Will imessage say delivered if blocked? All explained

When it comes to the best instant messaging service on both ios and android, aside from whatsapp, imessage is a one of the best to use for messages and I love the fact that it doesn’t compress files like Whatsapp.

Just like on any other instant messaging apps, you can block and unblock someone on imessage especially if the person is a nuisant to you.

However, it is very embarrassing and same time very annoying finding out that you have been blocked by someone on Imessage.

This leads us to the question of the day.

Will iMessage say delivered if blocked

Will imessage say delivered if blocked?

iMessage will never say delivered if you have been blocked by the recipient. 

You think you have been blocked by someone on imessage and surprised to see your iMessages getting delivered? 

It is likely that you were not blocked by the person or the maybe the person has unblocked you on his iPhone. 

Once you are blocked on iMessage that’s the final, you messages will never get delivered to the recipient. 

But do you know the fun part, the recipient can send iMessages to your phone and which will get delivered to you. 

iMessage not getting delivered when blocked isn’t just applied to iMessage only, but also applied to other instant messaging apps and the sms text message.

Once you have been blocked by a recipient, you sent messages will never go through and this will in turn fail to get delivered.

I’ve seen cases where some will say the recipient blocked me on imessage but still my message was delivered.

I’m telling you that it is not possible and such will never occur. In this type of situation the recipient never blocked you on imessage or probably must have unblocked you prior to you sending the message.

However, you be having an issue with your iMessage.

What I’m talking about is blocking someone but in the true sense you haven’t blocked the person and if you send a message to the person it will get delivered. 

So all you have to do is to unblock the person on your message app and block the person once again. This time around the person’s contact will be blocked on your message app or probably on your iMessage. 

I’m saying this from what happened to me and I will say it was a message bug. 

Again you may have think that the recipient blocked you on imessage simply because previously sent imessages wasn’t going through, but that isn’t always the case.

When imessage is not available on the side of the recipient, the imessage will fail to get delivered.

I repeat this again, once you are blocked on iMessage sent imessages will never say delivered because it will be automatically blocked.

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Below is a typical example of imessage delivery failure I’m talking about.

iMessage not delivered

Now let me remind of this, it may not necessarily mean that you have been blocked by the recipient that made your iMessage not to get delivered, there are others that will hinder imessage not saying delivered and they are as follows.

1. The recipient disabled imessage on it’s iPhone/iPad

It can be quite surprising seeing an ios user disable iMessage on it’s ios device, but occasionally one might decide to usable iMessage.

I have seen quite number of persons that did this.

Because of the fact that you are fully aware that the recipient is using an iPhone or iPad and you sent an imessage.

Then after few seconds it didn’t show delivered, you now conclude that the recipient has blocked you.

That may not necessarily be the case, but instead the recipient iMessage is not available.

Now if the recipient enabled the sent as sms when imessage is unavailable, the imessage you sent will automatically be sent as sms text message which is green in color 

2. Imessage not delivered because of no internet

Another major issue that will prevent imessage from getting delivered is the internet, once there’s no internet in the recipient phone or the sender’s phone, imessage will practically fail to deliver.

These are the the two things that will prevent imessage from being delivered to the recipient.

3. You have been blocked by the recipient

This is one of the most likely reason why imessage will not get delivered, the recipient has blocked you. 

It is quite annoying but likely to be the case. 

When you are blocked on imessage, all messages sent to the recipient will never get delivered to the recipient. 

Also, this isn’t just about iMessage but also facetime. If you’re blocked on iPhone, both sms text messages, iMessages, Facetime, cellular calls, and location sharing will stop

If imessage says delivered are you blocked? 

You have not been blocked.

Kindly know that if iMessage says delivered, it simply means that the sent iMessage was successfully sent to the recipient phone. 

The recipient indeed received the sent iMessage. 

As long as a sent message says delivered, it means it has been sent and successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.

Can you tell if someone is blocking your texts?

The only way to tell if someone is blocking your text is when your sent texts messages failed to get deliver to the recipient on multiple occasion. It is a strong indication that the recipient has blocked your and as well as your text messages.

No matter how hard you try the text messages won’t get through to the recipient unless you use another phone number.

Does iMessage turn green when blocked?

The answer is no. iMessage doesn’t turn green when blocked, instead the sent message will never say delivered.  

In most cases if you have been blocked on iMessage, it may not necessarily say not delivered but instead it won’t say delivered or read. 

Imessage will only turn green when it is not available and Send as SMS (when imessage is unavailable) feature is enabled on your iPhone or you are sending to an android phone user or a feature phone user.

The green message you are seeing is the sms text message which uses a sim card, a texting plan or an airtime, and a cellular network service.

Remember that you must enable send as sms when imessage is unavailable to be able to send sms text messages or green messages. This comes in handy if you want to send a message to an android phone user or a feature phone user.

Also someone using an iPhone will also receive green text message if imessage is disabled on it’s iPhone.

To enable send as sms when imessage is unavailable, kindly open the settings app and scroll down to message. Tap to open message and scroll down a bit and you will see send as sms. 

will imessage say delivered if blocked

Make sure to enable send as sms. With this you can send text messages to an android phone users, a feature phone user, or an iPhone user who is not using the imessage.

Can you be blocked and it still say delivered?

You can never be blocked and it still says delivered, and kindly note that if it says delivered then be rest assured that you have been unblocked by the recipient.

In some rare cases, you may have think that you have blocked the person but that is not case. Go back to the person’s conversation on your iMessage and opens the person’s info, unblock and block the person once again. 

More Related Questions

Does imessage turn green when blocked

Imessage doesn’t turn green when blocked instead it will show not delivered. When imessage turns green, it simply means that the message was sent as sms and not as imessage.

This is caused when you don’t have an active internet connection on your iPhone, the imessage is not available or the recipient is not using an imessage.

iMessage says delivered but not read am i blocked?

If imessage says delivered but not read, it doesn’t mean blocked but rather the recipient haven’t opened or read the sent iMessage.

Once the recipient opened the sent imessage, it will show read below the sent imessage.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, will imessage say delivered if blocked on iPhone or on any other apple device. 

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