How to stop my android screen from dimming

Looking for answer to how to stop my android screen from dimming, you’re at the right place as this post will guide you the basic steps to make your smartphone not to dim.

Screen dimming on android is very common and this usually happens if you leave your phone without it for a longer period of time without touching or using it.

Not only that, another thing that causes a screen to dim on android phone is having a power mode.

If you activate the power mode saver which is set at 15%, and your android phone gets to fifteen or ten percent, the power mode will make your screen to dim instantly.

Though you can easily deactivate it immediately depending on the brand of phone you’re using.

How to stop my android screen from dimming comes in this three methods which includes; removing power saver mode from your android phone, increasing the on screen time on your smartphone and finally using a screen brightness control lite app for android.

The last two i mentioned are soft and hard reset, which comes after you have all every other method and it didn’t work. Then you have to make use of them or take your phone to a repairer.

How to stop my android screen from dimming

how to stop my android screen from dimming

So the very first step you have to take is by going to your android phone settings, scroll down to display and tap on screen timeout.

You will see list of screen timeouts like five seconds, one minute, five minutes, fifteen minutes or no screen time out.

The on screen timeout isn’t available on all android smartphones, some android phones are only limited to a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes on screen time out.

So you’ve got to set it depending on the maximum on screen timeout your android phone has.

For those using samsung galaxy smartphones, you can set it to adaptive screen and this will solve your problem on how to stop my android screen from dimming.

The next method is by deactivating power mode on your android smartphone.

Some android phone manufacturers do activate power saver mode on their smartphones, this will automatically dim your android phone when it reaches the said percentage.

This is another thing that you should check, if your android phone is on power saving mode. If you don’t really fancy it at all, kindly deactivate it from your device.

Another solution to on how to stop my android screen from dimming is to is downloading and installing a screen brightness control on your android phone.

There are lot’s of them on google play store, but i’ve the best app which you can use to take full control of your android screen brightness.

It is called screen brightness control lite and works on all android phones.

Screen brightness control lite

If you’re not satisfied with your android phone screen brightness display, you should download this application.

It helps you to take a full control of your android phone brightness and set it on the percentage that you want.

Screen brightness control lite adjusts the brightness of your display based on environment light.

Lux will automatically lower the brightness of your display to make it not only comfortable to read, but to also preserve battery power.

Lux is also able to adjust the screen temperature of your display automatically to make it appropriate for night usage. Lux is completly automatic.

You can download the application from here.

The screen brightness control lite should definitely help you out if your android screen dims too quickly.

If you have done the three methods which includes increasing the screen timeout, deactivating power saving mode and using the screen brightness control lite, and it didn’t help you to solve on how to stop my android screen from dimming.

The only option you have is to diagonize your smartphone to know if it’s a software issue thar is causing the problem.

At this point, you need to perform a soft reset on your android phone.

To soft reset your android phone, you only need to reboot your phone, this helps to solve some certain issues on your phone like how to stop android screen from dimming, difficulty to make or receive phone calls, app not working, phone hang, phone is slow, email issues, audio/video issues, incorrect time or settings, or touchscreen responsiveness problem etc.

If soft reset didn’t actually work for you, then the final option is doing a hard reset on your android phone.

Kindly note that doing a hard reset will completely wipe out all your data and files from your android phone.

So it is recommended that you backup all your apps, files and documents before you perform a hard reset on your phone.

Hard reset is the last option on how to stop android screen from dimming.

To hard reset your android phone differs on the brand of smartphone you have.

For example if you’re using a samsung phone, you need to go to general management, tap on it and click on reset. 

You will see list of resets which you can perform on your samsung phone. Click on factory data reset and on the next window tap the reset button.

This will factory reset your samsung phone to it’s original state.

After that you can restore your, files apps and documents which you backed up before reseting your android phone.

Hard reset should solve the problem of how to stop android screen from dimming, and if it didn’t, then you have a faulty phone and it might be a hardware problem.

In this case you need to give it to a repairer for a fix, or if the warranty is still active and valid, you need to return the phone or swap wit another if it bothers you so much.

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