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How long do android phones last on average? Explained

Last Updated on April 22, 2022 by Kennedy

This is a detailed article on how long do android phones last on average. Does Android phones last longer or probably have a short lifespan in the mobile phone industry.

There’s no doubt that android phone is the most popular and commonly used phone in the world today, cause it is affordable compared to the iphone which is way costly especially for the third world countries.

Android phones are good, giving lots of options for customizations and third party apps installation which isn’t applicable on iphone.

Now the question is;

How long do android phones last and on average.

How long do android phones last

On average, android phones last for a good four years especially in terms of software updates. The phone hardware tends to be strong even after four years but the android phone will become slow and laggy after three to four years. 

Right now, samsung has promised it’s users thar their 2022 phones and later phones will have a software update for up to a goog four years and that which I appreciate so much. 

So I will explain how long do android phones last based on two different categories, and they are as follows.

1. Software / updates 

One major disadvantage of buying an android phone is that there’s a limit on software updates compared to the iphones. An android phone will receive a software update for a maximum number of three years, and after that there’s no software update for that android phone.

This is where the iPhone has an edge over Android phone. An iPhone can receive updates up to six years, however, android is only limited to three years and no more software updates.

So when you talk about how long do android phones last based on software updates, an android phone user might get pissed off that his or her phone will not get the latest Android version. Therefore, there’s no need of having the phone again.

Again if you care to check, there are some apps on the Google play store that requires the latest Android version to run. If your android phone doesn’t have that very android version, that’s it. You can’t install the application on your phone and even if you do, it won’t work.

Asking for how long do android phones last based on software and updates, I will say a maximum of three years. My Samsung Galaxy s9 plus which was released in March 2018 will not receive the Android 11 or the Samsung One UI 3.0.

Someone using the Samsung Galaxy s9 plus might decide to dump the phone, and get a brand new phone that has the latest Android 11 and the Samsung One UI 3.0.

Software updates plays a major role in this very topic, and having an outdated android version can be so annoying.

Apart from software updates, android phones tends to slow down on the long run. I’ve noticed this a lot, first on my samsung galaxy s2, LG G4, and on my Samsung Galaxy s9 plus. Though the s9 plus isn’t noticeable, just a slight lagging while opening many apps.

The more android phone ages, the more it tends to hang or lag.

This issue can be a lot annoying for a user, and might make the person to dump the phone and get a new one.

Generally, asking the question on how long do android phones last in terms of software, I will say a maximum of four years. Quite number of Android phone users changes their phones within three to four years because of software related issue.

2. How long do android phones last in terms of hardware

how long do android phones last

In terms of hardware, android phones last for six years based on my own experience using with LG G2 , G4 and the Samsung Galaxy s2.

Now this question differs from android phone brands. Samsung hardware is different from xiaomi hardware, xiaomi hardware is different from huawei hardware or even LG phone hardware.

Iphone is Apple, but android are many brands.

How long do android phones last in terms of hardware.

In my own experience having used LG, Huawei, Samsung and Nokia, I will say Android hardware is quite strong though I will give it to Huawei.

Huawei phones hardware are pretty much strong compared to other Android brands, and the latest Samsung phones do have a strong hardware.

If i say Android phone hardware, that also includes the battery. I must confess that the battery doesn’t drop as the phone ages and my best is the Huawei phones. Previously, Samsung phone battery drops with time, but since the release of the Samsung Galaxy s8, Samsung phone battery are stronger and long lasting.

This is now three years since I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy s9 plus, and I haven’t seen any drop or battery draining or any other battery related issues on the phone.

That shows how Samsung has improved their phone batteries in recent years.

Do you know that one major factor on a phone hardware which determines how long it last is the battery. Once the battery is weakened, the phone tends to be useless, and as the battery is faulty or dead, the phone is completely useless.

Going back to the topic of the post on how long do android phones last, and in terms of hardware, android phones do last long especially the popular and good brands like Samsung, pixel, huawei and even LG phones.

Can a smartphone last 5 years

Yes of course, a smartphone can last for five years and counting as long as the the hardware is still intact.

I’m still using my old iPhone 6s plus and mind you it received the latest ios 14. Also, android phones can last more than five years except for the fact that the phone won’t receive any new updates, and some new android apps might not be compatible with the phone.

I’ve my Samsung galaxy s2, LG G2 and G4, and they are still working at this time of writing this post. The only problem I have with the Samsung Galaxy s2 is the battery, which drains from 100 to zero within twenty minutes of usage.

But the LG G2 and G4 are still working, and I’m also browsing with them.

This goes down to question of the day, how long do android phones last.

The best smartphone with a long lifespan is the iPhone. An iPhone can last up to seven without issues unless there’s a problem with the hardware which is usually the battery.

When should I replace my Android phone

Replace your android phone when the android version is way too outdated even if the phone is still working, and if the phone is hanging or lagging.

For example, I don’t see the reason why a person should have an android phone with android 7.0 version. If you do, also have an android phone with the latest Android version like the android 11 or at least android 10.

Kindly replace your phone is the battery is weak and drains so much, the phone hang or lag a lot that apps takes time to load, the software version is way too outdated and new apps are incompatible with the phone.

You can choose to keep your phone, and use it to makes calls, but kindly get a new one. This is same as how long do android phones last on average.

You can go through this link to read about how to preserve phone battery lifespan .

Lastly, how long do android phones last?

Android phones last for four years in terms of software and updates, and five to six years into terms of hardware. As the phone software gets outdated, there’s a high tendency that the user will change the android phone.

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With all said, I’ve come to the end of this post on how long do android phones last on average. There’s no much to say again, and if you have more to add to this post, I will appreciate it a lot.