Tips on how to make iphone charge faster (Quick Guide)

Pissed off that your iphone charges super slow which you can’t seem to understand the reason for that, i’ve the best tips on how to make iphone charge faster.

If you can’t stand your iphone slow charging, please don’t go and smash your device.

You need to first try to figure why this is happening, in the case that it haven’t happened before.

Maybe the reason why the IPhone is slow charging is because of the charging port or the cable itself.

So let me list the first thing you need to be sure it’s not from the device or the charger.

1. Check the charger and cable

You need to test and confirm that you’re charger is working perfectly well, and have no issues in making your iphone to charge slow.

Test it with another person iphone and see if it’s charging faster.

If it does, then that means the problem is not from your charger.

2. Check your iphone charging port

This is the next thing to find out, if it is working at all.

You can do that by taking your device to a phone engineer to help check if your iphone charging port has not issues at all.

If at the end of the day and it is working perfectly fine, then you need to take these steps and see if your iphone will charge faster.

How to make iphone charge faster

Below are the best tips how to make your iphone charge faster.

If you try them and it didn’t work out for you, then you need to go back to the phone engineer for a repair.

1. Turn on Airplane mode

how to make your iphone charge faster

This is one of the best method to charge any faster faster, be it android phone or iphones.

It doesn’t require you to turn off your iPhone, not all.

Just activate the flight mode and all calls, internet apps, messages and chats will be suspended. When you want to make use of your phone, you turn deactivate the flight mode.

If your phone charges 50% in thirty minutes without activating the flight mode, it will charge 50% within twenty to fifteen minutes.

So this is the first thing you should try out in order to see if your iphone should charge faster.

2. Use direct charging (wall socket)

Some of us make use of an adapter or an extension in charging of our device, but you don’t know that it reduces the charging speed.

Let me tell you this, charging your device directly from the socket charges faster compared to when you’re using an adapter or an extension.

So plug your iphone directly to the wall socker when charging it

3. Don’t press the phone while charging it

This is something that we’ll are guilty of, pressing and charging our phone at the same time.

The truth is, that is ver very wrong i must say.

You need to leave your phone to charge complete before you can start using it, pressing and charging it at same time heats up the phone.

This in turn makes it to charge at a slow pace.

So if you’re fond of this, please you better stop it and you’re also damaging your phone battery.

4. Don’t charge when device is hot

This is something that i will advise you to avoid, charging your phone when it’s heated up.

Maybe you’re streaming and downloading online, playing online games and your phone get heated up, which in turn drained your battery.

You immediately plugged it for a charging.

There’s no way it will charge faster, and the fact is that it will charge at a very slow speed, cause of the hotness of the device at that moment.

In thee case what you should do is to allow it to call off, and then plug it into the wall socket for charging.

5. How to make your iphone charge faster by avoiding wireless charging

how to make iphone charge faster

There’s no way you can compare the speed charging of wireless charger to that the normal charger.

If wireless charger gives you 50% in 45 minutes, then the normal charger will offer 50% in 30 minutes respectively.

There’s no way you can compare the two, thr other is much way better.

You can use the wireless charger if you really don’t care about the charging speed.

6. Make iphone charge faster by turning off your iphone

This is basically the last step to take, on how to make iphone charge faster. This summons everything up.

Turning off your iphone before charging it helps in making it charge faster, compared to putting your phone into flight mode.

On this aspect, every task will be shut down, enabling the phone to charge way faster.

I normally use the airplane mode and this method if i’m running on a very low battery.

If you’ve tried the above steps and nothing seem to work out for you, then try these to confirm that the problem isn’t from your phone.

1. Try to use another charger

This is the first thing to do, use another charger if you have one or collect from someone around you.

Just test and see if it will charge faster on your phone.

It it does, then the problem is definitely from the charger which you need to change it.

2. Test the USB Cable

The charger might be faulty, whilst the useb cord is working perfectly fine. So you need to ascertain that the USB isn’t faulty.

Try to use it on another charger to charge your iphone, if it charges faster then that means that the USB is okay, and the problem is from the charger itself.

Note the problem might be from the usb and not the charger itself, so you need to try that as well. That ie using another usb cable on your charger to charge your phone.

I’ve seen lots of people using their computer to charge their device, how do you expect it to charge faster when the speed rate is low, compared to phone charger.

I don’t even see the reason why i should charge my phone, using my computer whilst i can just plug it directly into the wall socket nearby.

If your smartphone battery drains very fast, you wouldn’t mind getting yourself a portable charger or will say a power bank.

You don’t going through the portable charger for your iPhone in 2020.

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If you’re looking for how to make your iphone charge faster, i do hope that these tips and advice will be of help to. Don’t forget to share this post thanks.

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