Discover how to preserve phone battery lifespan

How to preserve phone battery lifespan?

One of the main priority of a phone user is to make his or her phone last longer even if there’s an intention of selling it later on. This is what this post is all about, a detailed that will walk you through on how to preserve phone battery lifespan.

All I need from you is to read the post from the beginning and until the very end of it as it will help you a lot to preserve phone battery lifespan even if you’re a heavy phone user or probably an addict.

Here, I’m talking about both feature phones like the Java and the smartphones which includes Apple iPhone and android phones.

How can I make my phone battery last longer?

There are major features in a phone and the battery is one major essential  feature that needs to be taken care of in order to last longer.

Battery is a major feature in a phone, without the battery you can’t power on a phone or any tech device.

Most people that are no longer making use of their phones, if you care to ask you’ll see that the problem is the battery. Once the battery is damaged, the phone becomes useless and if it is an outdated phone, you pack it up.

It can be a lot annoying if a phone starts experiencing battery problem and these includes slow charging, battery draining very fast than it should, not being able to charge up to hundred percent and many more.

So in this post I will guide you on how to preserve phone battery lifespan.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan

What are the precautions or measures which you need to take in order to preserve your phone battery lifespan, they are as follows.

1. Don’t let your phone gets to 0%

The very first precautions you need to take in order to preserve phone battery lifespan is by not letting the battery go to zero percent. If you’re into gadgets, you’ll see that this isn’t just for phones but rather for all devices.

If you’re using your phone and it gets to 15% or at least 10%, kindly charge the phone. If maybe at that very moment there’s no place to charge your phone, turn it off immediately it gets to 10% unless there’s an emergency to make or receive a call.

However, I don’t recommend you leaving your phone to get to 5%. You may think that it doesn’t cause any damage to your phone or probably the battery, but the truth is doing this continously will damage your phone battery on the long run.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan?

Don allow your phone to go below 10% before plugin it into the socket for a charge.

2. Avoid phone overheating

Another major thing that damages a phone battery is high temperature, phone always heating up or in high temperature.

This is very much essential as you’re looking for how to preserve phone battery lifespan.

In mobile phones, when you hear high temperature, that means the phone is hot. Too much cold can also be called high temperature but here I’m talking about the hotness.

Your phone is always hot or heated up, what do you think is heating up in your phone?

That’s the battery.

When a phone is heated up, it is the battery that heating up and it circulate to the entire body of the phone and that is why if you touch the battery area, it is hotter than any other area.

There are things you do that can heat up the battery, but I will list the major things that easily heats up the phone or the battery.


Playing online games is one major factor of overheating in a mobile phone more especially on smartphones.

Normally, playing games for more than thirty minutes can hear up your phone, then when turn on your Wi-Fi or mobile data to play online games, that’s even the worst.

It wouldn’t take up to fifteen minutes and you’ll noticed that the phone is already heated up and might get extremely hot if you play the game for more than one hour.

I can remember my experience while playing pubg on my Samsung Galaxy s9 plus for just 60 minutes, the phone got extremely hot at one point I thought it will blew up or boost. But that didn’t happen and the battery drained faster than it should.

I turned off everything and allowed it to cool off.

Ever since then I only play pubg for just 40 minutes as I noticed that my s9 plus easily heats up especially when playing online games.

The truth is, if I continue doing it without minding the effect, definitely the battery will damage and it may not even last for a year or two.

So if you’re looking for how to preserve phone battery lifespan, avoid excessive online gaming on your smartphone especially if you know that your phone easily heats up.


Another way to preserve phone battery lifespan is to avoid excessive or extreme online videos for hours and this includes the YouTube as well.

Streaming online videos on your phone doesn’t just heat up the phone, but it will if you do that for more than three hours.

That is to say that for those number of hours you’re streaming online, your screen never dimmed and your mobile data which is probably 4G or Wi-Fi is turned on. Definitely your phone will heat up and at one point you might experience lagging (depending on the phone).

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to stream online videos, no I didn’t say that, but limit the number of hours you do that especially if you don’t have the best of phone and battery life.

And again if your phone is heating up, please allow it to cool and for few minutes and continue with your video.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan?

Avoid excessive online video streaming for lot number of hours.

Other things that causes overheating includes too much browsing the internet and same time downloading online. Mind you, I didn’t say you shouldn’t do that but let it not be extreme and if your phone gets hot, turn off everything and allow the phone to cool off before you can continue.

Here I’m trying to tell you that overheating reduces the lifespan of a phone battery, and to preserve phone battery lifespan, avoid overheating on your mobile phone.

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3. Use the appropriate charger

Another way to preserve phone battery lifespan is to use an appropriate or probably a compatible phone charger and USB cable.

This is where we make lots of mistakes, charging our phone with the wrong charger or USB cable.

We do think that it doesn’t mean anything at all, doesn’t affect the phone or the battery after all it is charging my phone so it is compatible. But your hundred percent wrong cause doing this will reduce the lifespan of your phone battery.

If you care to check the specs on your phone charger, you’ll notice that it is different from your friend(s) phone charger unless the two of you are using the same phone.

You’ll see where it states the output and the input and also the model. The manufacturer didn’t state that for writing sake but rather for you to know the capacity or the specs of your phone charger.

