Will clearing cache delete pictures? Everything explained

Will clearing cache delete pictures? 

This is the question of the day, what happens if I clear cache on my smartphone.

Will all the pictures in my smartphone be wiped out or probably not. You’re at the right place to get the best answer to your question and this will involve clearing cache on an android phone. 

So let’s get started.

Will clearing cache delete pictures? 

The answer is no. Clearing cache on an application or a browser will not delete pictures saved in the phone or downloaded using the app. When you clear cache on your mobile phone, every pictures saved in the phone will remain untouched unless you went ahead to delete the pictures. 

I repeat the answer to will clearing cache delete pictures is a big NO.

No way clearing cached files will remove or wipe out all the pictures saved on a smartphone or even on a computer.

You don’t have to worry yourself at all when it comes to clearing cached files, it does its purpose and doesn’t wipe out saved files in a smartphone.

Aside from pictures, clearing a cached files won’t delete anything from the app or wipe out passwords or bookmarks saved in a browser. It only help to clear up the saved junk files in an app. 

When you’ve to be concerned is clearing data files, but if the pictures are downloaded and stored in your phone internal storage,  clearing data files won’t delete the pictures even though it will reset the app back to default. 

If you happen to clear data files in a browser or any application, you have automatically removed or wipe out anything made on the app. If it is a browser, it will remove everything you have done so far in the browser including your login information.

Clearing data simply means to reset an app back to default. So every changes or settings made will be removed.

However, clearing data is very much different from clearing cache. 

Before going further into will clearing cache delete pictures, let me explain what cached files is all about.

What is cache

A cache is a reserved storage region that obtains or collects temporary data to assist websites, browsers, and apps load faster.

Whether you’ve a computer, laptop or a mobile phone, web browser or app, you’ll find some variety of a cache.

Have you ever use a browser to visit a website, after several days or weeks, you still see the website URL in the browser even though you didn’t bookmark the website.

That is the power of the cache.

Even if you go ahead to clear history from the browser, you’ll see the URL in the browser.

For example, you visited gadgetroyale.com on your browser a few weeks ago, if you type the letter g, you’ll see a list of all the websites you’ve visited. This includes gadgetroyale.com and the website URL starts with the letter g.

That’s the work of the cache.

If you clear cached files on the browser, you’ll see that there won’t be any saved URL that pops out if you type any letter.

But all the saved username and password will still be there unless you cleared everything on the browser.

This works similar to clearing cache on a smartphone, but you don’t need to be afraid of your files getting deleted, they won’t.

This is also applicable to will clearing cache delete pictures.

How to clear cache on android

Clear data on android

As I have explained to you thar there’s no need to worry when it comes to clearing cached, now let me show you how to clear cache on Android in case you don’t know how to go about it.

This tutorial varies on the type of android smartphone you’re using, mostly I use the Samsung smartphone for my android tutorial and tips.

If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, go to the settings app on your phone and open it.

Scroll down to where it states device care and tap on it.

Next, you’ll see on the screen will look like the picture below.

Will clearing cache delete pictures

Tap on memory, and it will run a check to analyze the apps to clean up.

It will look like the picture below.

Will clearing cache delete pictures

So you have to tap on clean now to clean up the cached or junkies from the apps or your mobile phone.

Again, doing this won’t delete pictures saved on your smartphone and I’m assuring you that.

And will clearing cache delete pictures, the answer is still no.

Apart from the above method, below is another popular way or method to clear cache on android and this time involves the mobile app installed on the phone.

This requires you to go to installed apps on your android, and clear cache on each app.

To do so;

Go to the settings apps on your phone and scroll down to apps.

You can choose the apps you want to clear or select all of them one by one.

So on the selected app, tap to open and go down to storage. Look below, and you’ll see where it states clear data and clear cache.

Tap on clear cache and it will clear the cache on that application.

To completely clear cache on all android apps installed on your phone, simply select the app one after the other.

Again, will clearing cache delete pictures?

The answer is no even if you did clear cache on your gallery app.

You can still use these mobile cleaner apps to clean off cache and junk files from your phone or apps, but I prefer doing it manually if it involves clearing cache from mobile apps.

