Is imessage free to send pictures? What you should know

So you recently started using an iPhone or iPad and would like to know if at all is imessage free to send pictures, look no further as I have already explained that in this article and all you need to know about imessage.

There’s no doubt this is a newbie question so I will explain more on imessage as it is very essential to you as a newbie.

Is imessage free to send pictures?

Imessage is free to send pictures just like any other instant messaging services and whereas it uses internet connection like Wi-Fi or data in sending and receiving pictures.

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Let me explain a bit more about imessage and it’s usefulness.

Imessage Quick Overview

Imessage is an instant messaging service by Apple and which was launched in 2011, made available for ios users of iPhone, iPad, ipod and Mac.

Being an instant messaging service, imessage uses internet like Wi-Fi or cellular data for it’s services. And this simply means that you don’t even need a sim card to use imessage as long as you have an active Wi-Fi connection.

But if you don’t, then you need to have a sim card in your device as the only solution is to use cellular data for your iMessage.

Imessage works similarly to whatsapp though you can’t make a video call or voice call on imessage, but you have the facetime to do the job for you on your iPhone or iPad.

One of the best features I like about the imessage is the fact that it doesn’t compress pictures and same time reduce the quality of the picture. This is where imessage beats whatsapp hands down though the maximum file limit for both picture and video is 100mb.

Their quality will remain untouched as imessage don’t compress pictures and videos.

Just like any other instant messaging apps or services, imessage let’s you know when your sent imessages has be delivered and read by the recipient, and also when the recipient is typing to you.

When it comes to the best means of sending messages across, imessage is the best option unless the recipient isn’t using an ios device but rather an android phone.

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Now let’s head back to the topic of the post Is imessage free to send pictures.

Is imessage free to send pictures?

Imessage is free to send pictures especially when using a Wi-Fi and you can send tons of pictures on imessage without being charged a domed a dime by Apple or your carrier network.

As long as you have an active internet connection on your iPhone or iPad, you can use imessage to send imessages, pictures, videos, documents and other files without paying a fee or charges. Everything is all for free just like whatsapp, Facebook messenger, telegram, Skype, etc.

How to send pictures on imessage

To send pictures on imessage, you must first make sure thar imessage is enabled only iphone or iPad though by default imessage is enabled on iphone and iPad.

So what you have to do is to open the settings app and scroll down to messages. Tap and open messages and the very first option you will see is the imessage.

If the imessages is disabled or turned off, you have to enabled it by sliding or toggle the button. If it turns green and not grey, then you have turned on imessage on your device.

Is imessage free to send pictures


By now you must have added your phone number or email address for imessage and facetime. 

To send pictures on imessage, open the message app and on the top of your screen tap on new message icon and select the recipient contact. Enter the body of the message and hit on the send button.

As long as you have active internet connection on your iPhone or iPad, the imessage will be delivered to the recipient.

To send pictures on imessage, open the message app, tap on create new message button and select the recipient contact. You can chose to enter texts inside the message box or leave it empty.

Now tap on the app icon beside the message box and it will open options for you to select, kindly select photo by tapping on the photo icon and tap on all photos or may recent photos.

are pictures on imessage free

Select the picture you want to send by tapping on it, and if they are many then you have to press hold on one and select the other pictures.

Tap on add button and the pictures will be added to the imessage, finally hit on the send button and that’s it. You have sent pictures using the imessage and you will then see what you have been asking, is imessage free to send pictures.

You will see that imessage is very much free to send pictures and videos both locally and internationally.

I do hope that what I have explained above gives you the answer to what you’re looking for, Is imessage free to send pictures.

Are iPhone picture messages free?

Iphone pictures are free when using imessage, but it is not free if you use the normal sms text message to send pictures. In this case you will be charged by your carrier network service.

If you want to send pictures on iphone, you have your iMessage right there and if the recipient isn’t a fellow iphone or ios user, then simply use whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, etc to send the pictures.

Network carriers usually charge so much when it comes to sending pictures through sms text message unless you have a large texting plan or airtime.

Does iMessage decrease photo quality?

Absolutely no. Imessage doesn’t decrease photo quality because it doesn’t compress photos. All pictures sent through Imessage retain their quality without any reduction on their quality. 

Once you sent a high quality picture through imessage, kindly note that the recipient will receive the picture just like the way it is on your phone. The quality won’t be reduced at all.

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Does sending pictures through text cost money?

Yes, sending pictures through sms text message will cost money because the message will be sent using the cellular network service and which attracts charges from the network service provider.

As sms text messages isn’t free, sending pictures through sms text message won’t be free either and the worst part is that you will be charged higher compared to sending only texts.

So to avoid these charges, you can use any of the instant messaging service and apps like the imessage, whatsapp, Google voice, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, line, Google duo, etc.

All these will send messages using the internet and not network service providers.

How can I send free picture messages?

To send free pictures you have options like imessage, whatsapp, Google voice, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, line, Google duo, etc as they all send pictures and videos for free using the internet.

Is it free to send videos on iMessage?

Yes it is free to send videos on iMessage though the maximum video size is limited to 100mb and that cannot be exceeded.

The best part is that imessage doesn’t reduce the quality of videos sent through Imessage. The videos are not compressed and which make the quality to remain the way it is unlike whatsapp that compress both pictures and videos.

So this is where I’m drawing the conclusion of this post, Is imessage free to send pictures. I do hope to have given you the best answer to the question of the day.

Can you send temporary photo on imessage?

Once you send a picture on imessage, it will remain there permanent unless you go ahead to delete the picture on your iPhone or iPad, and so the recipient as well. 

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