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How to turn off Iphone Xs Max with easiest method

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 by Kennedy

You recently bought your smartphone and couldn’t figure out how to turn off iphone xs max, well that’s an easy thing to do but one fact is that you don’t know it. I show you how to do that on this post. Well since the release of the iphone X smartphone, apple changed the buttons on their x series phones which includes shutting down the phone.

The iphone Xs max, which was released in September 2018, with a large 6.5 inches display of a super retina OLED capacitive touchscreen, makes the iphone xs max to be among the best smartphones with nice and crisp display. Watching videos, playing high end games , browsing the net on the phone is soo sweet and enjoyable.

Please know that this method on how to turn off iphone xs max is also applicable to other iphone ten series like the X, Xr and Xs smartphones and not just the Xs max.

How to turn off iphone xs max

How to turn off iphone xs max

If you need to turn off iphone smartphone which includes the Xs max, Xs, xr or even the iPhone X, or maybe you also want to learn how to restart the smartphone, just follow the below detailed guide on how to go about it.

Keeping your phone on portrait mode, press hold the side button on your iPhone xs max and one of the volume buttons until the power off screen appears.

A slider will appear on your screen, drag the slider to the right to turn off iphone. See it isn’t a difficult or stressful one at all, is just similar to turning off Samsung galaxy s10 plus, just that there isn’t any slider.

To also power on the iphone xs max smartphone, press hold the side button to power it back on and complete the restart of the phone.

Also, there’s another method to power off iphone smartphone, this isn’t as simple as the first method but it isn’t a difficult one either. Follow the below procedure to do that;

On your iPhone smartphone home screen, navigate to phone settings. Click on General and click shut down, which is near the bottom of the page on your screen. Finally slide the top toggle to the right to power off the device.

To also restart the iphone xs max, press and release the Volume Up button quickly, also press and release the Volume and press the down button without time wasting. Finally press and hold the side button until the iphone xs max restarts. To easily power on the phone, turn the iPhone back on by pressing and holding the side button.

Please note that the method to power off your iphone xs max also applies to other apple x series like from X phone upwards, but wouldn’t work from iPhone 8 or the 8 plus downwards. However, the restarting procedure applies to all Apple iphones and not just their recent release.

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With this, i come to the conclusion on how to turn off iphone xs max and other x series smartphones, if you have any issues on powering your iPhone, you can state it through the comment box.