display last seen on your profile status and same with the receiver.

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If you doubt so you can get three mobile phones with WhatsApp accounts and do the research, you will see what I’m talking about.

Can you see someone typing to someone else on whatsapp

Absolutely no, you can’t see someone or a user typing to another user on whatsapp, it is a breach of privacy. You can only see a user typing to you, that’s how whatsapp made it to be.

Seeing your whatsapp friend typing to another person is deemed to breach the rules of privacy and whatsapp doesn’t support that. Once your whatsapp friend is typing to another user, you will only see the person’s status as online and nothing more, but to see the person typing to another user, that is not very much possible.

How to make a call on WhatsApp without showing online

There is no need to bother as whatsapp doesn’t show online during call. Whatsapp can only show online when you are using the app noy noy making w video call or an audio call.

So as long as you are making a video call or audio call on whatsapp, you will never appear online unless whatsapp makes an update to it. 

Does online on WhatsApp mean they are talking to someone?

When you see online on whatsapp, it simply means that the user is accessing it’s whatsapp account, and which can be chatting with friends, updating his or her pictures, checking friends profiles, etc.

However, in terms of whatsapp call, it doesn’t display the user as online but rather last seen. Same with the answer I gave to the question of does WhatsApp show online when on video call.

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There’s no harm in trying, you can as well try and confirm this for yourself using three mobile phones connected to a whatsapp account. This is where I draw the conclusion of this post of does WhatsApp show online when on video call, and once again the answer is no, it doesn’t.

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