Fix mobdro can’t load data on Android

Have you found yourself in a situation where you opened mobdro app on your android smartphone and it didn’t show anything, you can say mobdro can’t load data check your connection. And yes it does but i’m going to show you how to fix it.

Mobdro is one of the best free entertainment apps for mobile device like android and other device, packed with tons of channels which basically isn’t free to view.

These channels are the types of channels we watch on cable TV which isn’t for free, you pay a monthly subscription to watch it

But here mobdro is giving us one hundred percent free viewing, as long as you have your mobile data subscription or a working wifi connection.

It can be really annoying when you open your app and then it’s mobdro can’t load data.

You try it all over and over again and still the same thing, what comes to your mind is how to fix it.

Below are the ways to fix mobdro can’t load data or mobdro not working on android smartphone.

Fix mobdro can’t load data check your connection

Fix mobdro can't load data on android

I’ve been in this situation just you like two times, i fixes the issues with these procedures.

1. By checking my internet connection

One of the major questions users asked on mobdro not working is based on the internet connectivity.

I’ve noticed that this usually occurs if you’re using mobile data to access mobdro app on your phone. If you have poor internet connection, it tends not to load data for your view.

So what you’ll have to do first is to put your phone on airplane or flight mode, and after few seconds, turn off the airplane mode and turn on your mobile data.

Open the mobdro app to see if it will load data. If it didn’t, then try to use a vpn to access it once again.

I’ve solved my problem of mobdro can’t load data using this method.

But however, it may not necessarily be a network issue that is actually causing the problem of mobdro not loading data for your view.

If the first method didn’t work for you, then try this one.

2. Fix mobdro can’t load data by updating your mobdro app

The truth is that mobdro can’t load data is majorly caused by outdated mobdro application installed on your smartphone.

Is quite unfortunate that mobdro app isn’t available on the google play store or any other store for mobile, this makes it difficult for you to know when it is outdated.

I’ve noticed that if it gets outdated for a long period of time, it can’t load data or channels for your free viewing unless you update the app.

This particular thing have happened to me for about four times and after updating the mobdro app installed on my device, the data files or probably channels loaded quickly.

So in the case that you are having mobdro can’t load data issue, please kindly go through this link to update your mobdro app.

Doing so you’ll see that data or channels will load on your mobdro application. Mobdro not working, this will help you out.

3. Not available in your country

We’ll know that this application isn’t legal, it is one hundred percent illegal and not operated in many countries.

So you may be operating in one of countries that restrict the use of mobdro application, and there’s no way it will work using your country IP.

The only alternative you have is to use a vpn app.

You can get yourself a free vpn or probably a paid one in order to enjoy fast internet connection as free vpn offers poor and slow internet services.

3. Check the time on your phone

This is one of the least causes of mobdro can’t load data, as mobdro tends to have issues loading channels if you have a wrong time and data on your smartphone.

Some quite number of persons have confirmed that the resolved the issue of data not loading on mobdro application using this process.

They did actually noticed that the time and data on their smartphone was indeed wrong, and having corrected it, they didn’t see any error message when they opened their mobdro app.

Though i’m yet to see such, and I recommend that you always keep your time and date updated.

So if you see mobdro can’t load data, you can first check if your time and date is correct and if it didn’t, then you will know that it what actually causing the problem.

So far these are the methods that i know that solves or fix mobdro can’t load data on android and ios smartphones.

One big disadvantage we have using this entertainment app is that there’s no way to contact the developer.

I’ve checked their facebook, twitter or email address and non it working at all.

I know the reason is because the application is one hundred percent illegal, so they tends to act on lowkey as not to be caught.

Many problems like this which you can contact the admin or the developer in order to assist you solve the problem, you can’t because they are hiding their identity.

So any problem like this, you try to solve it by yourself.

Irrespective of the fact that this app is illegal in the true sense, that doesn’t mean that we all should uninstall it. No, the app have really helped many who can’t pay for monthly cable TV subscriptions.

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This is exactly five years since i’ve been using this app on my android phone, and i noticed very well that over the years, they have really improved the quality display of their channels.

Right now mobdro is down but you check out the best mobdro alternative in 2021 .

Mobdro premium version

I’ve got to noticed that mobdro premium version tends to have less issues which includes error loading channels or network issues.

Not only that, if you’re pisses off with seeing too much ads on your application, or wants to get the best quality displays on your favourite movie or sports channels, you can go for the premium version.

The premium version also allows you to download videos from the application and watch it offline, and also featured chromecast and sleep timer.

Because of the situation with the developer changing domain names and all that, there are lot’s of sites claiming to be mobdro official page or website.

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But if you need the official mobdro website where you can get the latest app, updates or information concerning one of the best entertainment app, go through this link which is their official website.

Apart from the mobdro can’t load data, there are some other common errors with the application and they include the followings;

1. Parse Error

Parse error happens when the Android version on the device is lower than the Android version Mobdro was compiled for. You need Android 4.1 up to solve this problem.

2. Categories lists are empty

To solve this problem, you need to configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS.

3. Sync delay in my AMAZON Fire Stick

To solve this audio lag by turning off Dolby digital and selection Stereo in Settings -> Display & Sounds -> Audio -> Sorround Sound -> Stereo.

These are so far the methods i know in solving some mobdro errors issues and this which includes mobdro can’t load data. I do hope that these methods will help you to resolve your problem with the application.

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  1. The app says “can’t load data. Check your connection.” I have tried to all the above to fix it but still not working. Please help to resolve this issue

  2. The app is down, including the official mobdro website. You need to exercise some patience and let’s see if they will resolve the issue.

  3. Greetings,
    I did delete the data and cache, but it only gives you the icons and agreement for Ads.
    I wouldn’t uninstall the app, might not be able to get it back, since there is a data issue

  4. Good day. The mobdro app and their official website are down, this started yesterday evening. You’ll have to wait and see if they rectified the problem.

  5. The truth is, these apps are illegal though they are a lot useful to the users. My mind is telling me that the app was brought down four days ago cause even the official website isn’t working anymore.

    I do hope they find a means to come back again, and whereas this isn’t the first time this type of thing is happening to mobdro.

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