Does playing games damage iPhone? (Knowing the fact)

One of the sweetest things to do on a mobile phone is playing games, but sometimes one may ask does playing games damage iPhone, or probably not.

Based on my experience so far playing games on my iPhone, I will explain if at all playing games on iphone will damage the phone.

Whether this is a myth or probably a fact.

All in all this will not take the fact that one of best things to enjoy in a smartphone is playing games especially high end mobile games.

Let’s jump in to the answer, does playing games damage iPhone.

Does playing games damage iPhone?

The answer is no. Playing games on iphone does not entirely damage the phone even if the game is a high graphics online game.

This is a big myth as I have been playing tons of high graphics games both online and offline and it didn’t damage my iphone.

However, irrespective of the fact that playing games does not damage the iphone, I want you to know it is not recommended to play an online game while charging your phone.

Remember, I’m writing this post based on my own experience playing games on my iPhone.

1. Playing online game while charging the iPhone damages the battery

Honestly, I don’t ever recommend playing online games while charging your iPhone. This is one of the things I did that damaged my phone.

Some might argue about this but it is the reality.

Playing games while charging your isn’t bad at all but if the phone gets heated up, you have to unplug your phone. This is exactly what damaged my phone battery life, instead of the phone battery percentage to increase, it decrease.

This is why you see some phone user’s ask why is my phone charging backwards.

At first you won’t experience any issues charging your iPhone while playing a high graphic online game, but in the long run you will start to experience better percentage dropping instead of increasing while charging your iPhone.

Remember, I’m said this based on my experience charging my iPhone while playing a high graphic game at same time.

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2. Overheating while playing games can reduce iPhone battery life

One of the factors that can reduce or damage a mobile phone battery life is overheating.

Overheating of the iPhone or even on android phone usually happens when playing a mobile game especially an online game.

Online games require internet connection to work, if the game is an online game with high graphics quality, definitely the phone will be heated up. I’m not entirely saying your iPhone battery will definitely get damaged, but it will reduce the battery lifespan.

This usually happen on a continue process and in the long run.

Let me use the pubg mobile game as an example.

Playing pubg mobile game on my iPhone xs max do get the phone heated up, if I continue to play the game for more than one hour, it gets so much hot that I would think the phone will bust.

Over a period of time I saw that my iphone xs max battery life drastically reduced from 93% to 83% and I believe that it was caused by excessive playing of high graphics online games especially the pugb mobile game.

I used these two factors to answer the question we have here, does playing games damage iPhone.

Does playing pubg damage iPhone?

Playing pugb does not entirely damage the iPhone but it can reduce the battery lifespan of the iPhone.

does playing games damage iPhone

PUBG mobile game is a high graphics online game, and not only that, it heats up the phone within few minutes of playing the game.

And just like I said above, one of the favors that reduces the battery lifespan of a mobile phone is overheating and this isn’t a myth. I’m saying this based on my own experience, whereas iphones battery life isn’t as good as android battery life.

I noticed that android phones tends to have a good battery life than iphones.

Overheating of the iPhone do reduce the battery life and it comes in handy playing online graphics games.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t play high graphics online games, but immediately your iPhone gets extremely hot, stop the game and allow it to cool off for at least 45 minutes.

How to save battery while playing games on iPhone

To save battery while playing games on iphone, kindly turn off your GPS location, reduce the screen brightness, and restrict some from running in the background.

This will help out to save battery while playing games especially if the game is an online high graphics game. This is very essential to the topic of the post, does playing games damage iPhone.

1. Turn off the GPS location

This is very important if the game is an online game, in this aspect both the GPS location and the game will both be using the internet.

With this you will experience your iPhone battery heating up faster than it should, and definitely will reduce the battery life in the long run.

2. Reduce the screen brightness

Screen brightness is one major factor to preserve the life of an iphone in general, by simply reducing the screen brightness.

While gaming on your iPhone, kindly reduce the screen brightness to preserve the battery life especially on high graphics games.

3. Restrict apps running in the background

If so many apps are running in the background, gaming on the iPhone at same time will reduce the battery life at a fast rate.

To restrict apps from running in the background when you close the apps on your iPhone, you need to turn off Background App Refresh.

You can disable Background App Refresh completely or just for certain apps. To do so, kindly go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Tap Background App Refresh up top to turn it off, or opt to have it happen only over Wi-Fi.

To save battery while playing games on iPhone, I recommend you turn off the wifi if you’re not playing an online game on your iPhone.

With all i have mentioned on this post, you don’t have to bother yourself asking does playing games damage iPhone, more especially avoid overheating of the iPhone while gaming.

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This is where I wrap it on what we have here, does playing games damage iPhone. Once again remember that playing games on iphone does not damage the iPhone but rather overheating of the iPhone do reduce the battery lifespan.

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