If you note down the specs, it will be of a lot help to you especially if your charger gets damaged and need a replacement or maybe you forgot your charger and wants to use a friend’s charger in charging your phone.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan?

Use the appropriate charger and USB cable to charge your mobile phone.

4. Avoid overcharging your phone

Overcharging of a phone, what does it mean?

Leaving your phone on the socket even when it gets to 100 percent or charging your phone your phone if it goes down to 95 percent.

You don’t allow your phone to drop down to 15 percent before plugging it into the socket, always charging your phone at a drop of one bar or percent.

Mostly, phone addicts are found of this, charging their phone every 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Please this is very wrong, you’re over charging your phone and this damages your phone battery.

Some phone brands do state this on their phone manual. “allow your phone battery to go down before charging it or charge your phone once in a day”.

If you’re a heavy phone user, do charge your phone twice at maximum and please don’t exceed it. Leave the battery to go down to 15% or at least 10% before charging it.

Incase you don’t know or not aware, overcharging damages a phone battery. It will not happen immediately, but will on the long run.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan?

Do not over charge your phone and limit the number of times you charge your phone in a day and better still twice a day at maximum.

5. Avoid charging and using your phone

How to preserve phone battery lifespan

This is where phone addicts are at fault, always pressing their phone and same time charging it.

You think this is right, but I tell you it is all wrong especially if you’re playing games, watching movies or using the internet.

If you care to check, if you’re using your phone and same time charging it, it charges at slow speed. If your phone do take up to 1hr to charge to 100%, doing this it will take like 1hr and 30 minutes to charge complete or even 2hrs.

Why is this so?

Because you’re not giving your phone a rest even when it is charging and all these goes down to the battery.

You can do this sparingly and not always in order to preserve phone battery lifespan.

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6. Restrict apps in the background

This is another way to preserve phone battery lifespan, by restricting many apps from running in the phone background.

This may not be necessary, but at least it is good to preserve your battery life by limiting the number of apps you use at same time or running in the background.

If you’re done with a particular application, close the app permanently and this also helps to preserve your phone RAM and in turn makes your phone lot faster.

Again you should run a check on your phone and see the apps using your battery the most, if it is not a system app, then restrict or limit them from using your phone battery.

There are apps that can help you with that and I recommend greenify for android users.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan?

Limit the number of apps running in your phone and nite that this does not include the system apps. System apps are the apps that helps to run your phone, you can’t stop them else your phone won’t work.

7. Reduce screen brightness and on screen time

High screen brightness isn’t good and can even damage one’s eyes, it is good to use a low or moderate screen brightness while using your phone.

Apart from helping to preserve phone battery lifespan, it also help to preserve your battery percentage and prevent your battery from draining. The high the screen brightness, the high your phone battery drains at a fast speed.

Also the on-screen time plays a major role in when it comes to how to preserve phone battery lifespan. For me I prefer to leave it for five minutes or a maximum of 10 minutes especially if I’m downloading a large file.

To adjust the on-screen time, you have to go to the settings and display to make the necessary changes. It is very much important and helps to preserve phone battery lifespan.

8. Avoid excessive phone usage

The next step to preserve phone battery lifespan is to avoid excessive phone usage and phone addicts won’t like this at all.

This is mostly concerned with the phone addicts, not being able to allow their phone to rest for a minute and will still use it even in the midnight.

Honestly, your phone is crying for a rest but you don’t know about that.

You may think that things are okay after all your phone isn’t heating up, but you’re all wrong.

Excessive phone usage isn’t good for the phone especially the battery and that’s why you need to give your phone a break.

If you’re looking for how to preserve phone battery lifespan, always have this on your mind, giving your phone a break and avoid excessive phone usage.

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9. Avoid charging on low voltage

Back then during the days of the Nokia Symbian phones, this is what damaged my phone battery, low power voltage.

This is rare but can happen especially if there’s an electricity issue in your area.

First, the mobile phone will charge at a low speed even if your phone support fast charging, and this for sure will damage the phone battery. Having seen this happened to me for once, I can testify that low power voltage do damage the phone battery.

Like I said, it is rare to have a low power voltage but if you happen to see one don’t use such power to charge your phone.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan?

Avoid charging your phone on low power voltage.

10. Using a good power bank

The last step I have for you on how to preserve phone battery lifespan is the use of portable charger or power bank as we call it to charge our phones.

Right now, almost everyone has a power bank or a portable charger to charge their phone especially if they are outdoor, however, where the problem lies is buying the original good power bank.

There’s so many bands of power banks in the market that you may even get confused on which one to go for. Irrespective of that, you’ll see the good quality ones through people’s reviews and recommendations.

Again, there are lots of fake power banks as well and these are the ones that damages or reduces a phone battery lifespan. This is why one need to be careful and reaserch on the best power bank to charge their phone.

How to preserve phone battery lifespan?

Use a good power bank or better still avoid it if you can’t get a good quality one to charge your phone.

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Others includes turning off your Wi-Fi or mobile data when not in use, also turning off your GPS, avoid live wallpaper for your home screen, use battery health app if you can, turn off vibration, etc.

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If you take these precautions, there’s no was your phone battery wouldn’t last for you. Some of these may be difficult to adhere to especially for phone addicts, but you should try your best.

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