How to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria

This is a definitive guide on how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria, this is based on my experience so far.

Please endeavor to read this post from the beginning to the end especially if this is your first time and haven’t bought from aliexpress in Nigeria.

Having bought lot’s of products from aliexpress, i decided to write this post in order to remove fear from Nigerians who are so much afraid of buying from the Chinese e-commerce company.

Aliexpress is one of the best online market place in the world today and buying from it is so easy compared to the likes of amazon and eBay.

At this time of writing this post, you can’t buy products or make order from Amazon to Nigeria.

So the only option we have in Nigeria when it comes to online shopping is aliexpress or alibaba if you’re buying on wholesale.

Before going into how to buy from aliexpress, let me first give you a quick guide about the company and the owner.

Aliexpress Overview

Before going into the topic of the post on how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria, first understand what the online shopping is all about and how it works.

Aliexpress is an online market place, where you can buy your electronics, fashion, phone accessories, computer electronics, toys, home&garden, home appliances, tools, home improvement etc.

It has more than five thousand merchants (sellers) selling on the e-commerce website, with over ten thousand products.

The online store is packed with so many products especially fashion wears and home appliances. This particular categories comes in handy to Nigerians,

The online retail service was launched in 2010, with it’s headquarter in China. The company is owned by the Alibaba Group with the owner being Jack Ma who is the founder.

How aliexpress works

Aliexpress to Nigeria

The popular online market place works exactly like the jumia and konga we have in Nigeria. Lot’s of merchants will showcase their products on the website and is left for you to navigate through the products and categories, and select the ones you like.

Buying from aliexpress in Nigeria requires you to make a selection, which is usually based on some factors which includes;

  • The price that each merchants tag to their products
  • The number of years the merchant have be selling on aliexpress
  • The number of products that the merchant has sold so far
  • The merchant ratings
  • If the item you want to buy can be shipped to your location (country)
  • If the product is free shipping or not

Buying products on aliexpress depends on the merchant, and that is why you need to have a thorough check on any merchant that you want to buy product from.

You can start with reading the reviews, especially if people from your country (Nigeria) have bought that product.

Take your time and read the reviews to see if the seller is genuine, offer original products and ships his or her product at a fast rate.

Honestly, nothing pains so much when it comes to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria than slow shipping. Some products or orders can even take more than four months to arrive at your destination.

Know that shipping from aliexpress to Nigeria takes up to three months if the merchant or seller is using a slow shipping method.

However, on a normal circumstance, it do take like three weeks or a month and half to arrive at a buyer’s destination.

The fastest I’ve seen so far is two weeks, and it happened last year. I order a smartphone and was surprised that it only took two weeks to arrive at my destination.

Since the lockdown, I’ve been seeing a lot slow shipping especially in some of the courier like the 4px shipping company.

Let’s head over on how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria especially as we are in the year 2022.

How to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria

You have finally decided that there’s this is the product you want to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria, be it a smartphone or other gadgets, fashion wears like shoes, bags, wrist watches, etc.

The first thing to do is to register an account on aliexpress website.

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do, else you can’t buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria

To do that i will advise you to download the aliexpress mobile app for both android and ios, but you can still use their website.

Download aliexpress App for android and for ios users, download it from here.

If you’re using a browser, go to aliexpress website click on the sign up button to create an account. When creating your account, you need to use your real details.

This include your full name, country, sex and address and email address and phone number.

The reason why you need to create your account using your real details is for easy identification.

It doesn’t take up to five minutes to have your account ready to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria.

After you’re done with the registration, login using your username and password and explore the online store.

Note to view the price on aliexpress products in the Nigeria naira (currency), open the app and tap on where it states Account. You’ll see the American 🇺🇸, tap and change it to Nigeria.

Have done that, the currency will be displayed in the Nigeria naira.

Now let’s move on to how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria

To buy products from aliexpress like a smartphone, you can go to categories and select cellphone >> cellphones. On the website are tons of different brands of phones to pick from.

How to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria 2020

Already you’ve made up your mind on the type of phone that you want to buy. But you might be confused when you see lots of good quality phones at an exciting prices.

How to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

Aliexpress gives you the previlage to select the brand that you want to buy from.

For example, you want to buy a samsung or xiaomi smartphone, on the top left corner of your app, you will see brands.

When you click it, you will see options with all the available brands of smartphones to buy from. This also works with other categories like jewelry and accessories, clothing etc.

You can also use the search button to look for the product you want to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria.

Having found some exciting deals, next is to take a closer look at the reviews.

I repeat take a closer look at the reviews especially if it is your first time of buying from aliexpress.

You will first start with observing the number of people that bought the product, number of people that made a good review and also a bad review of the seller’s product.

If the seller has only 5 order and this is your very first time of buying from aliexpress, i will advise you to skip the seller and move over to another seller with lot’s of orders and reviews.

