Are samsung refrigerators good? My candid experience

There’s no doubt that when talking about the best refrigerators in the world today, you will definitely mention samsung refrigerators along with others which includes LG, GE, etc.

However, I’m not going to lie to you if you ask me the best refrigerator brand in the world today.

The answer is very much glaring and one wouldn’t say otherwise.

That is LG refrigerators.

When it comes to mobile phones samsung outclassed LG in every given aspect of a quality mobile phone, but the case is different when it comes to refrigerators.

I’m not here trying to make a comparison between Samsung refrigerators and the LG refrigerators.

So the question being asked is are samsung refrigerators good?

Samsung refrigerators are very much and this includes the Samsung smart refrigerators, they can last for a good ten years without any issues and this is based on my experience.

Talking about how good are samsung refrigerators, there are certain things one should consider or have in mind, and that is what I will explain to you in this article.

Why samsung refrigerators are good, and also the problems of samsung refrigerators. Every product even human being has good and bad, so you will see the cons of having a samsung refrigerator.

Let’s continue.

Are samsung refrigerators good?

Samsung refrigerators are good because they are pretty much durable, well built, wells organized and they consume less energy compared to other refrigerators.

If you ask me the reason why I should buy a samsung refrigerator, is because the are very much durable and offers less energy consumption. However, this depends on the type of samsung refrigerator and the one I have is the one with a French door  and a water dispenser.

There are so many of them and I like the fact that they consume less energy compared to the Samsung smart refrigerators.

Now let me proceed with the reasons why samsung refrigerators are good based on my own experience using two Samsung refrigerators.

1. Samsung refrigerators are durable

When you are buying a product or an appliance, the first thing that pops into the head is how durable the product is, as durability matters a lot.

Having been using Samsung refrigerators for the past 12 years, I can assure you that samsung refrigerators are very durable and you shouldn’t worry about it. The body quality is really superb and they are mostly rustproof as they are well coated.

2. Samsung refrigerators are very spacious

If you are a large family and looking for one of the best spacious refrigerator, you should cobsider buying a samsung refrigerator as they are very spacious especially recent release.

I have the four door samsung refrigerator which is good for a large family or a person that has lot’s of items to store in the refrigerator.

are samsung refrigerators good

This doesn’t mean other refrigerators like the LG refrigerators, GE Refrigerators, etc are not spacious, they are but I like the Samsung four door refrigerator.

3. The water dispenser doesn’t drip outside

If you have the one of the recent samsung refrigerator, you will see there’s no need to buy an additional water dispenser simply because your refrigerator has a water dispenser built into the refrigerator.

Mine is very large and I like it very much.

I’ve seen lot’s of samsung refrigerators that has a tiny water dispenser which didn’t impress me at all, but one fact is that the larger the refrigerator, the bigger the water dispenser will be.

Talking about water not dripping out from the water dispenser, it depends on the type of samsung cause I have seen quite number of them that drips water on the floor.

Want to buy a samsung refrigerator?

You better go for the best and the one with a water dispenser or you can even go for the Samsung smart refrigerator. They are very good just like the LG and GE smart refrigerators.

4. Samsung Compressors are not noisy

Some Samsung refrigerator users will say otherwise to this but if you buy any of the latest Samsung refrigerators especially from 2019 to 2021 recent release, you will see that the compressors are not noisy but rather quiet just like on LG refrigerators.

My old refrigerator compressor will make a little bit of noise but the recent one I bought this year, there’s no noise whatsoever. Everything is very cool and quiet and you won’t hear any sound or noise coming from the compressor.

5. Samsung refrigerators are easy to clean

So I bought a silver coated samsung refrigerator that is very shiny and at firsr I thought with time it will be quite difficult to clean or maintain the shiny color, but this is now exactly a year and half and the refrigerator is looking very new.

This is because I do always clean it every weekend and it is easy to clean.

No need to get yourself a strong detergent to clean your samsung refrigerator, all you need is to get a clean cloth and damp it with water and you can add a little soap to your water and that’s it. You won’t have stress cleaning dirt off your samsung refrigerator even if you left for for six months without cleaning the refrigerator.

6. Adjustable shelves

This is one features I love about samsung refrigerators, they have an adjustable shelves and this is very essential for me because I have lots of food stuff to pack and organize in the refrigerator.

This makes the organization to be very cool and tidy unless you’re the type that can’t properly organize stuff.

How good are samsung refrigerators

You can easily move the shelves up down or to the other side and free up space to store long food item inside the refrigerator. I must admit that this isn’t new as LG refrigerators do have it also but I prefer samsung adjustable shelves.

Remember, you can remove all the compartments inside a samsung refrigerator and wash them, and this includes the shelves.

7. Very audible door alarm

This is a very nice cool feature on samsung refrigerators.

If you leave your door open for a very long time, the door alarm will start to beep. This is to notify you that you have left the door open for far too long and it should be closed.

The door alarm is very audible and you will hear the alarm anywhere around the kitchen or from a close-by room.

So far these things I like about samsung refrigerators, and to answer the question of are samsung refrigerators good. But bear in mind that this will for sure depends on the type or the Samsung refrigerator model as there are lot’s of them.

But to generally answer the question of are samsung refrigerators good, I will say yes. Samsung refrigerators are good because they are very durable, long lasting and you get a ten year warranty.

Now another question is do Samsung refrigerators have problems?

I will say it depends on the model you bought cause I have been using a Samsung refrigerator for more than 12 years without any major issues.

Let me explain the things that I didn’t like about samsung refrigerators.

1. My samsung refrigerator ice-maker is average

I love the Samsung refrigerator icemaker but mine seem to be very average or poor I will say. At first everything looks really cool and sweet, and I’m the type of person that always love to have ice cubes readily available so I always use the icemaker.

After one year of full usage, the icemaker is not like as it use to be, takes quite a long time in making an ice or i will say the icemaker got damaged and which I can’t explain how it occured.

I was blamed for it and warrant didn’t cover it so I had to get a replacement and which I paid for it. It wasn’t funny at all caused I didn’t expect for such thing to happen within one year of full usage.

2. They are not scratch resistance

Though my refrigerator is rustproof, but it isn’t scratch resistance as there are lots of scratches on the outer body of the refrigerator.

Maybe this was caused due to excessive cleaning of the refrigerator or i can’t really tell and this applied to most of samsung refrigerators including the smart hub refrigerators.

3. Poor lighting

This was the first thing I noticed and which I didn’t like at all, the lighting isn’t good for me as it is located at the top of the refrigerator.

If you have food items well packed on the first shelve of the refrigerator, you may find it quite difficult seeing most of the items below the refrigerator. Seriously this is where samsung need to look into cause the lighting isn’t good at all and not properly spread out inside the refrigerator.

These are the three things that I didn’t like about the Samsung refrigerator and this is based on the one I have in my house. I do hope to have given you the answer you are looking for on the question of are samsung refrigerators good.

Seriously you need to trust on samsung and I assure you that there refrigerators are very good though you can’t compare it to LG refrigerators from my own perspective.

There isn’t much difference between the two but LG refrigerators seem to have an edge over samsung refrigerators. And this is where I wrap it up on the question of the day, are samsung refrigerators good.

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