Object routed on Aliexpress status: Everything explained

Buying products from Aliexpress and upon tracking your item you saw object routed, this got you confused as to what does object routed mean in Aliexpress.

There’s no need getting a headache over this term as I will explain all you need to know on objected routed on Aliexpress.

Basically, you will see this tracking term if you are using Cainiao super economy for your shipping method compared to any other shipping methods on aliexpress. Now let’s head over to what the tracking information mean on aliexpress.

What does object routed mean on Aliexpress?

Object routed on Aliexpress status simply means that your item has been forwarded or directed to another destination, and from that very destination it will be sent to the final destination which is the recipient country.

Here, object being talked about is the recipient item or parcel, and routes is the next destination the item is being forwarded to.

Let me explain very well to you.

Object routed on Aliexpress usually shows up if you are using Cainiao super economy which is relatively cheaper compared to the likes of aliexpress standard shipping.

object routed on Aliexpress

For example, you ordered an item using Cainiao super economy for the shipment and which the item is to be delivered to your location which is UK. The item supposed to move from China which is the country of origin straight down to UK.

Now instead of the item to move from China to UK, it will move from China down to Turkey before reaching the destination country which UK.

Object routed on Aliexpress means that your item is being moved to another destination and from there it will reach the destination country which is the recipient location.

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Now the question will be why is this happening? 

Why I’m seeing object routed on my aliexpress tracking information.

What does object routed mean in Aliexpress

Reasons for object routed on Aliexpress

Below are the reasons why you are seeing object routed on your aliexpress tracking information.

1. Large number of items to be delivered

One of the major reason for object routed on Aliexpress is because the shipping method is scheduled to deliver items to two destinations due to large number of items.

For example, Cainiao super economy is scheduled to go to both UK and Turkey, the shipment has up to 200 items going to the UK and 600 items going to Turkey.

Because of the fact that Cainiao super economy has a large number of items going to Turkey all the items will first move to Turkey before going to the UK. Immediately this occurs you will see object routed on your aliexpress tracking information.

Immediately the courier services has drop off items in Turkey, the courier service will take off to drop off UK items as well.

2. The destination country isn’t the courier’s route

Using Cainiao super economy once again, you pick Cainiao super economy as your shipping method for aliexpress items and the fact that Cainiao super economy doesn’t go to your destination country.

Instead what they will do is drop off the item to any of the country close to the recipient destination country.

Another courier service will pick up the item and have it delivered to the recipient destination country.

This is why you will select Cainiao super economy as your shipping method, afterwards you will 4PX Singapore as the delivery service.

How long after object routed on Aliexpress

From my observation it usually takes a maximum of fifteen days to reach the destination country though it depends on how fast or slow the courier service will be in delivering the item to the destination country.

The fastest I’ve seen is four days and the next I saw on my tracking information is item arrived at destination country followed at custom clearance.

What follows next after aliexpress object routed?

What follows next will be arrival at destination country followed by at the custom duty office or inward office of exchange.

Depending on fast or slow the custom duty in your country, you will receive your item on time or very late.

I’ve seen cases where someone will say it took two months for my aliexpress item to arrive but upon checking the person’s tracking information I found out that the delay was caused by office of inward exchange and not aliexpress courier service used in shipping the item.

So the meaning of object routed on Aliexpress is to notify the buyer or the recipient that the item has been forwarded ore redirected to another country and from there the item will be sent to the destination country.

You shouldn’t panic at all seeing object routed on Aliexpress tracking information though it can be very frustrating as delivery will be delayed a bit. If the courier service is Cainiao super economy, be rest assured that it will take up to two weeks to receive your item all things being equal.

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If you want to buy Nike snicker, addidas or puma snicker on aliexpress, I won’t recommend you to do that cause you may end up buying a replica instead of an original Nike or addidas snicker.

I’m not saying aliexpress products are replicas, but you should be very careful or probably don’t buy cause you are likely going to buy a replica.

Mobile phones is another which you should be very careful so as not to buy a refurbished phone in the name of a brand new phone. I found out that quite number of sellers in aliexpress do sell refurbished phones as a brand new phone and I’m telling you that you can’t spot the difference.

I fell for it a big time and couldn’t spot the difference.

How I got to know is when I cheched the Samsung phone online and found out that the original color of the phone is actually blue and not purple.

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12 thoughts on “Object routed on Aliexpress status: Everything explained”

  1. Thanks for this information you just clear the headache on my head my I saw object routed on 2 of my products I order via AliExpress..

    Thanks for clarifying this

  2. But my item is in Aliexpress standard shipping, and got ”object routed”. So… It signifies that they receive the same treatent as the economic shipping? Thanx!

  3. Mostly, it is common using Cainiao super economy, Yanwen economic air mail, and just only once I happen to see object routed while using aliexpress standard shipping for my shipping.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean something has happened to your package or lost in transit, it will definitely reach your destination country within few days.

  4. Hi . I got object routed on 3 of my packages and on the upper side it says package arrived in destination country but statue has not been updated and when i asked my local post they said your package has not arrived. So what should i do?

  5. When you see package arrived in destination country, it simply means that the item has arrived at your country but yet to reach the local post office or the delivery service.

    It will first be cleared at the custom office before it will be forwarded or dispatched to the delivery company. As the post office is yet to receive the item, they will state it haven’t arrived.

    Keep tracking the item and if you are finding it quite difficult, you can request the seller to help you out.

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