Do iphones last longer than androids phones? (Explained)

This is one of the popular argument in the mobile phone market, do iphones last longer than androids phones. Android users will definitely say no, while iphone users will say yes.

This is a big debate which I’m here to give a verdict on whether iphone last longer than android.

Right on this post you’ll get a definite answer on why do iphones last longer than androids phones. So continue reading.

Do iphones last longer than androids phones?

Generally, Iphone do last longer than android phones, and in many ways especially in terms of software, updates and also hardware.

In order to backup my claim that iphones do last longer than android phones or why do iphones last longer than androids, I will explain the reasons in different categories.

They are;


Under software includes the RAM, Software and software updates. 

1. The software 

When asking do iphones last longer than androids, and in terms of software, iPhones are way ahead of android phones. Most Android phones are bloated whereas it isn’t the case with iphones.

You’ll see an iPhone with a 2GB RAM way faster than android phone with 4GB RAM. iPhones software are slick compared to Android, and android phones comprises of different brands.

Take for example, OnePlus android phones are not bloated while the likes of Samsung, Google Pixel and LG phones are bloated. Android phone software varies from different brands and I found the onePlus OxygenOS very fast than Samsung one Ui.

2. The RAM

This is one major answer to the question do iphones last longer than androids. RAM plays an important role in smartphone or even on the computer. The bigger the RAM, the faster the phone will be. The smaller the RAM, the slower the phone will be.

Now the question is, do android phones with bigger RAM perform better than iphones with a smaller RAM like 3GB on the long run?

The answer is no.

One fact you should know is that android phones tends to lag or hang after three to four years of usage, even with a RAM of 6GB. While iphones tends not to lag after four years of usage with a RAM of 3GB.

The minimum RAM which can be recommended to an android phone user is at least 4GB, whereas 4GB is one of the best RAM in iphones.

The Android phone with a 4GB RAM will lag after four years of usage, while the iPhone will still be intact. I’m saying this based on fact and my experience using both devices.

My iphone 6s plus with a 2GB RAM is still working flawless, while my old LG G6 with 4GB RAM hang or lag a LOT. And this is same with my old Samsung galaxy phone, but my iPhone 6s plus is still serving me.

Now back to the question on do iphones last longer than androids?

When a phone begins to hang or lag and it gets worse, the next thing the user will do is to sell it off or probably dispose the phone. Android phones can last up to three to four years of usage before they will start to hang, while iphones can last for four to five years before you’ll notice hanging or lagging.

So this backups my claim that iphones last longer than android phones.

3. Software updates

This is where iphone beats android hands down, and rightfully won the debate on do iphones last longer than androids.

I was surprised when I saw that my iphone 6s plus will receive the latest ios 14 update, and mind you the iphone 6s plus was released in 2015.

Now tell me, did any android phone released in 2015 received the android 10 version?

The answer is no.

Once an android phone is up to three years of age, no more updates both on android, and also the phone software. This isn’t the case with iphones. Take for example, my Samsung galaxy s9 plus will not receive the latest Android 11 and Samsung 3.0 Ui even though the phone was released in 2018.

I’m still using my Samsung galaxy s9 plus quite alright but this type of thing can make a phone user dump the phone for a new one. Once an android phone gets up to four years, it is already outdated while it is not the same case with iphone.

Who wouldn’t want to get the new android version and see new features other than using an old and outdated Android OS. All phones using the old Android 7 or even 9 are already outdated, the worst part is that new apps might not support these outdated android versions.

While asking on do iphones last longer than androids, software updates should be the first thing to pop up in your mind. Once an android phone is 3 years, that’s it.

No more updates, absolutely no updates will be pushed onto the phone unless the user installs mod ROM on its phone.

Do iphones last longer than androids phones in terms of software updates?

Absolutely yes.

Iphones can get updates after five years of release, and which boost the phone, while android phone will be outdated and ousted.


do iphones last longer than androids

This is the second part of the reason why iPhones last longer than android phones.

For this part, it includes the body build only.

1. The body build

Android phones is quite fragile compared to iphones, iphones are stronger and well built. If you’re are careless type of person, your android phone may last for just three years because of constant falling, while iphone will last for four to give years for you.

Android phones tends to develop faulty audio speaker problem, charging port issue and the volume button issue. Though on this aspect, it differs from android phone brands.

I do see the Huawei phones having a strong quality body build compared to Samsung or other Android phone brands. I have been using my Samsung galaxy s9 plus for three years, and there’s no issue so far. This really surprised me based on my experience with previous Samsung phones.

Generally, iPhones do have a strong body build compared android phones, and this very iphone 12 pro max is really superbly built.

To answer the question on do iphones last longer than androids based on this aspect, as a phone hardware began to develop fault, it increases the chances of the user disposing it.

One major factor of this is the battery, though both android phones and iphones don’t have a long lifespan in terms of battery health. Android phone battery will start to drain, so as iPhone battery.

In terms of battery lifespan, I can’t really say if android or iphone are better cause both devices battery tends to weaken on the long run. But for hardware or body build, iPhone takes the lead.

The stronger the hardware, the longer a phone will last, and that’s why iphone do have a longer lifespan than android phones.

So far these are the backups I have for the question on do iphones last longer than androids.

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What lasts longer iPhone or Samsung

Samsung is an android phone and there’s no much difference between Samsung phones and other Android phones brands except for hardware. In terms of updates, it still goes along with other Android phones, which is limited to three years after release.

So iPhone lasts longer than Samsung phones or any other Android phones.

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Are iPhones more reliable than androids

I’m sorry to disappoint android users again, iphones are more reliable than androids including Samsung android phones.

This is another major debate, if iphones are reliable or probably better than android phones. But you can’t deny the truth, iPhones are better and reliable than android phones.

Iphone security is the best in the mobile phone industry. One can easily hack android phones but not the same with iPhone. Apple made it in such a way that a user can’t install apps(third party) from outside the Apple store, while it is a different case with Android. This really makes it quite difficult for a hacker to hack into an iPhone.

I see lots of comments from android users complaining of installing virus on their phone through these apk websites. This can make the phone vulnerable to hackers, and that’s why android phones are not secured.

Mind you, we’re still on do iphones last longer than androids.

A stolen iPhone can’t be accessed or used, but a stolen android phone can be accessed or used. Once an iphone user locks the phone, phone becomes useless and can only be sold as parts.

This feature isn’t available on android, once the phone is stolen, that’s it unless you’re lucky enough to track the phone.

This is all I say say for now on do iphones last longer than androids. Right now you’ve known that iphones do last longer than androids, and that is the fact.

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At this point, I’ve come to the conclusion of this post on do iphones last longer than androids. Like I said, iphones indeed last longer than their counterpart android.

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