Best fix for aliexpress payment failed 2021

I’ve got all the best fixes for Aliexpress payment failed when buying products from the popular Chinese online store or shopping mall.

Aliexpress offers one of the best and cheapest products when it comes to online shopping, with this enticing buyers to buy from the online store, however, where the problem lies is the payment issue or Aliexpress payment failed.

There’s a many reasons which makes you to get this payment issue during check out, and that can be really annoying.

To solve the Aliexpress payment failed, first you need to understand what causes the problem, and afterwards resolve the problem.

This is what this post is all about, helping you out in solving the common Aliexpress payment failed issue while ordering from the platform.

Solutions to aliexpress payment failed

Aliexpress payment failed

Before aliexpress displays the payment failed or any other issue during payment, it will display the code. This code is what you’ll use to identify the cause of the Aliexpress payment failed.

So let’s start with the common payment failed issue on the popular Chinese online store aliexpress.

1. Aliexpress payment failed Code CSC_7200011

Major cause of this aliexpress payment error of CSC_7200011 is insufficient funds in your debit card or or probably bank account for the payment.

You may have funds or money in your bank account and still sees this Aliexpress payment failed of CSC_7200011, this can be a lot confusing.

However, the problem is still because you have an insufficient funds to order for the product.

For example, you saw a Smartphone of $1k and added it to the cart. As aliexpress uses the US dollar as their currency, they might use a wrong exchange especially if you’re not using the US dollar debit card for the payment.

The total money in your bank account or debit card may be short of just one cent cause of the wrong exchange rate.

As the money is short by just one cent. It won’t go through, you’ll see Aliexpress payment failed code CSC_7200011.


Fund your account with enough money and I recommend to exceed the statement money incase there will be a bank charges.

Aliexpress will only take the stated amount and the remaining amount will in your account balance. So please while making order from aliexpress, fund your account very well to avoid such aliexpress payment error code of CSC_7200011.

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2. Aliexpress payment error CSC_7200015

One of the most annoying aliexpress payment failed error code.

The reason for this error is caused by your bank or financial institution. Your bank rejected or stopped your bank account from making such payment.

This can happen if a bank detects foul play or become suspicious of their customer’s account, they may block the customer from making payments using the bank account.

Again if a bank account is frozen, a bank customer can’t use the account or debit card linked to it to make including the Aliexpress online store.


Kindly contact your bank, notify them that you can’t use your debit card or bank account to make payments online.

They will state the reason such problem is happening to your account, and also the solution to the problem.

So for this Aliexpress payment failed error code of CSC_7200015, you need to contact your bank to resolve the problem.

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3. Aliexpress error code CSC_7200034

This very Aliexpress payment failed error number is majorly caused an incomplete information of the order.

What information are we talking about on this payment issue?

That’s the name, address and the phone number you entered when creating an account with aliexpress.

There are things to note when it comes to aliexpress online shopping, and this includes other online shopping stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.

The name, address, phone number and the payment method. These four are very essential and shouldn’t be taken for granted while using any of these online shopping stores.

Through your name, address and phone number that you can be reached when the order is ready to be delivered.

If you make a mistake when filling out your information, the order or product won’t be delivered to you.

In the case aliexpress, if you didn’t complete the information needed from you, you’ll see aliexpress payment failed error number of CSC_7200034 during payment.

Aliexpress csc error code


On entering your information, please carefully fill all that is required from you and go through them one after the other to make sure that all you have written is very correct.

4. Aliexpress payment error CSC_7200022, CSC_7200051, and CSC_7200001

Major cause of this Aliexpress payment failed error number is debit or credit card not supported or maybe an Incorrect information on the card.

This aliexpress payment error numbers of CSC_7200051, CSC_7200022, and CSC_7200001 is about card issue.

Mostly it is caused by cars not supported as I have once experienced this aliexpress payment error before. It was really painful cause then I only had one debit card with me.


In this case, the only solution you have for this Aliexpress payment failed error number is to use another debit or credit card.