So you finally found another seller (merchant) with many orders and reviews, click on the number of orders and you will see people’s reviews.

On the reviews, you will see your country’s flag indicating the number of people from your region that bought from the seller, and also dropped their reviews.

If there’s none, you will see 0. But if they there’s one or four or fifty, you will also see it beside the Nigerian flag. Check the reviews from buyers that are from Nigeria and see what they wrote about the seller and the product.

If it is okay by you, you can go ahead and add the product to cart. But before doing that, check if the product is free shipping or a paid shipment.

You might see a product with a price tag of N10,000 and a shipping fee of N25,000. If you care to check the shipping method, you will noticed that the seller is using DHL, FedEx, etc and they are costly.

To check for a product shipment on aliexpress, click on any product of of your choice, tap on add to cart and scroll down a bit. You will see shipping, and below it is the courier the seller is using.

But you can choose to select your own shipment method, but if they do ship to Nigeria.

When you click add to cart and scroll down to the shipping details which includes the amount in dollar and in naira, tap on it and you’ll see lots of options to select from.

Go through it and select your shipment method but what matters is the shipping price to Nigeria and if they at all ship to Nigeria.

I always prefer the Aliexpress Standard, but not all sellers uses them, and they offer free shipping or a very small shipping fee.

On the shipping address, make sure to use the address that can be located or check the nearest post office and use the local government name that the post office is located in.

If you’re residing in a remote area, and there’s no post office in that area, I recommend you to use the address of your state capital post office.

However, if your address can’t be traced by the delivery man, they usually drop it off on the any post office in the state especially the state capital.

This is why i recommend that if you know that your home address isn’t a popular one, use your office address.

If your office address isn’t a popular one, then in the space for local government, try and figure out any post office close to you and use the local government that the post office is located in.

Having checked the sellers reviews, the product reviews, if some Nigerians bought the product and made their own reviews too, next is to make your order.

How to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

However, if you find a product in aliexpress exciting and lovely, and wants to go for it but it has a very few orders and no Nigerian made a review for it, you can still go ahead and make your order.

Having found the product you want to buy, click on add to cart or buy now. You will see more options about that product, it may be different colours, sizes, or extra bundle.

Tap on the option you like and if you want to buy more than one, below quantity click on the plus (+) icon to add more numbers.

A seller may limit you to only 10 orders per once, and at times the high the numbers you bought, the discount you will get. Though there are some sellers that doesn’t offer such to their customers (buyers).

After all is set, what next to do is to click on the continue button. On the next screen is the summary of what you want to buy, don’t be in a haste to go through it.

After reading all that it is in the summary of the order you want to place on aliexpress, click on the place order button.

You will see different options for payment, this include using your credit or debit card, web money, payU, wire transfer, Qiwi, PayPal etc.

Some payment options are not available if you’re buying from aliexpress in Nigeria, the likes of PayPal isn’t always available. Though a times sellers select the payment method they needed from their buyers.

When it comes to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria, for me, i always use my debit card for payment and a times, wire transfer though it is quite costly (the charges) involved.

When you select your preferred payment method, next window is for you to type in your card accountdetails. If you select using the credit or debit card, you will add your card details.

This includes the card number, expiry month and year and the three digit security code at the back of your card. Then the names on your card starting with the first name and the last name.

You can save your card for future purchases, to do that, slide on the save this card button and click done. Finally click on confirm & pay button to finalize the payment.

In aliexpress, your payment is held securely by Escrow and is only released to the supplier after you confirm satisfactory receipt of your order.

After making payment, next is to keep track of the order, you can click on the order you made to view if the seller (merchant) have shipped it or not.

Currently the best banks that offers good exchange rate are access bank, gtbank and eco bank. These are the cards i’ve uses so far and their exchange rate are quite okay.

AliExpress payment issue in Nigeria

Payment matters most if you’re to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria 2020, because of the limit imposed on the naira debit card by the Central bank of Nigeria.

Right now in 2021, you can’t exceed the limit of $200 which is equivalent to N80k at most.

It is really painful especially if you have lots of orders to purchase on aliexpress. Most banks in Nigeria are $200, some as low as $150 per month.

The $200 limit is just for a month and $2400 limit in a year. That’s the rule cbn issued to all banks in Nigeria on their naira debit card.

There are three solutions for you;

The first is to fund your aliexpress wallet or pocket to amount which you want to pay for the product. The issue is right now, it is not functioning and under construction.

You can fund your aliexpress pocket up to $1k using your naira debit card though for some time I haven’t tried it.

The second option is by getting a dollar debit card. 

If you’re a trader that wants to start e-commerce business like the mini importation business, you need to have a dollar debit card or Visa credit card.

They are the best when it comes to how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

You can spend more than $10,000 though it all depends on the bank. For example, I have both the first bank and gtbank dollar debit card and Visa credit card.

