This is a definitive guide on how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria in 2020, this is based on my experience so far.

Having bought lot’s of products from aliexpress, i decided to write this post in order to remove fear from Nigerians who are so much afraid of buying from the Chinese e-commerce company.

Aliexpress is one of the best online market place in the world today and buying from it is so easy compared to the likes of amazon and eBay.

Before going into how to buy from aliexpress, let me first give you a quick guide about the company and the owner.

Aliexpress Overview

Aliexpress is an online market place, where you can buy your electronics, fashion, phone accessories, computer electronics, toys, home&garden, home appliances, tools, home improvement etc.

It has more than five thousand merchants (sellers) selling on the e-commerce website, with over ten thousand products. The online store is packed with so many products especially fashion wears and home appliances.

The online retail service was launched in 2010, with it’s headquarter in China. The company is owned by the Alibaba Group with the owner being Jack Ma who is the founder.

How it Works

Aliexpress to Nigeria

The popular online market place works exactly like the jumia and konga we have in Nigeria. Lot’s of merchants will showcase their products on the website and is left for you to navigate and select the one you like.

Buying from aliexpress in Nigeria requires you to make a selection, which is usually based on some factors which includes;

  • The price that each merchants tag to their products
  • The number of years the merchant have be selling on aliexpress
  • The number of products that the merchant has sold so far
  • The merchant ratings
  • If the item you want to buy can be shipped to your location (country)
  • Is the product free shipping or not

Buying products on aliexpress depends on the merchant, and that is why you need to have a thorough check on any merchant that you want to buy product from.

You can start with reading the reviews, especially if people from your country (Nigeria) have bought that product. Take your time and read the reviews to see if the seller is genuine, offer original products and ships his or her product at a fast rate.

Know that shipping from aliexpress to Nigeria takes seven to one month to arrive on a normal circumstances and two to three months if there is a hitch on the shipment.

Let’s head over on how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria especially as we are in the year 2020.

How to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria

You have finally decided that there’s this product you want to buy from aliexpress, be it a smartphone or other gadgets, fashion wears like shoes, bags, wrist watches etc.

The first thing to do is to register an account on the website. To do that i will advise you to download the app for both android and ios, but you can still use their website.

Download aliexpress App for android and for ios users, download it from here.

If you’re using a browser, go to aliexpress website click on the sign up button to create an account. When creating your account, you need to use your real details.

This include your full name, country, sex and address and email address. The reason why you need to create your account using your real details is for easy identification.

It doesn’t take up to five minutes to have your account ready to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria. After you’re done with the registration, login using your username and password and explore the online store.

To buy products from aliexpress like a smartphone, you can go to categories and select cellphone >> cellphones. On the website are tons of different brands of phones to pick from.

How to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria 2020

Already you’ve made up your mind on the type of phone that you want to buy. But you might be confused when you see lots of good quality phones at an exciting prices.

Aliexpress gives you the previlage to select the brand that you want to buy from. For example you want to buy a samsung or xiaomi smartphone, on the top left corner of your app, you will see brands.

When you click it, you will see options with all the available brands of smartphones to buy from. This also works with other categories like jewelry and accessories, clothing etc.

You can also use the search button to look for what you want to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria. Having found some exciting deals, next is to take a closer look at the reviews.

You will first start with observing the number of people that bought the product, number of people that made a good review and also a bad review of the seller’s product.

If the seller has only 5 order and this is your very first time of buying from aliexpress, i will advise you to skip the seller and move over to another seller with lot’s of orders and reviews.

So you finally found another seller (merchant) with many orders and reviews, click on the number of orders and you will see people’s reviews.

On the reviews, you will see your country’s flag indicating the number of people from your region that bought from the seller, and also dropped their reviews.

If there’s none, you will see 0. But if they there’s one or four or fifty, you will also see it beside the Nigerian flag. Check the reviews from buyers that are from Nigeria and see what they wrote about the seller and the product.

If it is okay by you, you can go ahead and add it to cart. But before doing that, check if the product is free shipping or a paid shipment.

You might see a product with a price tag of N10,000 and a shipping fee of N25,000. If you care to check the shipping method, you will noticed that the seller is using DHL which is quite costly.

To check for a product shipment on aliexpress, click on any product of of your choice, tap on add to cart and scroll down a bit. You will see shipping, and below it is the courier the seller is using.

But you can choose to select your own shipment method, but if they do ship to Nigeria. When you click add to cart and scroll down to the shipping details which includes the amount in dollar and in naira, tap on it and you’ll see lots of options to select from.

Go through it and select your shipment method but what matters is the shipping price to Nigeria and if they at all ship to Nigeria.

