5 best screen dimmer for android smartphone

Looking for the best screen dimmer for android smartphone, I have the best five apps for your Android phone.

Before going into the best screen dimmer for android, first, let me explain the good reason why it is necessary to use the dimmer apps on your android phone.

Benefits of using screen dimmer

There are many benefits of a screen dimmer for android, and they include the following.

1. Prevents the eye from damaging 

This is the major reason why we have a screen dimmer for android. Smartphone addicts can testify to have eye itching or poor vision after excessive phone usage.

If you’re the type that makes excessive use of your android phone, rarely drops it for more than 20 minutes, then you’re a phone addict.

So if you fall into this category, you need to have a screen dimmer for android.

Do you know that excessive phone usage can cause eye myopia?

The light rays from a smartphone, be it android or iPhone is the major cause of eye damage in adult or teens.

This is why it is good to use screen dimmer for Android or iPhone if you’re a phone addict.

2. Reduces stress 

You might think that this isn’t possible, too much looking at the phone can be stressful and in turn, gives you a headache.

I’ve experienced such, and I noticed that anytime I use a screen dimmer app for an android phone, I don’t experience stress or headache while using my phone for hours.

So kindly know that using a screen dimmer for android prevent such from happening.

3. Good for the night 

I found it quite difficult to use my android phone at the night, without using a screen dimmer app.

This is so especially when I’m outside, and not inside my house.

When you use a screen dimmer for android at the night, no one will notice that you’re operating your phone, including those annoying night flies.

However, if you leave the phone brightness on, the reverse is the case.

So now let’s move over to the best screen dimmer for android in 2020.

Best screen dimmer for android

I will walk you through the best screen dimmer apps for all android smartphones in 2020.

Please bear in my that I’ve already tested these apps on my android phone before posting them on this post.

1. Screen dimmer 

screen dimmer for android

My favorite when it comes to having a screen dimmer for android phones and tablets.

The application is very easy to use and even if you’re a plain novice.

There’s nothing like navigating left or right, everything is on the home screen for you to set up or activate on your android phone.

When you install the screen dimmer app for android on your smartphone, simply launch the application.

You’ll see where you can turn it or off, and also you can simply shake your phone to quickly turn off the screen dimmer for android.

You can select the opacity or the dimmer level which you preferred best.

For me, I prefer 65% if I’m inside my house and it is late in the night. If I’m outside, I prefer leaving it on 72% which is a lot darker or dimmer.

You can also select your preferred colour, there are so many colours to select from and also you can even type in the particular colour code which you want to use.

Another feature I like about the screen dimmer for android is the option to set a daily schedule and also when to turn it off automatically.

You simply need to download and install the application for more features.

Screen dimmer for android

2. My screen dimmer 

My screen dimmer

The next app on the list of best screen dimmer for android is the newest app on Google play.

That is my screen dimmer.

I must say that the application doesn’t have the best interface, but very good at the moment.

There’s an option to select the level of screen opacity, though this screen dimmer app doesn’t show the percentage level.

There’s a blue filter feature, though I don’t like it at all. Again you can shake your phone to turn on the screen dimmer and also shake your phone to turn it off.

My screen dimmer app

3. Night screen 

screen dimmer for android

So we have the third application on the list of best screen dimmer for android, and that is the night screen.

This app is quite different from the other two above in terms of settings. When you download and install the app from the Google play store, it automatically overlays on your screen.

To go to the settings, you have to tap on the settings icon and from there you set the app to the best way you want it to be.

Honestly, I don’t like the fact that it first overlays on the android home screen before a user can remove it by simply tapping anywhere on the screen.

In terms of a screen dimmer for android, I like the night screen app except for the annoying ads that appear on the home screen.

Night screen app for android

4. Blue light filters

screen dimmer applications for android

One of my favorite screen dimmer for android is these very blue light filters for android phones and tablets.

I so much love the app, and interchange it with the screen dimmer app.

When you see the name blue light filters, you might think is just all about the blue filter, but that is very wrong.

This is one of the best screen dimmer for android you can get from the Google play store at the moment.

What features are you looking for in a screen dimming app?

I can assure you that the blue light filter app has the features.

The very first thing that attracted me to the application is the interface or design, it’s awesome.

Setting the app up for your screen dimmer for android, it offers a different colour temperature to select from.

They include night shift, candlelight, fluorescent lamp, eclipse, etc to select from.

I prefer the eclipse and love the intensity settings to be 70% and the screen dim to be 54%.

You can set the screen dimmer for android based on your preference.

Blue light filters for android

5. Lower screen brightness dimmer

screen dimming for android

The last application I have for you guys on the best screen dimmer for android.

One of the newest screen dimming apps for android phones and tablets in 2020. Irrespective of the fact that the application is new, it is making waves.

When someone does something nice, you praise the person, and I’m referring this to the developer of this app.

You need a great job though you still need to add extra features to makes it the best screen dimmer for android.

On the lower screen brightness dimmer application, there are four main features you’ll see.

They include;

  • The screen brightness
  • Colour temperature
  • Change colour
  • Set auto timer

You simply need to toggle on the screen brightness to set it to your preferred level or percentage.

Also in the colour temperature feature, you have to select the one you preferred most and this goes with the change colour, etc.

You can set an auto timer as to when the screen dimmer for android will start, and also ends.

So far there’s no annoying ads or any ads on the application.

Lower screen brightness dimmer

So far, these are the best screen dimmer for android phones and tablets in 2020.

How do I make my screen dimmer android?

You can use your phone default settings by pulling down the control panel and toggle it to the level or percentage you want it to be.

Again you can also use the screen dimmer for android and dim your android phone brightness.

Can I make my screen even dimmer?

Yes, of course, you can dim your screen brightness using your default settings or the five screen dimmer for android above.

What is screen dimming app?

Screen dimming app is an application used in dimming a screen brightness. It can be a mobile app or a windows app.

Screen dimming app isn’t only applicable to android or ios, you can as well use it on your Windows or Mac.

It’s very helpful for the eyes, and that’s why I recommend having a screen dimmer for android, ios, windows, or Mac.

Don’t miss

Screen dimmer for android is a lot helpful for your eyes, and also for your general body.

Please if you’re a phone addict, always endeavor to use a screen dimmer app for your smartphone or computer. The phone default blue filters offer a lot of help, but I prefer these screen dimmer for android.

It’s your choice to make.

That’s all I have for you and I can say on the best screen dimmer for android. I hope this post offers a lot of help to you, and please don’t forget to use the share buttons to share this post.

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