First bank dollar debit card gives me the option to spend up $500 in a month, while the visa card is unlimited.

Gtbank dollar debit card limit is $5000 in a month, while visa debit card is unlimited.

As a customer, you can spend any amount of money in a month or in a year using the Gtbank visa debit card.

There’s no limit on the visa debit card.

This is why I recommend you to try and get it cause it is important and essential if you’re looking for how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

It saves you from the central bank $200 international spending limit brouhaha.

Then the question is, how do I get the dollar debit card? 

To answer this question, you need to open a domiciliary account on any bank you prefer most. I recommend gtbank, first bank and uba.

Head to the bank and request that you want to open a domiciliary account, they will give you their requirements and fees.

If you’re okay with it, go ahead and open the account. After that, request for a dollar debit card and it only cost one thousand naira.

The third solution is to use different naira debit cards.

If you’re buying different products whose prices are lower than $200, you can use different naira debit cards to make your purchases.

For example, you’re want to buy a five different shoes with a price tag of $34 each, six different tops with a price tag of $25 each.

What you’ll do is to add all the naira debit cards you have to your aliexpress account, select the first set of products to pay.

Immediately it exceed the spending limit, use the other debit cards and continue with the payment.

So if you don’t fancy getting a dollar debit card, use this method. You can even transfer money to your friends account and use their debit cards, afterwards you remove it from your aliexpress account.

How to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

How to open a dispute on aliexpress in Nigeria

In case you paid for a product that exceed the stipulated time of delivery, and having contacted the seller to inquire the reason why the delay without the seller giving you a meaningful reason, you can open a dispute.

To open a dispute on aliexpress, sign in to your account and click on “My Order”. You will see all the orders you’ve made so far on aliexpress.

Tap on the order that you want to open a dispute for, click on details and you will see the “open dispute” button.

I want you to know that refund is impossible when purchase protection runs out. This is why you need to do it if you’ve days left on your buyers protection.

When you tap on the open dispute button, you will be provided with a dispute form which you have to fill.

Select the checkboxes that describe your problem with the product you ordered. There are all possible reasons of AliExpress disputes listed. Choose the one which is most relevant to you.

Since you didn’t receive the order you made, select “Refund Only”. You need to prove that the product wasn’t delivered to year and it has exceed the stipulated time frame.

After filling in the dispute form and sending the application, the next step follows. All you have to do it wait for the seller’s reply.

If the seller didn’t reply to the dispute, that means that he or she really accepted that the order wasn’t delivered to you.

Most sellers will get back to you, promising you to wait for a bit that your order will arrive, you may exercise a little patience.

However, after waiting for a while and the still your order has not been delivered to you, please don’t listen to the seller. Request for a refund of your money and you can buy from another trusted seller.

I’ve seen a case where a buyer waited for three and half months for his order to arrive, but to no avail. He requested for a refund and was refunded, which he in turn made an order from another seller.

After almost four months, the order arrived and the post office called him to come and pick up his package. He was bit confused cause he thought it was the second order he made and which according to his tracking is yet to arrive Nigeria.

When he went to the post office, he saw that it was the first order he made, and which aliexpress refunded his money back after he opened a dispute.

Being a gentleman, he contacted aliexpress and his second order was cancelled and the money given to the seller he opened a dispute against.

This is why i said that it is good to exercise patient when shopping on aliexpress. Some orders will take seven days to arrive, while some will take three months to arrive Nigeria.

Things to note before you make an order from aliexpress in Nigeria

Below are the things to note if this is your very first time on aliexpress or to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

1. If you have lots of products on the cart, calculate the total amount and multiple it with your bank exchange rate.

Don’t use the rate you see in aliexpress website cause it is always low compared to the bank rate. It doesn’t tally with all banks dollar to naira exchange rate at all.

2. If the product you’re buying is more than $100, I recommend you to tell the seller or merchant to write the price as $17 on the package.

The higher the price, the higher the custom charges. The heavier the weight is, the higher the custom charges as well.

3. If you’re buying a phone or probably a smartphone, tell the seller to write a casing or phone protector on the package.

I don’t really trust the Nipost and this is the method I used in purchasing smartphones so far.

4. Please use the phone number that is always available, cause that’s the number Nipost will use to contact you when your order arrives.

5. Always track your order or at least three times in a week. If you don’t want to use the app, go your browser and search for aliexpress tracking.

You’ll see list of websites offering such services at no charges.

5. Dont panic if Nipost collects N500 from you, that’s the usual amount they do collect from aliexpress shoppers. If the product is very lightweight, they won’t collect any money from you.

NEW UPDATE: Aliexpress standard shipping orders will be delivered by speedaf and no longer post off and whicg there won’t be any charges. Again, speedaf tends to offer home delivery though it depends on the delivery personnel cause some are way too lazy and will have you go their office for collection. 