I always prefer the Aliexpress Standard, but not all sellers uses them, and they offer free shipping or a very small fee on shipping.

On the shipping address, make sure to use the address that can be located or check the nearest post office and use the local government name that the post office is located in.

If your location can’t be traced by the delivery man, they usually drop it off on the any post office in the state.

This is why i recommend that if you know that your home address isn’t a popular one, use your office address.

If your office address isn’t a popular one, then in the space for local government, try and figure out any post office close to you and use the local government that the post office is located in.

Having checked the sellers reviews, the product reviews, if some Nigerians bought the product and made their own reviews too, next is to make your order.

However, if you find a product in aliexpress exciting and lovely, and wants to go for it but it has a very few orders and no Nigerian made a review for it, you can still go ahead and make your order.

Having found the product you want to buy, click on add to cart or buy now. You will see more options about that product, it may be different colours, sizes, or extra bundle.

Tap on the option you like and if you want to buy more than one, below quantity click on the plus (+) icon to add more numbers.

A seller may limit you to only 10 orders per once, and at times the high the numbers you bought, the discount you will get. Though there are some sellers that doesn’t offer such to their customers (buyers).

After all is set, what next to do is to click on the continue button. On the next screen is the summary of what you want to buy, don’t be in a haste to go through it.

After reading all that it is in the summary of the order you want to place on aliexpress, click on the place order button.

You will see different options for payment, this include using your credit or debit card, web money, payU, wire transfer, Qiwi, PayPal etc.

Some payment options are not available if you’re buying from aliexpress in Nigeria, the likes of PayPal isn’t always available. Though a times sellers select the payment method they needed from their buyers.

For me, i always use my card for payment and a times, wire transfer though it is quite costly (the charges) involved.

When you select your preferred payment method, next window is for you to type in your account details. If you selected using the credit or debit card, you will add your card details.

This includes the card number, expiry month and year and the three digit security code at the back. Then the names on your card starting with the first name and the last name.

You can save your card for future purchases, to do that, slide on the save this card button and click done. Finally click on confirm & pay button to finalize the payment.

In aliexpress, your payment is held securely by Escrow and is only released to the supplier after you confirm satisfactory receipt of your order.

After making payment, next is to keep track of the order, you can click on the order you made to view if the seller (merchant) have shipped it or not.

Currently the best banks that offers good exchange rate are access bank, gtbank and eco bank. These are the cards i’ve uses so far and their exchange rate are quite okay.

How to open a dispute on aliexpress in Nigeria

In case you paid for a product that exceed the stipulated time of delivery, and having contacted the seller to inquire the reason why the delay without the seller giving you a meaningful reason, you can open a dispute.

To open a dispute on aliexpress, sign in to your account and click on “My Order”. You will see all the orders you’ve made so far on aliexpress.

Tap on the order that you want to open a dispute for, click on details and you will see the “open dispute” button.

I want you to know that refund is impossible when purchase protection runs out. This is why you need to do it if you’ve days left on your buyers protection.

When you tap on the open dispute button, you will be provided with a dispute form which you have to fill.

Select the checkboxes that describe your problem with the product you ordered. There are all possible reasons of AliExpress disputes listed. Choose the one which is most relevant to you.

Since you didn’t receive the order you made, select “Refund Only”. You need to prove that the product wasn’t delivered to year and it has exceed the stipulated time frame.

After filling in the dispute form and sending the application, the next step follows. All you have to do it wait for the seller’s reply.

If the seller didn’t reply to the dispute, that means that he or she really accepted that the order wasn’t delivered to you.

Most sellers will get back to you, promising you to wait for a bit that your order will arrive, you may exercise a little patience.

However, after waiting for a while and the still your order has not been delivered to you, please don’t listen to the seller. Request for a refund of your money and you can buy from another trusted seller.

I’ve seen a case where a buyer waited for three and half months for his order to arrive, but to no avail. He requested for a refund and was refunded, which he in turn made an order from another seller.

After almost four months, the order arrived and the post office called him to come and pick up his package. He was bit confused cause he thought it was the second order he made and which according to his tracking is yet to arrive Nigeria.

When he went to the post office, he saw that it was the first order he made, and which aliexpress refunded his money back after he opened a dispute.

Being a gentleman, he contacted aliexpress and his second order was cancelled and the money given to the seller he opened a dispute against.

This is why i said that it is good to exercise patient when shopping on aliexpress. Some orders will take seven days to arrive, while some will take three months to arrive Nigeria.

This is where i wrap it up on how to buy products from Aliexpress in, don’t be afraid of custom duty. I tell you that it is the post office guys that are eating the money.

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