I have once used a Visa debit card to make payment on aliexpress and it failed and this error number of CSC_7200022. What I did is to use my friend’s mastercard and it went through.

However, I recently noticed that one can easily use the visa debit card to make payments on aliexpress without any payment issue.

Also check that the card information you entered on aliexpress matches with what is written on your debit or credit card.

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5. Aliexpress payment failed error number CSC_7200026 

The reason you’re seeing the Aliexpress payment error number CSC_7200026 is because of a security reason, card verification(appeal) is required.

If aliexpress found your account suspicious, this comes up anytime you want to make an order, making you to first verify your card before going ahead with the payment.


You need to go to alipay and report about the issue you’re having while trying to payment on the platform.

On the alipay,  tap on “Claim on Alipay” button or click to submit document directly. Note that this usually takes 1-3 working days to get a result. But during Shopping Festival, aliexpress will make it as soon as possible.

6. Aliexpress error number CSC_7200012 

This is caused by entering the wrong expiry date of your debit or credit card or probably the card you’re using for the payment has expired.

I noticed that this is usually caused by entering the wrong expiry date of a debit card or credit card.

I remember when I was adding a new card to my aliexpress account, and I mistakenly entered the wrong year. During payment, I saw this very Aliexpress payment failed error number CSC_7200012 displayed on my screen.


First, make sure that the debit card or credit card you’re using for the payment is still valid and haven’t expired.

Second is don’t be in a haste to enter your card details or information, any mistakes on the date makes you to see this Aliexpress payment failed error number CSC_7200012.

7. Payment error number CSC_7200020

This again involves the payment method you’re using, and mostly the card information.

I tell you that this doesn’t necessarily have to involve the care you’re using cause I’ve seen this happen with PayPal.

I can’t just say the problem is caused by the wrong card information, but your bank and their debit or credit card.

Sometimes if a bank is having a technical network issue, this Aliexpress payment failed error number CSC_7200020 shows up during payment.


Change the card you’re using for the payment or wait for two to three hours and try again using the same card.

If the error persist, contact your bank and know if they are having a technical issue at that very moment. Also let them know the problem you’re having with your card in making an international payment.

8. Aliexpress error number CSC_7200040 

This is caused by your bank restricting your card from making international payments.

There are some banks that limit their card usage to just withdrawal and money transfer within the country, making payment outside the country won’t go through.


First contact your bank and ask why you can’t use your card for international payments, through the answer you will know the next to take.

However, it will involve you use another card that supports international payment to purchase your products from Aliexpress.

9. Payment error CSC_7200006 

In this type of Aliexpress payment failed error, you’ll see that it states currency selected for this payment is not supported.

This means that aliexpress doesn’t support the currency which you’re using for the payment.


This isn’t a difficult one at all, all you need to do is to select the US dollar for your payment on aliexpress. US dollar is the best payment you can use especially if you’re living in a third world country.

To do so, open the aliexpress app or go to the website, login to your account and look at where it states account.

Aliexpress payment failed

Tap on it and beside the setting icon, tap on the country flag you see there to make the changes.

On opening it, you’ll ship to. Tap to open and select USA.

With this USA dollar will be the currency for the payment until you change it to another country you prefer most.

10. Aliexpress payment failed error number CSC_7200009

Very common Aliexpress payment error number is CSC_7200009 and it is because you have exceeded your monthly or yearly spending limit.

Banks have limits on their debit card or credit card, though some offers unlimited depending on the type of account you have with the bank.


If there’s a limit imposed by your bank or the central bank on debit cards, you can’t exceed that limit.

In this case there’s nothing you can do about it other than using another card or probably requesting for a credit card.

Mostly, credit cards offers an unlimited spending limit compared to  debit cards. You can inquire from your bank if there’s a possibility of getting a debit or credit card with high amount on spending limit.