All these are very important when it comes to how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

Some annoying things in buying from aliexpress in Nigeria

Below are the things you may encounter when buying from aliexpress or probably to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

1. Cannot be shipped to your country 

Seeing a beautiful product, adding it to cart and on check out you’ll see sorry this product can’t be shipped to your country. 

I’ve seen this a lot couple of times and it was really painful for me. I still don’t understand why some merchants don’t ship from aliexpress to Nigeria.

2. High shipping fee 

Another annoying thing to see when it comes to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria.

You see a quality product of N2000 and quickly added it to the cart without checking the shipping fee, on check out you’ll see the shipping fee is N30,000.

That’s madness I must say and very annoying.

If you care to check on the shipping methods, you won’t see aliexpress standing shipping or other cheap shipping companies.

This shipping fee is applicable to the likes of DHL, FedEx and other high quality couriers.

The advantage the have is that they will bring the product or order straight to your house.

There are some buyers who makes use them and wouldn’t mind the shipping fee, after all, they are way faster and better compared to others.

You want to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria 2020, you can make use of the high cost couriers for your shipment.

How can I buy from AliExpress in Nigeria?

Downloading the mobile app or using the website. Register your account, change the country to Nigeria, search and pick the product you want to buy and check out.

Kindly read all through as I have already explained and answered the question on how can I buy from AliExpress in Nigeria?

How do I pay AliExpress from Nigeria?

Using the naira debit card or dollar debit card or probably a Visa credit card if you have one.

AliExpress accepts all naira debit cards whether it is a mastercard, visa card or Verve card. I’ve used all these debit cards for my aliexpress payment in Nigeria and it all worked.

Better still, get a dollar debit or credit card to avoid the annoying central bank $200 international spending limit.

I hope I’ve answered this question on How do I pay AliExpress from Nigeria?

Does AliExpress work Nigeria?

Absolutely yes. The answer is yes and yes, aliexpress work in Nigeria without hitches unless this period of coronavirus and the lockdown which made shipping to be slow.

Note There’s no aliexpress physical shop or customer service in Nigeria. No office in Lagos, Abuja, port Harcourt etc.

If you make an order, the product will be delivered to you through the Nigeria post office (Nipost). They will call you to come to their office and collect your product or order.

Mostly they charge N500 for each product delivered to them.

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Buying from aliexpress in Nigeria is lot easier and way better compared to the two major online stores we have in this country. The prices are lot cheaper in many products and equally the products are fantastic.

I’ve been buying from aliexpress for some time, and I’m yet to experience issues. Even if an issue arises, you simply have to contact aliexpress customer service and they will refund your money within 2 to 20 days.

This is where i round it up on how to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria 2021, I’m open to your questions and suggestions.

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I'm Amaechi Uchenna by name, a mobile tech enthusiast who love writing articles about tips and tutorials especially relating to gadgets.

109 thoughts on “How to buy products from Aliexpress in Nigeria”

  1. What if am buying a total of 10 different items from different categories, does that mean i get 10 different deliveries or it can be combined?

  2. You’re getting 10 different deliveries which will attract N500 per each delivery from the Nipost unless the product is extremely lightweight.

    Each product will have its tracking number, so they can’t be combined together.

    However, if it is from the same merchant, you can tell him or her to package the products together.

  3. I saw a product I like and want to buy but it shipping is standard by Ali express to America, then my question is does it mean the product can’t be shoped to Nigeria?

  4. You mean the product is being shipped from America?

    If a product can’t be shipped to Nigeria, aliexpress will notify you immediately you tap add to cart.

    Again, products coming from America or other than China or Singapore usually take long to arrive.

  5. “If the product you’re buying is more than $100, I recommend you to tell the seller or merchant to write the price as $17 on the package.

    The higher the price, the higher the custom charges. The heavier the weight is, the higher the custom charges as well.”

    I thought the custom duties are already added to the payment you made on AliExpress. Do you have to pay customs separately before you pay NIPOST?

  6. When your order arrives at your destination, you’ll see a price tag written on the product. If the product is lightweight, no charges at all.

    However, they charge N500 per order arrived from aliexpress, and if the order is heavy, be ready to pay a higher amount.

    The maximum I’ve paid on custom duties is N10k, and that’s when I bought a food processor from aliexpress.

  7. How long does it take for AliExpress standard shipping take to reach Nigeria during this time
    Cause I made an order since November and since nothing has been said

  8. First, I want you to know that it all depends on the merchant. Aliexpress standard shipping can take up to two weeks, two months or more than two months.

    Again, because of the 11.11 and black Friday deals, shipment can be delayed because of too many orders made during this period.

    Expect your order to arrive from January, and shouldn’t go more than February else you can choose to open a dispute.

    Lastly, keep track of your order to know its destination and when it arrives Nigeria.

  9. Thank you for this comprehensive and holistic information.

    I have successfully bought some items on Aliexpress before now.

