How to remove ads from android apps without rooting

This post is a detailed guide on to remove ads from android apps without rooting. Days are gone when we all love to root our android phones, there’s so many customization that you can do on your android phone without rooting.

So i will guide you through on how to remove annoying ads from your application.

However, i want to know that it is through ads that the developers are making some profits, and which they will in turn use in the development of the apps in the future.

So the proper and legal way of removing ads from android apps without rooting is to buy the premium version and help the the developer to add extra features on the application.

Creating or developing android apps doesn’t come for free, so bear in mind that it is through ads that the developer recover some of the expenses.

But there are some android developers that will fill their apps with so many ads that accessing their application becomes very difficult and same time annoying, in this case i wouldn’t mind removing all the ads from the application.

How to remove ads from android apps without rooting

how to remove ads from android apps without rooting

The one and only app that you can use to remove ads from android root is lucky patcher application.

The mod app was first known to only work on rooted android smartphones, with recent updates made on the application, you can use the app for modification on your android phone without rooting your device.

To remove ads from your android apps using lucky patcher application, you need to first download and install the lucky patcher app, and mind you during installation you will receive a notice that you shouldn’t install the application on your android phone.

Please kindly ignore that and go ahead with the installation.

Again lucky patcher isn’t available on google play store as google labeled it as an app that is illegal.

Having downloaded and installed the lucky patcher app on your android phone, next is to open the application and use it to remove ads from android apps without rooting your device.

When you open the lucky patcher app, you’ll see all your installed apps and if you look closely, you’ll notice that it shows if an app has ads or inapp purchase.

As were are only concentrated on apps with ads, you should select the apps with ads which you want to remod.

To remove ads from android apps using the lucky patcher app, select the application that you want to remove ads from by tapping on it.

When you tap on your preferred application, you’ll see many options given to you and they include;

  • App info
  • Launch app
  • Menu of patches
  • Tools
  • Uninstall app
  • Manage the app

Lucky patcher

To remove in app purchase from android apps without rooting, you’ve to select tools which is the fourth option on the menu.

When you click on tools, you will see another options given to you, they also include the followings;

  • Clone application (it work not for all)
  • Remove selected saved purchases
  • Backup
  • Open to google play
  • Share this app

Lucky patcher 2

But what were are after is how to remove ads from android apps without rooting our device, so you have to select menu of patches which is the third option on the menu given to you.

When you tap on menu of patches, what you will see is create modified apk file.

Simply tap on it and proceed to the next step.

Next options given to you are options to remod the application, they also include the following;

  • Apk with multi-patch
  • Apk without license verification
  • Apk without google ads
  • Apk rebuilt for inapp and lvl emulation
  • Apk with changed permissions and activities
  • Re-sign with test signature

So you have to select apk without google ads. Many android apps that runs ads make use of the google ads than any other ads network.

how to remove ads from android apps without rooting

Taping on the apk without google ads pops out another options for you.

You need to carefully go through the options to select the ones that you want to use in remodding the application.

The first option is to remove links from apk. Tick this option if you want to remove all the links that the developer added in the application. This option helps to fully terminate the ads url the developer added in the course of developing his android application.

Next option states corrupt the ad receiver. This helps to break the google ads obtaining mechanism into your android phone.

Ticking this option is essential if you really want to remove ads from android apps without rooting your phone.

Next option is offline patch. This is another essential option that you should tick, it tries to deceive the google ads module into thinking that you that you don’t have internet connection in your android phone and that it is offline.

With that ads can’t display on your android phone whenever you’re using the application.

Another option given to you is other patches. This can be useful in removing ads from an android application.

The last two is remove dependencies and the other is make fully offline. 

I will advise you to tick remove links from apk, corrupt the ad receiver, offline patch or make fully offline, remove dependencies and other patches.

These four options works best for me to remove ads from android apps without rooting my android smartphone.

However, you can play with the options to see the ones that work best for the application which you want to remove ads from.

Please note that there are five options given to you, but you can only tick four options. Having done that, tap on Rebuild the app.

Depending on the size of the application, it should take about ten to fifteen seconds to finish modifying the application.

You will see information about the app which you modified, this include success and failed message.

In order to determine if the application went successful with the modification, first uninstall the main app from your android phone.

To locate the modified app  in your android phone, go to your internal storage >> android >> data >> ru.sxbulDfx.pFSOyagrF folder in your phone.

You can find the folder at the bottom or end part in your android data files.

Tap on the folder, you’ll see another folder with the name files, also tap on it and you get to another folder named lucky patcher, simply tap on the lucky patcher folder and you’ll list of files and folders.

Open the modified folder to see the app that you modified.

You’ll see first see it as a folder, tap on the folder and finally you’ll see the apk file. Install the apk file by clicing on it and select install.

After the installation is complete, open the application and check if it’s still showing google ads.

Lucky patcher is very good in removing annoying ads from your smartphone, it definitely will help you to remove ads from android apps without rooting. But the truth is that it works best on a rooted android phone than non rooted android phone.

So far lucky patcher is the only reliable app that i know that works best when it comes to modifying android applications. If its to remove ads or to have unlimited in app purchase, the app works best for you.

But to get the best result using lucky patcher application, you will have to root your android phone. But still you can enjoy the app without rooting your phone.

I make use the lucky patcher app to remove ads from android apps without rooting my phone and it’s been working for me, but to get unlimited in app purchase didn’t work for me in my unrooted android phone.

I want you to also know that there are some android apps that are very difficult to modify, trying to modify them completely damages the app.

In this case there’s nothing that lucky patcher can for you, you can then go ahead and buy the premium version.

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This is all i have for you on how to remove ads from android apps without rooting your phone. If you have any other method, kindly share with us through the comment box thanks.

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