What are offer up fees? Explained

This is for those that sells products on offerup, for them to know the offer up fees in this year of 2021. To see if things really changed or remained the same.

There’s no doubt that offerup/letgo is one of the popular sites to sell used products and also services as well. If you have a product that you’re no longer in need of, and it is still very much okay, through offerup you’ll see a potential buyer.

The question usually asked by sellers or potential sellers is, what is offer up fees.

Does offer up charge fees?

And the answer is yes. Offerup charge fee if the buyer is using their shipping method and which they termed it as offer up service fee.

This is what this post is all about, letting you know the fees you’re to pay if you want to start selling products on offerup/letgo.

The offer up fees in 2021

Buying and selling on offerup is quite free if there’s no shipping method used for the items. There’s an offerup service fee which is a fee for items shipped by seller to the buyer.

In this case, the seller will pay a service fee of 12.9% on every Item above $100, and $1.99 fee on low priced items like a $20 item.

In this case, if you’re to ship an item worth $700, the offer up fees will be $90.3. This is how you can calculate the offerup seller fees.

700 x 12.9 ÷100 = 90.3

As a seller, you’re to pay a service fee of $90.3 for the item to be shipped to the buyer and mind you, the buyer will also pay for a shipment fee. It usually starts from $3 to $20 though the shipping fee varies from one’s location.

Take for instance a seller sold an item of $20 and the offer up selling fees is $1.99, the amount the seller will receive from the sold item is $18.01 respectively.

In offerup, the higher the item sold on their platform, the higher the amount offerup will charge you. This comes in handy if you the seller decides to use offerup for your shipment. The fee attached to it is called offer up service fee.

The truth is, you can skip or bypass this offer up fees as a seller, and also as a buyer.

The question is, how can’t you skip or bypass the offer up selling fees?

Don’t use offer up shipping method, rather use local pickup delivery. That is, the buyer will meet you at a stated location and pick the item from you. This is one the best way to avoid the offer up service fee, and many offerup sellers use this very option or method. It saves cost for the seller, and also for the buyer.

However, there’s risk involved.

What risk am I talking about?

The risk of meeting with a robber instead of a buyer. Yes, I’ve seen a case whereby a supposedly offerup buyer robbed a seller at their meet up point. He pointed a gun at the seller and took both the item (iphone Xs Max) and money from the seller.

This can also happen to buyer. The robber will collect the money from you, without giving you the item.

Meeting up with the buyer saves costs on offerup but there’s a risk involved. You need not to be afraid cause you can avoid the risk. This is what most sellers and buyers use in order not to be robbed.

They meet up with the buyer or seller at a popular places like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger Kings, Walmart, Target, Malls, etc. In these places, you can’t be robbed at gun point, and if the buyer or seller mentioned a place which you’re not familiar with or a lonely environment, kindly reject that offer.

Using the drop-off or local pickup delivery, you can swiftly avoid the offer up fees of 12.9% or $1.99 per each item shipped using their shipping method.

This is what offerup said about their service fee;

Sellers are required to pay a service fee when shipped items sell. The fee is either a minimum of $1.99, or 12.9% of the sale price.

The shipping cost is calculated when you list your item. It’s based on the item’s estimated weight and dimension. That cost will be shown on the item when you post it. Buyers pay for the label when their payment is collected. We’ll send you the shipping label after you accept a buyer’s offer.

Offerup uses USPS for their shipment, so as a seller wanting to ship an item to a buyer, you’re required to use the USPS for the shipment.

Pros of using offerup shipping method 

Below are the pros of using the offerup shipping method to ship to a buyer;

1. Items can be shipped nationwide: This is one major advantage of using the offerup shipping method, a seller can ship to any destination without restrictions. This is not same while using the local pick-up delivery.

2. It saves time for both parties: There are sellers and buyers on offerup that prefer the shipping method than the local pickup delivery cause it saves times on both ends. Not every buyer would want to meet with a seller and also, not every seller would want to meet with a buyer.

Cons using offerup shipping method

Everything has advantages and also the disadvantages, so as offerup. Below are the cons of using offerup shipment.

1. Payment of offer up fees: Just imagine paying a service fee of $90 because you sold an item of $700, and whereas that $90 will get you a good item on Amazon or Ebay. Instead of giving offerup the $90 for the so called offer up selling fees or service fee, use the local pickup delivery method and meet with the buyer.

A $90 fee is high and I will prefer meeting with the buyer instead of shipping it to the buyer.

2. You can be scammed: Yes, you heard me well. You can be scammed on offerup the shipping option, and quite number of sellers has been scammed.

Once you ship the item to the buyer, the buyer can come up with lies that you sent an empty packaged carton. Using the shipping method provides room for scammers to scam the sellers, but when the seller use the local pickup delivery option, there’s no way the buyer will scam him or her.

Offerup scammers always go for the shipping method than meeting with the seller.

One major disadvantage of using the local pickup delivery option is that the seller is limited to a particular location. For example, you reside in Los Angeles California and someone from Chicago wants to buy your item. You can’t sell the item to the buyer because of the distance and in this case, you might be tempted to use the shipping option which attracts offer up fees of 12.9% or $1.99 respectively.

Even though offerup shows listing based on one’s location, someone might decide to change it’s zip code to another state. For example, you location is Chicago and there’s useful items based on your choice. You can choose to change your zip code to Los Angeles or New York to see what they have in their listing.

So not being able to ship items nationwide is one major disadvantage of using the meet up or drop off option. To avoid being robbed by the seller or the buyer, don’t go to a remote area or a quite environment, the likes of McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger Kings, Walmart, Target, Malls, etc are the best place for such meet up.

The second is being robbed, but if you take the necessary measures, you can’t be robbed.

Another major advantage of using the local pickup delivery is there’s no offer up fees for you, and also for the buyer. There’s no offerup seller fees attached to it, just meet up with the buyer and do the transaction. Mindyou, the buyer will pay you the money right there and you’re good to go.

Right now I do hope you have got to know the offer up fees on both the seller, and also for the buyer.

Does offer up charge a fee to sell?

offer up fees

To sell on offerup id for free, but the seller will have to pay a fee of 12.9% or $1.99 offer up service fee. The service fee comes in place when a seller decides to use shipping option for item delivery to a buyer.

If the seller uses the local pickup for item delivery to it’s buyer, there’s no offer up selling fees on this aspect.

Remember to select the local pickup when providing details for your items which you listed on offerup.

Can you pay cash on OfferUp?

Yes of course, you can pay cash on OfferUp and the best means of paying other than checks, gift card, etc. Most sellers prefers to be paid in cash than other means of payment available on offerup.

There’s nothing much to say again, and by now you must know the offer up fees or probably the service fees.

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At this point I come to the conclusion of this post on what is offer up fees in 2022. Your suggestions about offerup are highly welcomed on this post.

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