    However, I intend to order for a smart phone from Aliexpress worth over $170. My worry is the custom duty charged on smartphones lately. I have heard from different complainants online paying custom duty charges high as #20,000 – #25,000 before they could secure/retrieve their shipped phones.

    I don’t wanna find myself in such situation because I can’t afford such extra charges.
    Please how can I avoid/beat this outrageous custom charges?

  10. I already mentioned it on this post. You’ve to chat with the merchant to write a screen cover or LCD screen, and also the price shouldn’t be more than $17. With this you’ll escape the high custom duty charge.

    I’ve bought a used iPhone worth $670 from aliexpress though it was last year November. I asked the merchant to write an LCD display on the package and also the price should be written as $17 instead of $670.

    When the phone arrived, I was only charged N500 for the order. Mind you I’ve done this for up to three times and all smartphones.

    So immediately you paid for the product, send the merchant a message before he or she ships the order.

  11. Hello,
    Thank you very much for the beautiful write up.
    I am currently facing an issue.
    I want to buy a phone which is around 700 dollars but the monthly dollar limit won’t allow it and I don’t have a domiciliary account.
    How best do you think I should proceed?

  12. I’ve already explained the solution to this issue of debit card limit by the central bank.

    You don’t have any option than to open a domiciliary account and get a dollar debit card. If to say the $700 is split into different products, you can use different cards.

  13. Please my orders has arrived destination country but I haven’t received any phone calls or mails to know where I can pick them up and the estimated delivery date has passed

  14. Please I need some help here I ordered 10 different items and the almost 7 has arrived destination country but I didn’t receive any mail or calls from anyone and the estimated delivery date is up where and how do I pick my orders

  15. First, you have to exercise some patience.

    Secondly, As your orders has reached the destination country and which is Nigeria, definitely you’ll receive your orders.

    You’ll receive a call from the post office usually the Nipost to collect your order(s) if it gets to them.

    If the period to which it arrived Nigeria exceed more than three weeks, I advise you to go to the Nipost using the tracking number(s) and inquire if your orders are with them. Sometimes they can be so nonchalant though it all depends on the particular Nipost and their workers.

  16. Please kindly state your problem here and I will help you out. At least others will benefit as well.

    As your orders has reached the destination country, aliexpress might send you a notification that they have arrived the final destination which is your location.

    Make sure that your phone is always on, and pick every calls. If you see a missed call, call back immediately cause it might be the Nipost calling you.

    Like I said, they can be so nonchalant. If they call once, they won’t call back if the receiver didn’t pick the call.

  17. please for those that use post office,have collected you collected your order item exactly the way you ordered,because am scared of all this working in the post office,they might change the product or its not complete,in that what should i do,Thanks

  18. You need not to worry, I’ve received tons of aliexpress orders from aliexpress and they are intact. No tampering whatsoever.

    You’ll definitely receive your order the way it is. So don’t be afraid, go ahead and place your order.

  19. As long as it is a naira debit card, there’s a limit. Right now in 2021, some bank have reduced it to $100 per month. You need to get a dollar debit card for unlimited international payment

  20. Thank you very much sir. My question is
    From China, is the goods going directly to NIPOST? If yes , where will I encounter Custom fees?

  21. As long as you didn’t select DHL, FedEx, or those high cost courier services, your order is going to the Nipost.

    When the Nipost calls you, you’ll see a custom fee written on your package. For example pay N200 or N500 and which you must pay before you collect your order. However, the Nipost do let you know the amount you’ll pay before going to their office.

  22. Wow

    Awesome…. Would be planning on purchasing goods from aliexpress soon coz I’ve seen that products there are more cheaper than those at retail sites in Nigeria.
    This helps to cover some expenses.

    Although, If I do bump into a challenge I’m sure to get back to you.

  23. The truth is, most Nigerian retailers buy their products from China. So instead of going to jumia or even konga, I will buy from aliexpress cause there’s a big difference in their prices. Aliexpress is a lot cheaper compared to jumia or konga.

  24. If I want DHL or any faster courier service to bring my goods to my doorstep, this means I have to use my home address but if I want it delivered to NIPOST since it’s cheaper but slower, I will have to use the nearest post office to me as my address? Please I need clarity on this. Thanks

  25. If you use aliexpress standard shipping or any of the cheap shipping methods, you’ll have to go to the post office even if you entered or used your home address.

    They will drop off the order to the nearest post off (Nipost) close to your home address. However, the likes of DHL will deliver to your house or you go their office to pickup the order.

  26. Good day please my question is if a product is a lightweight product and am buying 2 to 3 of the same product, does the shipping fee increase?

  27. Each product has its shipping fee and it will be displayed to you, if you add extra numbers to the product, the shipping fee increases.

    For example, you want to order for an earrings with a shipping fee of $1. Then you want to buy three of the same earrings, the shipping fee will be $3. This is to tell you that the shipping fee increases as you increase the number.

