Kodi: Best mobdro alternative in 2022

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Right now mobdro is down, I’m here to provide you guys with the best mobdro alternative and which is kodi.

Honestly, there’s no good quality app out there like the mobdro app. I’ve searched the internet but I couldn’t, it is either a sports app or a movie app. You and I know that mobdro is just like a digital cable TV with tons of sweet exciting channels.

It is quite unfortunate that the app is currently down at the moment, but I’m here to guide you through on the best mobdro alternatives and I can tell you that it is kodi.

Kodi is the only best app that can replace mobdro app for you at this moment which mobdro is down.

It is recommended to use a vpn while using the kodi app to stream. Get the best cheapest vpn from here

Kodi: Best mobdro alternative

If this is your first time of using kodi, you may be pissed off cause it is quite different from mobdro. You need to install plugins or repos in order to stream channels from kodi, whilst it is not the same on mobdro.

On mobdro, it only involves installing and start streaming on the app.

Irrespective of the process involved in setting up kodi app on your android or iphone, definitely you’ll love the stream application. Very good mobdro alternative for you right now.

To get started with the best mobdro alternative kodi, first head over to Kodi official website to download it for your mobile phone.

Kindly download and install the app and get ready for the set up.

1. Movie and TV Channels

This is one major feature in mobdro that people love so much, the movie channels like fox or sky cinemas.

So I’ve the best kodi repository for your movie channels and which will keep you entertained just like the mobdro app.

The list goes below;

1. Exodus Redux

One of the best movie repos for kodi and best mobdro alternative in terms of movie channels. You’ll definitely going to love this kodi repo a lot.

Now let’s get started on how to install it on your kodi app.

First, you must enable unknown sources on your kodi before you can install a third party repo.

To do so;

Open the kodi app on your phone, click Addons from the side menu and on your screen, then you have to click the Settings button on the top left side and finally, under Addons, enable “Unknown sources.”

To install Exodus Redux on your kodi, go back to home and click on Settings.

mobdro alternative

On the next window, you’ll see list of options including the file manager. Please tap on the file manager, and on the next window you’ll see add source.

Kindly click on add source. You need to type the URL https://i-a-c.github.io/ into the window that opens on your screen.

Enter the name on the url path, and the name is ExodusReduxRepo. If you’re done, click the OK button.

This is the first part, now moving onto the second part and which is installing the repo into kodi.

Go back to the kodi homescreen, and click “Add-ons” from the left side menu. You’ll see a package installer icon locate at the top of your screen like on the picture below.

Best mobdro alternatives

Kindly tap on that icon and you’ll Install from Zip File. Also tap on it and you’ll be presented with repos available on your kodi, including the one you just entered.

Select the repo you just added above by simply tapping on “ExodusReduxRepo”.

Select repository.exodusredux-0.0.8.zip and click OK to install the plugin on your kodi. ExodusReduxRepo should now installed on your kodi. You’ll have to wait till the installation is complete and you will get a notification when it is done.

We’re almost there.

On the same window, click “Install from the repository. Select “Exodus Redux Repo and Video Add-ons”. Scroll down to Exodus Redux and click on it.

You will see an “Install” option on your kodi, and tap on it to install the plugin on your kodi. The Exodus Redux Kodi Addon will be installed and you will get a notification when it has finished.

After the installation, you’ll see the reason why I said kodi is the best mobdro alternative in 2021.

To stream live TV channels on kodi using the ExodusReduxRepo, you’ll have to set up Lambda Scrapers.

To get started, Open Exodus Redux from your add-ons section and select Tools. 

Tap on Select Settings: Providers and Click Choose Module Provider Source. Change from Default to Lambda Scrapers & Select OK.

Now you’re set to stream TV channels and movies on kodi using the Exodus Redux Repo, and you’ll see why it is the best mobdro alternative.

For now I will stop here for movie channels, but will update this post with more TV movie channels.

2. SportHD

mobdro alternatives

Now if you love watching sports on mobdro, this SportHD repo will definitely entertain and give you the best on live sports and sports channels.

In terms of sports, this is one of the best and good answer to mobdro alternatives in 2021.

Now let’s proceed on how to install it on your kodi app.

Same the settings above, to install SportHD on your kodi, open your Kodi and click the Settings button, and select File Manager.

On the next window, you’ll see add source. Tap on add source and in the URL type http://bugatsinho.github.io/repo/ into the window that opens. Enter “Bugatsinho” under the textbox as the name, and click OK.

Go back to your Kodi home screen, and on the left-hand side menu, click “Add-ons. Tap on the package installer icon which is top left side of the screen.

Select Install from Zip File. Locate Bugatsinho and click on repository.bugatsinho-x.x.x.zip. The repo will install and you’ll receive a notification about it.

On the same screen, click Install from repository and select “Bugatsinho Repository. You’ll see video Add-ons, simply tap on it and you’ll see SportHD.

Tap on the SportHD to install the repo by clicking on the install button.

You’ll get a pop up of all the dependencies that will be installed along with the addon. Just click OK, and SportHD Kodi Addon will now install.

After the process is complete, you’ll get a notification about the installation. That’s it, you’ll enjoy the best of sports from the kodi repo. Kindly go to add-ons and you’ll see

the SportHD video add-on. You’ll see why I said kodi is the best mobdro alternative.

To stream on kodi app, kindly get a vpn to stay anonymous. I recommend the surfshark vpn for you.

The above link contains an affiliate link and if you buy from the link, I will get a token thanks.

There are lots of quality sports channels repo for kodi, and by tomorrow I will update this post with more kodi repos.

For now, this is where I end the post on the best mobdro alternatives, and which is kodi.

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This is where i come to the conclusion on the best mobdro alternative in 2021. Less I forget, I will update this post with more kodi repos tomorrow so stay tuned.

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  1. Tap on Select Settings: Providers and Click Choose Module Provider Source. Change from Default to Lambda Scrapers & Select OK.

    could not find that on providers setting

  2. Oh that was on the previous version of redux repo, now you don’t need to change from Default to Lambda Scrapers. When you’re done with the installation, go ahead and stream but the issue is not many streams are working at the moment.

    Will add more working streams later on.

    • thx, yeah little is working. i still prefer Cinema HD and 1DM for movies and series. also Mobdro hat lot of TV channels. did not find any good PVR on Kodi.


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