Can iphone users see when android users are typing? Explained

When it comes to sending messages on android phone and iphones, instant messaging is the best because you will know when the other person is typing to you.

The likes of Whatsapp, telegram, imessage, rcs chat, etc gives you this very function and I enjoyed it a lot on whatsapp and imessage.

Talking about knowing when someone is typing to you, how possible will it be that an iphone user will know when an android phone is typing to him or her and vise versa.

This brings us to the question we have for today. Let’s proceed to that.

Can iphone users see when android users are typing?

Absolutely no. Iphone users will never see when android users are typing because imessage doesn’t work for android phones and tablets. IPhone users will only know when android users are typing in the case of using whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc. 

Looking at the question once again, can iphone users see when android users are typing. Here you are talking about the imessage because when typing on imessage both parties involved will see it.

But the problem here is that imessage only works for ios users like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and ipod.

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Imessage can’t be used on android and whereas Android now have their own and which is called rsc chat message. The only problem with the rcs chat feature is that it is not available worldwide. So far it works only in the United States, Canada, UK, and other few countries.

Also, the android rcs chat isn’t supported by all services network providers, so it has many limits.

Now the rcs chat which was introduced in 2020 will not work on iphone or iPad, but only on android phone and tablet.

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Asking if at all can iphone users see when android users are typing, that is not possible when it comes to imessage and sms text message.

Sending text messages from iPhone to Android

SMS text messages requires the use of a sim card and the cellular network service, so therefore you can’t really tell if the recipient has read your sent sms text message or not.

This is applied to both android and iPhone.

SMS text message will only show sent and delivered, when you see delivered you will take it that the recipient has opened and read the message.

As imessage isn’t available for android users the only option left is to use sms text message and this doesn’t show when both parties are typing.

Using other instant messaging apps

This is the only option you have while asking can iphone users see when android users are typing. The likes of whatsapp will perfectly do the job on both android to iphone messaging.

So all you need to do is to use whatsapp when sending a message to an android phone or tablet user, you will see when the person is typing to you or replying back your message on WhatsApp.

You will also know if the person read your sent message on WhatsApp.

If you don’t fancy using whatsapp which is the best option I will recommend to you, then go for Skype or Facebook messenger.

But whatsapp is the best because you have the person’s number on your iPhone and wouldn’t bother asking the person his or Skype name or Facebook name.

Do iPhone users know when you are typing?

Iphone users will know when you are typing only if you are a fellow ios user and also using imessage. Also, iphone users will know when you are typing if the likes of whatsapp, Skype, are involved.

If to say using sms text message, there’s no way iphone users will when you an android phone user is typing.

How can you tell when someone is typing on Android?

The only way to tell if someone is typing on android is by using the rcs chat feature which isn’t available worldwide, or you use any of the instant messaging apps like whatsapp and Skype.

When an android phone user is typing on rcs chat feature, whatsapp and Skype you will definitely know but if in terms of using the default sms text message, you will definitely not know because it doesn’t use internet but rather the cellular network service.

This also goes to the question of the day, can iphone users see when android users are typing. When whatsapp and Skype are involved, you will definitely know.

Can you use iMessage on Android?

Absolutely no. You cannot use imessage on android as the instant messaging service is only meant for ios users. On android, you will get the rcs chat which is equivalent to imessage and other instant messaging apps.

Do iMessage stickers show on Android?

Imessage doesn’t show stickers on android because imessage isn’t compatible with android, imessage can only show stickers on iphone, iPad and Mac.

How do I text between iPhone and Android?

To text between iPhone and Android, you simply have to use the send as sms which requires having a sim card and an active cellular network service.

I’m talking about using the normal text message to send a message iphone to android.

First, you have to enable send as sms on your iPhone. To do so, open the settings app and scroll down to messages.

Open messages and scroll down a bit and you will see send as sms (when imessage is unavailable). 

can iphone users see when android users are typing

Make sure to enable send as sms on your iPhone.

Now you can send sms text messages to any android phone user but bead in mind that you must have a texting plan minutes(airtime) depending on your network service provider.

Other ways to text between iPhone and Android is by using Google voice.

This requires you to create an account, get an assigned phone number which you will use to send text messages and also receive text messages as well. You can use the google voice phone number to make calls and receive calls on your phone.

You can learn more about Google voice and how it works.

Aside from google voice, you can use whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, line, to sent messages between iPhone and Android without any hitches. But when it comes to can iphone users see when android users are typing, it is not possible using the normal sms text message unless the like of whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, etc are involved.

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