Does your phone charge faster on low power mode? Expert analysis

The question of the day is does your phone charge faster on low power mode and I will explain that to you based on expert analysis or I will say based on my experience.

This includes low power mode on iphone and android phone power saving mode.

When charging our mobile phones we look for the best and fastest way irrespective of the fact that most mobile phones now have a fast charging feature.

Talking about what does low power mode do or does low battery mode charge your phone faster, kindly note that low power mode disables background app refresh and when you turn off low power mode, Background App Refresh is enabled again.

When it comes to faster means of charging of phones, we talk about completely shutting down the phone, enabling airplane mode or probably setting up the power mode in our phone.

There’s no doubt that every mobile phones have the power mode feature.

However, the question being asked is;

Does your phone charge faster on low power mode?

Yes indeed, low power mode make the phone to charge faster as it reduces most function of the phone that drains a phone battery especially the screen brightness, animations, and other background activities.

Low power mode is very good but comes into place if you find yourself in a place or situation where charging your mobile phone is quite difficult and you don’t have a power bank or portable charger.

In most mobile phones, when a phone reaches 20% or 15% the phone will request from the user to enable the low power mode so as to save battery of the phone.

But if you ask me immediately your mobile phone gets to 20% or 15% you should kindly charge your phone and ignore the low power mode.

The truth is power mode is no longer needed when a phone battery gets too low like 15% or 10%, most phone brands featured the power mode in such a way that you will enable it in your mobile phone always and not when your battery is low though applicable to android.

If you are using a Samsung phone you will come across power mode which has different options for a user to select from and they include;

  • High performance which means disabling the power mode
  • Optimized if you want samsung to give you the best power mode settings
  • Medium power saving which help to reduce battery consumption
  • Maximum power saving which drastically reduce battery consumption in a samsung phone

Does your phone charge faster on low power mode?

Talking about does your phone charge faster on low power mode is quite different from the normal power mode especially when it comes to charging of phones.

Based on my experience I will explain it to you on both android phone and iPhone.

Does iphone charge faster on low power mode?

The answer is yes. Iphone charge way faster when you enable low power mode compared to when the mode is disabled though airplane mode is the best means of charging an iPhone faster unless you have to switch off your iPhone.

So for this test I enabled the low power mode while charging my iphone. Normally the phone takes 35 minutes from 20% to 60% but when I enabled the low power mode during charging of the iPhone, it took 28 minutes to charge from 20% to 60% and which is pretty much good.

However, if I enabled the airplane mode it will take 20 minutes to get my iphone from 20% to 60 and that’s why I mostly use the airplane mode compared to low power mode.

Kindly note that when airplane mode is enabled on your mobile phone, you can’t make or receive calls, send or receive sms text messages as airplane mode disables the cellular network service.

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Power saving mode doesn’t disable cellular network but rather it minimize some features of the phone especially the screen brightness and animations.

How to enable power mode on iphone

By default when an iphone reaches 20% the low power mode will display on the screen requesting the iphone user to enable the feature.

To enable low power mode on iphone, kindly open the settings app, scroll down to battery and tap to open and you will see Low Power Mode.

Enable the feature in your iPhone by simply sliding the button and the battery indicator in the status bar will turn yellow while Low Power Mode is enabled.

Once the low power mode is enabled in an iphone you will see that the status bar will immediately turn yellow.

does iphone charge faster on low power mode

Truly iphone charge a lot faster when low power mode is enabled compared to when you didn’t enable the feature. But still you can’t compare it to airplane mode or when you completely switched off your iPhone while charging it.

Also note that on iphone especially the older versions, iPhone will always automatically disable Low Power Mode when you charge it up to a certain level. On android you can chose to leave your phone permanently on low power mode and it won’t disable on it’s own.

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What does Low Power Mode do?

Low power mode help to reduce the screen brightness which consume the battery a lot, and also reduce too many animations in a mobile phone. Low power mode help to optimize a mobile phone so as to prevent too much battery consumption and to preserve the battery life of a phone.

When low power mode enabled on your iPhone, you may notice that some mobile games’ visual effects, such as particles, lens flares, or flashy animations, are dimmed down. Your game may also appear a bit choppy as a result of Low Power Mode throttling the processing power allocated to the app.

This is so in order to prevent the game from draining the phone battery especially when it is a high graphics mobile game.

When it comes to charging an iPhone on low power mode, please know that once your iPhone reached 80 percent battery charge, Low Power Mode will turn off automatically.

This is by default and there’s nothing you can do about it.

What mode makes your phone charge faster?

The mode that makes a phone to charge faster is the airplane mode and the low power mode which reduces or prevent some phone features and functions like screen brightness, cellular network and radio services, animations, etc.

The best way to charge a phone faster

The best way to charge a phone faster is by using the accurate fast charge and USB cable, enable fast charging if available in a mobile phone, and turning on airplane mode also helps to charge a phone lot faster compared to low power mode.

However, the fastest means of charging a phone is to completely switch off the phone though it will restrict any means of reaching you while your phone is charging.

All I have explained gives you the answer to what you are looking for, does low power mode charge your phone faster on iphone or even on android phone, and the answer is yes.

Low power mode help the phone to charge faster as it restrict some of the phone functions whixg consumes lots of battery especially screen brightness and animations.

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You have indeed seen that enabling low power mode while charging your phone is very essential as it helps to make the phone charge faster compared to when you didn’t enable the feature. You can as well use the airplane mode feature to make charge your phone a lot faster though I don’t recommend switching off your phone unless the battery went flat.

With all explained in this article, this is where I wrap it on the question of the day, does your phone charge faster on low power mode.


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