  28. Hello boss, well done for the information, it has been helpful.
    I just made an order of about $311 and it wasn’t going though, until I learnt that there’s a monthly limit of 100 usd . I have a dom account but having to buy dollars and put in my account using the black market exchange rate would make it more expensive. What can I do? Also I plan on letting the seller write a different product using the $17 you mentioned to beat down custom price. Thank you. I look forward to your response.

  29. Hello bro, it is still the same. For example if you want to make an order using the naira mastercard, the charges will be N470 to $1 though it depends on the bank.

    Honestly there’s no other way forward than to fund your domiciliary account. You can ask your bank their rates, that is to transfer money from your naira savings account to your domiciliary account.

    Some of these non bank online financial institutions do offer such services but I prefer to use the black market for such services.

    Lastly remember to notify the seller not to write the exact name of the product especially if it is a gadget like smartphones, smartwach, camera, etc. For example, you want to buy a phone, ask the seller to write LCD screen as the product name and $17 as the price. This is for safety measures and to reduce the custom charges.

  30. I can’t make payment for the phone I want to purchase, it is about 290 usd.. Is there any other way to get make the payment in a more affordable price. Please help

  31. Wow. I just realized you had responded to me. Thank you. I didn’t realize that paying through my debit Naria card would have been at that rate of 470/480 per dollar. I thought it was 381 per dollar. It is also shown in the price list below when you tap on it. So I’m really suprise. So I will just have to fund my domiciliary account and request for a dollar card if I’m to go on with it i guess. Thank you for the information

  32. I don’t understand what you mean by making the payment affordable, you mean the exchange rate?

    The prices are fixed, what matters is the exchange rate of your bank. You have to ignore the exchange rate on aliexpress website or app.

  33. Please I ordered a mini drone that costs $38 and weights 589grams using Aliexpress standard shipping, I’m based in Agbor, Delta State, so I used my address here. I believe it will be delivered to the post office at Agbor here, I want to know how long it will take for it to get to the post office here after the tracking confirms it has reached the destination country and also if I will pay more than N500 to claim the package as I didn’t ask the seller to change the price or product info.

  34. First, the product price is $38 which is not high. Second, the weight is 589grams which is the same with samsung galaxy tab

    You shouldn’t worry cause I believe you will be charged N500 by the custom.

    When you see this “reached the destination country”, it simply means it has reached lagos and the Nigerian custom. It can take up to three weeks to reach agbor though usually, it takes another two weeks to reach the final destination.

    So expect to receive your order within two weeks or maybe three weeks. If you’re lucky enough, it can reach agbor within seven days, that’s the fastest I’ve seen.

    It works like this, from custom to Nipost in LAGOS, then down to Nipost in delta state. So everything depends on how fast the custom is, the lagos Nipost moving your order down south south, and finally Nipost in your state contacting you immediately. On average it is two weeks but please you have to exercise patience.

  35. Thanks for making yourself available with useful information. Presently am in dare need to make order on the platform having been their regular customer for long before the covid 19, because some of my items I ordered for even long before covid 19 saga were not delivered, though refund were made for some while some couldn’t be made even after initiating a dispute. Now my greatest fear is the state of their services as of present, in terms of their delivery timeline and ability to deliver to someone in Nigeria faithfully

  36. Sorry for the late reply.

    Delivery is still difficult at the moment, the last order I made was last year November and it took four months (March) to receive all the orders.

    However, I think that our custom and Nipost do slow down the delivery.

    I was refunded for two items that I didn’t receive but I was surprised when Nipost called me to collect the two items. I later paid the sellers back their money.

  37. Please do you know any trusted aliexpress agent who can help with procurement because right now I am having issue paying for a product over 100$ and the seller is not trying to divide the cost into two for me to successfully make payment and he is not willing to reduce the amount tag on the product.

  38. I don’t really know any for now, unless you can contact those guys on nairaland offering such services. In your case, you need to try and get a dollar debit card which will solve the problem of $100 spending limit.

    Lastly, if a seller refuses to write your preferred price on the package, I recommend you to look for another seller cause this happened to me.

    The product was $580 (mobile phone) and I asked the seller to write $60 as the price, and LCD screen as the product name but he didn’t do so, and I was charged N15k by the custom.

  39. Foreign card to shop in Nigeria?

    You mean shopping on aliexpress? Yes that’s very much possible but I will advise you to change the currency from naira to US dollars, or probably the country’s currency.

    I’ve used my sis Canadian credit card to make payment on aliexpress when my card was restricted because of the naira spending limit. She gave me her card details and I added it to my aliexpress account, and used it in making the payment.

  40. Since I have used a Canadian credit card to make payment on aliexpress while in Nigeria, I don’t see the reason why Indian card wouldn’t do such.

