How long does a smartphone battery last

How long does a smartphone battery last? This goes down on many reasons which includes the usage, battery maintenance and the quality of the battery itself.

Before going to buy a new brand phone, phone users do ask this question based on the life span of battery or how long it will carry them in day.

This is why i said all depends on one’s usage, how you maintain your battery and also the quality of your smartphone battery.

Battery is one of the essential part of the smartphone, if it gets faulty, the whole phone gets miserable. Without the battery, your smartphone can’t power on, and that’s why it is good to try and maintain your phone battery.

Why i’m stressing this is because most smartphone batteries that’s developed problem is down to the fact of excessive and bad usage.

What’s do i mean by excessive and bad usage?

You don’t allow your phone to rest for a second, always playing online games with it, same time chatting and downloading with it.

Many a time you’ll notice that your phone gets heated up, and too much of this can make your smartphone to develop problem and which can be really frustrating.

Not only that, you’re charging your phone and same time making use of it.

We’re guilty of this, and we don’t really know that it damages the phone battery it we continue to do it over and over.

I don’t know if you’ve been in a situation whereby you’re charging your phone, instead of the percentage to increase, it decreases.

For example your phone is at 50% while you’re charging and using it at same time, instead of the battery percentage to increase, it drops to 40%.

Seeing this type of issue tells you that your smartphone battery has develop a problem and continuation of that, damages it the more.

How long does a smartphone battery last

how long do smartphone batteries last

Trying to know how long does a smartphone battery last comes down on categories of usage, and how the hardcore phone user, the average user and the low phone user.

From the research made, hardcore phone users which can also be called phone addict tends to easily have battery phone problem.

This is majorly caused by excessive phone usage, and not allowing the phone to rest for a bit especially during charging.

You’re playing online games, and same time downloading, streaming online and chatting as well. This actually makes the phone to gets heated up and if one does this always, you’re probably reducing the life span of your smartphone battery.

How long does a smartphone battery last for average and low users? Wells it can go for four to eight years without any issue.

I still have and make use of my samsung galaxy s3 as this time of writing this post. Though the battery isn’t good anymore, but it can last for like three hours till it runs down.

Mind you the likes of samsung galaxy s7 downwards had poor battery life so i’m happy i’m still making use of my phone 2012 s3 along with my monster note 10 plus.

So generally i will say that smartphone battery last for a minimum of three years and maximum of six years before developing issues due to age and usage.

How long does a smartphone battery last in full charge or a day?

This goes down to battery capacity and also phone usage. The higher the battery capacity, the longer it last for you in a day.

Also battery optimization helps to boost your phone battery and makes it last longer for you.

There’s no way you can compare the battery life of a 5000mAh capacity to 3000mAh capacity.

Phone with 5000mAh battery capacity can go along for two to three days before it runs out, whilst a 3000mAh battery capacity smartphone can only go for a full day.

Another thing to note on how long does a smartphone battery last is the daily usage.

You’ll see someone with a smartphone battery size of 5000mAh but it won’t last for 20hrs and it goes flat, whilst someone with 3000mAh can go for two to three days.

Nothing drains your smartphone battery than having always leaving the mobile data or WiFi on and playing online games.

Playing online games like call of duty, pubg etc drains our battery life in a phone.

Can’t imagine when i played pubg on my samsung galaxy note 10 plus with 4300mAh battery capacity for about six good hours, and the battery goes from 100% to 45%.

Mind you the phone really heated up to the extent that i was really feeling the heat and hotness, coupled with the fact that games was really intense.

How to make your smartphone battery last longer

how long does a smartphone battery last

In order to make your phone battery to last longer with a good life span, you need to follow these steps below.

1. Always let your phone to charge complete

To give your phone a longer life span, please do not press your it while charging it at same time.

Doing that have a huge negative impact or effect on your phone battery life, thereby making it to develop problem faster.

Common problems related to this include charging issues, like extremely slow charging, battery percentage suddenly going to 100% under three seconds or decrease in percentage while charging your phone.

So please while charging your phone, leave it to charge and unplug it from the socket before making use of your phone.

2. Turn off your mobile data or WiFi

If you’re not making use of your phone internet connection, please try to turn off the the mobile data or WiFi.

Doing this helps in savings the battery life of your smartphone, and makes it last longer in a day. You can only turn it when in use or maybe anticipating a chat notification.

3. Endeavor to dim your phone display

Displays is among the things that drains a battery life of phone, especially it is up to 50% and above. If you want to optimize your phone to get the best battery life out of it, i recommend that you set it to a maximum of 30%.

Doing this not only helps your smartphone battery in terms of optimization, but also good for your eyes.

4. Use a compatible charger

Using a wrong charger to charge your phone damages the battery on the long run.

In the case that you lost your phone charger or it got damaged, please try and get a compatible charger to charge your phone.

To buy a new charger, try to get one that matches your phone be it normal charging port or type c. Using an incompatible charger will definitely destroy your battery on continuous usage, even if it is a new phone.


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With these i hope i’ve answered your question on how long does a smartphone battery last, which is a maximum of eight years depending on the usage and quality.


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