How long does aliexpress take to deliver? Explained

The very question aliexpress shoppers do as is how long does aliexpress take to deliver?

How long will i have to wait to receive my aliexpress order? Does aliexpress takes much time before it reaches my final destination which is my house?

And many more questions.

This question isn’t just applicable to aliexpress, but to all online stores. You know when you’re planning to shop online, the first and foremost that pops up in your mind is how long it will take for you to receive the order.

How long does aliexpress take to deliver

Aliexpress standard delivery time of 3 to 4 weeks.

This is aliexpress standard delivery time especially if you’re using the Aliexpress standard shipping method.

As you know, Aliexpress  has different varieties of couriers, ranging from cheap to costly couriers like the Cainiao super economy or the DHL or FedEx.

So when you’re talking about how long does aliexpress take to deliver you should know that there are factors involved in aliexpress shipping or delivery.

They include the followings;

  • The shipping method/courier used
  • The seller
  • Your country’s custom

These three are major factors that determine how long does aliexpress take to deliver, fast or slow shipment.

Now let me explain them one after the other.

1. The seller

The first determinant of how fast or slow you will receive your order. There are fast sellers on aliexpress, and as well as very slow annoying sellers.

Through people’s reviews you will know if a seller is fast or slow in shipping.

When you order for a product on aliexpress, they usually give one to eight days for the seller to ship the order. A fast seller will ship the order on same day or latest the next day, while the slow shipping seller will wait until the last day to ship the order.

If a seller ships an order very late or the very last day, be rest assured that the order will be delivered very late. Maybe a minimum of two months or even three months.

Going by the question on how long does aliexpress take to deliver, in this case it can exceed more than the Aliexpress standard delivery time which is three weeks to four weeks.

In some cases which the seller is very fast in shipping, you can receive your order within seven days. I’m saying this based on my experience so far shopping on aliexpress.

The fastest aliexpress shipping I’ve seen is seven days using the Aliexpress standard shipping. I was really surprised and after buying from the same again, it took nine days to arrive my final destination.

This made me to deduct that sellers plays a major role in aliexpress shipping and delivery time.

To answer the question on how long does aliexpress take to deliver based on the seller, it ranges from seven days to three months.

2. Aliexpress shipping method

After the seller, the shipping method determines how fast or slow you’ll receive your order. Some of the Aliexpress couriers includes the followings;

  • EMS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • Aramex
  • Singapore post
  • 4PX Singapore post
  • Cainiao super economy
  • Yanwen economic air mail
  • SunYou economic air mail
  • Aliexpress standard shipping

Aliexpress standard shipping is quite fast depending on the seller, the fastest I’ve seen is on aliexpress delivery time is seven days. The worst I’ve seen on Aliexpress delivery is four months.

How long does aliexpress take to deliver under aliexpress standard shipping?

From three weeks to four weeks though it can go beyond the four weeks. However it shouldn’t exceed two months unless the seller asked requested you give the order some time.

Cainiao super economy is another cheap but quality shipping courier available in aliexpress.

There are types of Cainiao super economy I’ve seen in aliexpress, one is called Cainiao super economy global, the other is called Cainiao super economy for special goods while the last is called Cainiao super economy for goods.

How long does aliexpress take to deliver under Cainiao super economy?

When you take a look at Cainiao super economy shipping duration or estimated delivery time, you’ll see 30 – 50 days. However, the truth is that it takes a maximum of 25 days to arrive your destination unless you have a slow custom officers in your country which will take time in delivering the order to you.

DHL aliexpress shipping which is one of the best courier to choose for your aliexpress shipping, though it does not come cheap. DHL which is a popular and good quality courier is quite costly to use and I must say that I don’t use them for orders below $300.

How long does aliexpress take to deliver under DHL?

According to DHL, aliexpress shipping takes 9 – 18 days to arrive your final destination and this means arriving at your door step. From my own experience, it took just six days for me to receive my order and it was delivered to my house unlike the Aliexpress standard shipping or Cainiao super economy.

how long does aliexpress take to deliver

FedEx is another aliexpress shipping method I’ve used for my shipment, and they are good just like the DHL.

JJust like the DHL, if you want to use FedEx for your aliexpress shipping, be ready to spend $50 or even up to $200 on shipping fee.

How long does aliexpress take to deliver under FedEx?

According to the company, it shouldn’t take more than 15 days as their estimated delivery time is 8 – 12 days unless there’s an issue with the custom. However, from my own experience with FedEx, it does take seven days or a maximum of 16 days if there’s an issue with the custom.

To check out other aliexpress shipping methods or couriers delivery time, go through this page for more on how long does aliexpress take to deliver.

3. The custom service

The last factor that determines aliexpress delivery time is the custom service or duty. A seller may be fast in shipping, the courier service may also be fast in shipping, but your country’s custom service will slow things down.

For example, I ordered a shoe will arrived my country destination within two weeks of shipment, and was held by the custom duty. It took the product another three weeks to forward it to my final destination. So in total, the order took one month and one week before I received it.

How long does aliexpress take to deliver under the custom service?

It shouldn’t take a maximum of three days unless your country’s custom service is very slow.

How long does it take for aliexpress to deliver? 

From two weeks to four weeks, but don’t let it exceed the buyers protection which is 60 days or a maximum of 90 days.

How can I get AliExpress to ship faster

I recommend you to use any of the DHL, FedEx, EMS as they are very fast in shipping and also reliable. Cainiao super economy is also fast and cheap, the only issue is that you will have difficulty in tracking your order.

Aliexpress standard shipping is quite fast but it depends on the seller. If you’re looking for the fastest means of shipment on aliexpress, go for DHL and they are pretty much reliable.

Why can’t I track my package on AliExpress

The shipping method you used doesn’t offer tracking for the shipment. I’m sure about Yanwen air mail, Cainiao super economy, etc doesn’t offer tracking for their users.

These couriers services do indicate or state that you can’t track your order with them.

A seller might use his or her own shipping method, and mostly they don’t offer tracking for orders. This can be so annoying cause you really can’t figure out where your order is!

How do I get cheap shipping on AliExpress

We’re still on the topic of the post how long does aliexpress take to deliver.

Another question is how do I get cheap shipping on AliExpress?

Each seller on aliexpress has it’s own shipping method, it ranges from cheap shipping method to a high cost shipping method.

I noticed that low priced products do have free shipping, and also relatively cheap shipping. High cost products do have high cost shipping method with the cheapest being aliexpress standard shipping.

What I’m trying to say is that aliexpress shipping depends on the sellers shipping method and not aliexpress. If you’re buying a high cost product, you’ll see high cost couriers cause they are trusted and very reliable. The cheapest you’ll get is the Aliexpress standard shipping.

When you want to buy from aliexpress, check all the available shipping methods and see if it is okay by you.

Where is standard shipping on AliExpress

This is the Aliexpress official shipping method, and it is registered. Almost all aliexpress merchants or sellers do offer aliexpress standard shipping and it is quite cheaper.

Aliexpress standard shipping gives the buyer the opportunity to track their order which other cheap couriers doesn’t offer for such services.

Aliexpress standard shipping are trusted though not as reliable as DHL, FedEx and EMS.

And for the last time, how long does aliexpress take to deliver?

From seven days to four weeks.

Don’t Miss!!!

Your aliexpress order shouldn’t take more than two months and if it does, don’t hesitate to contact the seller and you can proceed in opening a dispute and seeking for a refund.

With this, I’ve come to the end of this post on how long does aliexpress take to deliver. If you’re still confused I’m here to assist you.

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