  41. I ordered a phone and a phone case from AliExpress on the 10th of April…it cost 513dollars…and 3dollars respectively….I used AliExpress standard shipping for both…the phone shipped three days after the case….it says that the case has arrived at my destination country… will the phone shortly follow….

  42. Yes of course, and mind you, arriving at destination country doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive the order soon.

    It can take up to two extra weeks to arrive your local post office especially if you’re not in lagos.

  43. What about when it says arrived at destination post…. and when I read comments and reviews before purchasing a phone on AliExpress…. people there said that the seller helped them declare the package which cost 513usd and above for 45dollars….do some sellers do it without having to be asked

  44. When it says arrived at destination post office, that’s means the order has arrived at your local post office or the post office in lagos. From there they will move it down to your local post office if you don’t reside in lagos.

    You are to ask the seller to write you desired amount or price on the package, if you didn’t do so the seller will write the original price on the package. That’s why aliexpress do state “do you want to message the seller” after purchasing a product.

    Once the seller has shipped the order, no more. You can only pray that the custom won’t charge you high.

  45. Ok thank you…I live in Enugu…and they usually drop off packages at a post office near my address…. How will I go about paying the extra fee to customs when the package arrives

  46. They tried to deliver to you but you weren’t around. I think the post office called you and you didn’t pick your call or your line wasn’t going through, go to the post office today with your tracking number and ID card.

  47. Since you’ve ordered a lot of phones from AliExpress…what stores do you recommend

  48. Lots of mobile phones?
    Did I said that?
    Please it’s only five mobile phones so far, and I bought it from different stores.

  49. Worried!!! It can take up to three months. Always check your buyer’s protection validity and let it not run out.

  50. It has reached naija and now with the custom, but very soon you will receive your aliexpress package unless there will be a delay from the custom and also from the lagos post office.

  51. Hello bro please this is my first time of using Ali Express shopping, I want to purchase a derma pen and my total fee is $25.75 dollars, and the Money in naira is #10,613.38 and I’m using a UBA MasterCard I hope it will work success, or should I have more than 11k in my account before it will go

  52. Bro, please kindly ignore the rate on aliexpress and get your bank rate. The last time I checked, uba was N450 per $1 which is N11, 587.5 and that was last month. I recommend you having up to 12.5k, and if the payment didn’t go through, try to add extra 2k making it N14.5k.

  53. Hello, please how long does an item stay in transit?
    My tracker says it’s in departed country of origin.
    What does that mean?

  54. How many percent of the time does an item go above the estimated time delivery?

    and again please,
    It says it takes 74 days to receive an item at most if not I can file for a dispute but it keeps saying parcel delay estimated time is updated and keeps adding a longer delivery estimated time

    For example it says I am to recieve my package July 5th and then estimated delivery time changes to august 26th and then again to September 14th.
    This makes it pass the 74days they initially mentioned.

    Can I file for a dispute please?

  55. CN……………NG customs…………….Garki
    I have come to notice that the blue tracking thing doesn’t even reach the NG customs half of the time when packages get delivered at the Nipost.

    I have friends who ordered from aliexpress and claimed it didn’t even go half of the CN-NG customs and the Nipost called them.

    Is that normal?

  56. Duration for Item stay in transit depends on the shipping method used, but usually it takes a maximum of two weeks.

    Departed country of origin simply means the country where the product is manufactured, produced or sold and which is likely China.

  57. Please check your buyer’s protection cause it is what you should look for in opening a dispute . However, if you didn’t receive your item after three starting from when the item was shipped, you should open a dispute.

    Though sometimes you will a file dispute, get your money refunded and will still receive the item.

  58. Yes, it does happen. It is caused by the tracking not being updated. This is why I said you should always check your buyer’s protection and if it reaches 2 days to expire, you should open a dispute though first contact the seller prior to that.

  59. Hello sir. I want to shop on Aliexpress but my issue is i’m in Port Harcourt and P. H nipost doesn’t function. What should I do.

  60. Is there no any other post office in PH? I know some number of persons that received their aliexpress items in ph, so you don’t need to be afraid. Please go ahead and buy your product cause definitely it will be sent to you.

  61. Thanks so much for this info. Does it means if DHL or FedEx ship my product, I will not be charged for custom duty?

  62. thank you bro for this info….
    If my selected shipping is either DHL or FedEx, does it means I don’t pay custom duty,
    And how do i check user review?

  63. Says who, you will be charged oo and sometimes it is usually high though it depends on the price of the item. Someone bought samsung s20 ultra from aliexpress and used dhl for adequate security and fast delivery, lo and behold he was charged N17k for the item.

  64. Kindly open the product you like, look below the product picture and you will see rating and orders. Tap on the orders and it will take you to people’s reviews.

    Also when you scroll a bit down the page you will see where it states customers reviews, tap the view all to see all customers reviews.

  65. Please do you have office in katsina state or kano state so that to collect my order

  66. You’re getting it all wrong, this is not aliexpress website or the Nipost website. Read the post and you will see all you need to know.

