Does mms use data? Everything explained

Mms which stands for multimedia media service is a means by which one can send pictures, videos or audios through the network service or the default message app.

Few years back mms was very popular but right now you can’t really say if mms is being commonly used as we have lots of options like the imessage, whatsapp, and Co.

Irrespective of the instant messaging apps and services we have in the world today, there are quite number of persons that still uses mms messaging in sending multimedia messages.

Now one of the major questions being asked about sending mms messages is;

Does mms use data?

Yes, mms do use data in sending multimedia messages and this is applicable to android phone and iPhone. Without an active mobile data you cannot send mms on your android phone or iPhone. 

do mms messages use data

Because of this, I don’t fancy sending mms where I have the imessage on my iPhone and whatsapp on my android phone. Right now that most network service support Google rcs chat feature, I do make use of it in sending media messages and as well as text messages.

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Looking at the question being asked on does mms use data, kindly note that you must use a mobile data and not Wi-Fi in sending mms on your cell phone.

Some might think I’m talking about having an internet connection like Wi-Fi or cellular data, no, but rather I’m talking about having an active mobile data or cellular data. Without an active cellular data you cannot send or receive mms on your android phone or iPhone.

The next question will be what cellular data or mobile data I’m talking about?

Cellular data you purchased from your carrier network or internet service provider(ISP). 

This is mostly used to browse on the cellphone and you must subscribe using your sim card and phone number.

Every network service has an internet data plan so it is left for you to check your network service internet data plan and purchase one for your cellphone but only if you see the need for it. If not, let go and use a Wi-Fi.

But when it comes to does mms use data, you must subscribe to a data plan and use it to send mms or multimedia messages on your android phone or iPhone.

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Getting started sending mms

First, you must make sure that you have an active mobile data or cellular data on your cellphone or you go purchase one. Simply open your carrier network website and look for internet data plans and you will definitely find one that will suite your need according to your pocket.

After you must have subscribed to a data plan, now you are set on sending and receiving mms on your cellphone but there are certain things you need to do and they are as follows;

SETTING UP ACCESS POINT NAME: This is very important else you may not be able to send or even receive mms messages on your cell phone.

First, you have to contact your internet service provider and request for mms settings or for them to send it directly to your cell phone. Once they have done that, kindly save the settings and now you are ready for mms messaging.

ENABLE MOBILE DATA ON YOUR CELL PHONE: To use mms messaging on iphone or android phone, you must enable mobile data on your cell phone and probably disable Wi-Fi if it is active on your phone.

To enable mobile data on your phone, simply pull down the control panel and you will see where it states mobile data or data depending on the type of phone you are using.

Once you have done that, you have enabled mobile data on your cell phone and can now send and also receive mms messages on your phone. So far what I’ve explained has already shown you that indeed mms requires data to send and to receive.

To proceed further into the question of the day, does mms use data i will show you how to send mms on android phone and iPhone.

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How to send mms on android

To send mms on android phone, open the message app and select the contact you wish to send mms messages to. Beside the text message box tap on the picture icon or the plus icon to view more options.

does mms use data

Tap on any of the options to select pictures or a particular file you want to send. If for example you tapped on the picture icon, it will display all the pictures on your android phone starting from the recent pictures to the oldest.

So you go ahead to select your preferred picture and it will be added to your message box and will automatically be converted to mms.

does mms use data

Once you have seen that the send button shows mms, hit on the button and it will send the picture to the recipient.


  • The bigger the file size longer it will take to send mms messages.
  • The bigger the file size the more it will attract a high cost of sending mms messages on a cell phone though it depends on one’s network service provider.
  • MMS messaging can’t send a file which is more than 20mb from my observation though it may go down to network service providers.
  • Remember to turn on mobile data on your cell phone when sending mms messages as mms use data.

Do I recommend using mms?

Absolutely no. I don’t see the reason and the need to use mms in sending multimedia messages while we have the likes of imessage, whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, Google voice, Google duo, etc which are a lot better than mms.

Back then during the days of Nokia Symbian and Belle was when I use to send and receive mms, but right now we have smartphones and instant messaging apps and services, I can’t remember sending mms unless I want to go old fashioned.

How much data does mms use?

MMS messaging uses data based on the file size of the multimedia message. If the file size is big then will be the data charges but if the file size is small so as the data charges will be relatively small.

how much data does mms use depends on the size of the multimedia message.

Does MMS pictures use data?

As mms is all about pictures, videos and audios, mms pictures indeed use data and not Wi-Fi in sending and receiving mms messages on a cell phone.

This goes back to the question being asked on whether does mms use data or not. Mms use data because it involves the network service provider and it is not an instant messaging service.

Can MMS be sent over WiFi?

No, mms can’t be sent over Wi-Fi but only through mobile data. However, you can use google voice to send mms through Wi-Fi but there’s no need for that since imessage and whatsapp will probably do a good job for you.

How long does it take to send MMS?

It usually take for about five seconds to five minutes depending on the file size and the internet network speed to send mms messages. If the file is small and the internet network is very fast, mms can be sent within five to 10 seconds but if the file is large and the internet is slow, it can take up to five minutes or more to send mms messages.

This is another reason why I don’t fancy sending mms messages even if it is just only pictures.

Does mms mean delivered?

No, mms doesn’t mean delivered but rather means multimedia messaging which is the ability to send and receive pictures, videos, and audio through the default messaging app and network service.

Related Questions

Does MMS use data on iPhone?

Yes of course, mms use data on iphone to send multimedia messages like pictures, videos and audios. By default mms is enabled on iphone without enabling it on iphone you can’t send or receive mms on iphone.

However, as long as imessage is working and readily available, I don’t see the nerd of you using mms and if you want to send videos, pictures, documents, etc to an android phone user, simply use whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, etc.

Does MMS use data Verizon

MMS use data on verizon network and you will have to subscribe to a data plan in order to send or receive mms on your Verizon network.

Does mms use data AT&T?

MMS uses data on AT&T network as you will have to subscribe to any AT&T data plan. Remember, you cannot send mms via Wi-Fi on AT&T network.

Whether you are using android phone or iPhone, kindly note that mms do use data in sending multimedia messages and to receive the sent pictures, videos or audios files.

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