Clearing cache from a browser 

One of the ways to hide what you searched for in a browser is by clearing cached files and history. I found myself doing this a lot especially when I didn’t use incognito mode and being the type that love privacy so much. 

To clear cached files on Firefox browser: From the History menu, you have to select Clear Recent History by tapping on it. Incase the menu bar is hidden, click on Alt to make the menu bar visible.

From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.

Next to “Details”, click the down arrow to choose which elements of the history to clear; to clear your entire cache, select all items.
Click Clear Now. Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser.

To clear cache in Chrome browser: In the browser bar, enter this very url chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and kindly select the following:

Cookies and other site and plug-in data, and Cached images and files 

If you want to clear the entire cached files on your Chrome browser, select the beginning of time and click Clear browsing data.

Exit all browser windows and re-open the browser. That’s it. 

All the cached files in your Chrome browser will be removed and this is also applied to Chrome mobile browser.

Clearing data from the mobile app

This is very much different from clearing cache on an android phone. Definitely, you’ll lose saved files or information clearing data from a mobile application.

Clearing data in a mobile application is like resetting the app to its original state or new state.

All the saved information, username, and password or account will be wiped out. You’ll need to login into the mobile app.

For example, clearing data on WhatsApp application or Facebook app will clear all the saved accounts or logins.

You need to log in again using your username and password, but bear in mind that your account won’t be deleted.

This isn’t applicable to this question of will clearing cache delete pictures.

In the case of clearing data on the gallery app, the pictures won’t be deleted and I assure you that. As long as you snapped the pictures and it is saved on your phone, it won’t be deleted.

This also applies to pictures downloaded from the internet.

Back to the question, will clearing cache delete pictures or clearing data delete pictures?

The answer is absolutely no, it won’t.

What does it mean to clear cache in photos?

To clear cache in photo simply means to remove cached or junk files that are piles in a photo app. Doing this help a photo app to load faster compared to when there’s lots of cached files.

If you noticed that your phone is running slow which is usually caused by junk files and cached files, clearing cached files helps to fix the problem. 

Also if your photo app has lots of cached files and which has taken lots of spaces in your phone internal storage, go ahead and clear up the cached files in your photo app. 

What happens if I clear cache in photos?

When you clear cached files in photos, it will automatically free up space in your phone internal storage but wont delete any saved photo.

Please bear in mind that clearing cached files in any photo app won’t delete the photo but rather it will only clear up junk and caches files which are not necessary or essential for the photo app.

Even if you go ahead to clear data from a photo app it won’t delete any pictures or photos in the app but rather it will reset the photo app and all settings made on the app will be removed. 

This is completely different from clearing cached files in any photo app cause it won’t reset the app back to default just like clearing data files. So if you feel your photo app is packed up with lots of cached files, you can go ahead and clear up cached files. 

Why should I clear cached files 

There are several reasons to clear cached files in a mobile phone or from a mobile app, and some of the reasons are explained below. 

1. To make the phone to be faster

There no doubt that when there’s too much cached files in a given phone or a mobile app, it tends to slow down the phone or the app. In this type of situation whar the user will have to do is to remove the cached files. 

Clearing the cached files will free up space in the phone internal storage, and as well from the application and this will in turn make both the phone and the app to be faster.

Remember, you can only clear cache when you feel there is a need to do so especially if they are so much and to the extent it start to slow down your phone or an app. 

2. To free up space 

A caches in a given app or phone can take a huge amount of space in the phone internal storage especially if you use the app very much.

For example, I make use of Facebook app and opera browser app a lot. On my android phone, I found out that my opera browser has 870mb cached files while Facebook app had 630mb cached files and all these cached files are positioned in my phone internal storage. 

When i cleared the cached files, I noticed that up to 1.3GB of space was released in the internal storage. Because of this, I found myself checking the apps I use very often to see if they have a large cached files.

You too should be doing so especially apps like Facebook, Instagram or browser app do have lots of cached files that requires to be cleaned. 

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With this I’ve come to the conclusion of this post, will clearing cache delete pictures. I repeat again, your pictures won’t be deleted even if you cleared data from your phone.

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