  67. So you must pay customs duty so long as its above $17? Can you escape this CHARGES if you don’t choose FedEx or DHL LIKES??

  68. In funDing the domiciliary account, are We allowed to transfer the cash equivalent of what We are buying from our Naira account??? Or do We need to do the black market thingy??

  69. You can’t escape custom charges if the item has weight. The likes of earrings, lightweight smartwaches, and other lightweight items do not attract any custom fee.

  70. No, banks doesn’t allow it. You must fund the domiciliary account with dollar and you can get it from the black market.

    If you’re very much close to any banker in a bank, you can liaise with him or her to help you out especially connecting with you any of the black market(s). I’m saying this if you’re a newbie and don’t know about the black market stuff cause thieves plenty there well well.

  71. Hi, thanks for this information.
    What if im buying a product in bulk.

    And can i send someone to pick my product from and diliver somehere else

  72. If you’re buying in bulk, I will recommend alibaba that is if you’re a seller.

    You can as well buy in bulk from aliexpress though alibaba which is same with aliexpress will be a lot affordable compared to buying in bulk from aliexpress, and whereas not all aliexpress sellers sell in bulk.

    For the shipping, you will have to use the address which you want the items to be delivered to.

    For example, you live in lagos but want the items to be delivered to Abuja, what you will do is to use the Abuja address as the shipping address for the items.

  73. Hello thanks for the insightful info. How come the charging rate on AE website is different from my master card first bank rate. I ordered 25 Dollars watch, I was charged 11500 from my first bank account. And AE dollar rate is 411#.they charged me 1200# extra. Please explain

  74. I don’t really know where aliexpress got their exchange rate from, and whereas bank exchange rate differs from bank to bank.

    The last time I checked first bank exchange rate was N440 per $1, and same with zenith bank.

  75. Hello, am about ordering a smartphone from Aliexpress worth $170+ hope the custom charges won’t be higher than the N500 you said or I should tell the seller to write LCD screen $17 as you said ?

  76. Can I get that dollar atm card in Firstbank? And how can I fund it so that $700 we be inside to use for AliExpress? Or can I link my MasterCard fund to it ?

  77. The current rate to fund your dollar card?

    I don’t really know the current rate cause it changes everyday and every hour.

  78. No, you won’t have any issues at all. But please make sure the shipping address you wrote is very correct cause it is important.
    Sorry for the late reply, I was away.

  79. Good day, you are doing a great job. I ordered about 3 different things on Aliexpress. I made a mistake of entering Nigeria postal code ( 234011), instead of Abuja(Gwagwalada) postal code (902101), thouelgh I entered the correct phone number and address. I worried if my orders will still be delivered?
    Secondly, the 3 orders has arrived in Nigeria. But I saw in one of them that it has ‘arrived in inward office of exchange Lagos Airport’, while I am in Abuja, later it changed to “Arrive at destination country’. My second question is that, hope I will still receive these orders here in Abuja or I will have to receive it or them in Lagos State?

  80. What matters most in shipping is the shipping address you entered, so you will receive the items in Abuja.

    Again I want you to know that all aliexpress items will first arrive in lagos which is the headquarter of Nigeria inward office of exchange (Custom) before it will be dispatched to the final destination and which is buyer or recipient location.

    So from lagos it will be moved to Abuja and to which you will then receive your item.

  81. Thanks for this write up, it’s helped me a lot. I want to order from aliexpress and This is 2022, pls how much is the current exchange rate in acess bank

  82. I don’t really know as i don’t bank with access bank. I recommend you to call the bank customer service representative and inquire.

  83. Based on my experience with gtbank, you have to transfer fund from your domiciliary account to the dollar debit card.

    You can do this using the bank mobile app or the internet banking. Make sure to connect your domiciliary account number , the dollar debit card account number with your naira account. If you haven’t done so ask the bank and they will do it for you within three minutes.

  84. Thanks for this post you made about aliexpress. Please I have a question.

    I want to get some ophthalmic instruments from aliexpress. Cos they are cheaper to get china. My issue is many of these instruments cost alot. Some are running into over a million naira to get them. What is your thought on this please, and considering these equipments are heavyweighted, what can I do about the custom charges?

    Also I wanted to know at what point do you pay for custom charges? Is it when you are called by the post office or is the custom charge fee included in the shipping fee paid through all express?

    I will really appreciate it if you help me out with these questions.
    Thanks once again

  85. Right now, if you’re making an order from aliexpress, I recommend you to use aliexpress standard shipping for your shipment or shipping method.

    The reason for this is because speedaf will be the one to deliver your items and which you won’t be charged any fee.

    Since speedaf started to deliver items here in Nigeria since the turn of last year, I realized that the so called custom fee are charged by the post office and not the custom.

    So I recommend you to kindly use aliexpress standard shipping to avoid the so called custom fee or charges.

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