11. Aliexpress error number CSC_7200021 

This aliexpress payment error number CSC_7200021 isn’t a problem at all. It happens when you type or enter the wrong security code (cvv) of your debit or credit card.

CVV which stands for Card Verification Value is a number which is very vital for completing online transactions.

The CVV number is generated by debit card issuers like banks or other financial institutions.


Simply edit the payment method you’re using, and enter the correct cvv of your credit or debit card.

That’s the solution for the Aliexpress payment failed error number CSC_7200021.

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Buying from aliexpress is one of the best and cheapest form of online shopping, but at times it is marred with some payment error.

As I have listed all the Aliexpress payment failed error number, you won’t be confused on how to fix any issue you encounter while shopping from aliexpress.

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19 thoughts on “Best fix for aliexpress payment failed 2021”

  1. I keep getting error CSC_7200015 and called my bank who said it is fine there was no hold. Tried again and still getting error. What now

  2. Janet, at this moment I will advise you to use another card for the payment. Kindly go to the bank, and request they run a check on your bank account to see what is causing the problem.

  3. I’m also getting the same error code for two weeks now. I have called Access Bank, visited them and they keep saying all is well with the account and the card. I don’t know if the bank staffs don’t know what they’re doing. Unfortunately for me, I can’t use another card to pay because it’s the only USD card tied to my dorm acct. Any luck?

  4. The customer service representative couldn’t figure out what is causing the problem? Hmmm. Maybe the card is compatible with aliexpress, though you didn’t state the error code you’re facing.

    I have two active dorm accounts, one with gtbank, the other is first bank and I haven’t seen any issue using the dollar card to make payment. If the amount is below $100, you can use your naira debit card.

  5. I have been getting 2 error messages depending on what phone I’m using, 15 and 22, I recently changed my card, like I requested another and it’s still same problem

  6. You changed your card but it’s the same bank.

    You can try this, create a new aliexpress account using another email address. Enter the necessary information, and get the account ready. Try to make an order using your card and if you see the error message again, then the problem is definitely from your bank.

    However, be hundred percent sure that you haven’t exceeded the monthly international spending limit which is $100 for all banks in Nigeria using the naira debit card.

    Lastly is to try a new card from another bank. You can borrow from your friends or family, and transfer fund to their account. If the payment goes through then the problem is from your bank, but if it didn’t, maybe there’s something you’re not getting right.

  7. I got 2 errors: CSC_7200053. I don’t see that in here but it’s something due to account security error. The worst thing is also that I lost my money and it doesn’t show that I ordered it or anything like that and I have no evidence . What should I do?

  8. You lost your money and the money wasn’t reversed? You should have contacted your bank or the card company immediately.

    Please kindly contact your bank or your card company and request they run a check on your account to see what actually caused the problem.

    Since the transaction didn’t go through, the money will be reversed back to your account.

  9. i keep getting error code 7200053 for security reasons. I’ve used different cards, one being a bluebird amex prepaid card, tried saving my payment info in alipay, tried reordering, I’ve tried to appeal but never get any response back and the appeal section is empty. Ive called the bank but was told everything was fine on their end and they saw where the money was taken out of my account but then refunded. I really dont know what to do as I’ve been getting this error for weeks now. I’m desperate, what should i do?

  10. It seems there’s a restriction imposed on your aliexpress account, pend your account for now and create a new one.

    Similar problem happened to a friend of mine, so he had to create a new aliexpress account and was able to make payments.

  11. Hello there… I want to purchase somethings on AliExpress above 100USD, I have already been told by my bank that I can’t exceed 100USD; what can I do, I truly need the items, but I can’t pay because of the 100usd from access bank.😔

  12. I’m getting message “We couldn’t process this payment for security reasons. Error code: CSC_7200026” this BS…I am not going to upload my Passport or DL card to some Chinese corporation. This is some CCP level security issue. DO NOT DO THIS.

  13. But did you try contacting your bank or card company as to know if there’s was a restriction in your bank account or debit card?

    You can create another aliexpress account and try all over again.

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