Does a sim card hold pictures (Helpful tips)

Looking at the question of today, does a sim card hold pictures?

I’m like “what makes you think that a sim card can hold pictures or photos, or maybe you’re confusing it with the sd card.

Okay, though I’ve seen some quite a number of persons say one can get a picture off a sim card, but truly I don’t believe that at all. I’ve used different varieties of mobile phones and I haven’t come across such or maybe it depends on my network provider.

Before writing this post I made my research and contacted quite a number of network providers to see if truly possible a sim card can indeed hold pictures or photos. So right now I’m going to explain my findings.

Does a sim card hold pictures?

Absolutely no. A sim card cannot hold pictures or photos as it is not built in such a way to store photos or files. A sim card is built in such a way that it only stores contact informations or a short text, and no any other details.

I truly understand why some phone users do think that their photos or pictures are stored in their sim card, cause it has also happened to me.

Maybe you got a brand new smartphone, and you immediately switched your sim card to the new phone, to your surprise you saw your old pictures in the new phone.

At first, you may think it is because of your sim card that you’re seeing the old photos, but in the true sense it is not because of the sim card but rather you backed up your data information.

This is what I’m trying to correct right now, and to use it to answer the question of does a sim card hold pictures or photos.

In the case of android phone, if you backed up your contact information using both your sim card and Google account, you’ll see that immediately you insert your sim card into your new phone, connected your Google account, all the contacts stored in the google account will display on your phone along with your photos.

If you open the google photos, you will be amazed to see all your old photos appearing in your new phone.

At first, you may think such thing happened because of the sim card but that isn’t correct. It happened because your Google account was backed up and if you connect your Google account to another phone without your sim card, all your contacts and photos will show up in that very phone.

This is what confuse a lot of people, and they do think that the reason why such thing happened was because of the sim card, and that is why you see questions of does sim card hold photos pops up in the internet cause they are trying to be sure if truly the pictures were saved in the sim card.

Once again, sim card cannot save photos or pictures, or documents or any other file, but rather contacts and text messages. Sim card doesn’t have the capacity to store or hold pictures cause it is not built to do so.

If you’re looking for a way to hold or store your photos or pictures, then go and get an sd card or an OTG USB or probably use your phone internal storage. There’s no way you can use your sim card to hold pictures on your mobile phone.

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So anytime you see question like this “does a sim card hold pictures” Kindly know that the question is wrong because sim card cannot hold or store photos on a mobile phone. Maybe in the future it will but right now it is not possible.

Are pictures stored on sim card?

No, pictures are not stores on sim card but rather a phone internal storage or the external SD card. By default, pictures downloaded or snapped are automatically saved and stored in the DCIM folder which is located inside the phone internal storage.

does a sim card hold pictures

In most cases, if the phone supports the use of an sd card, the phone user can then move the pictures to the SD card storage in order to free up space in the internal storage.

There’s no way you will see the option to save a photo in the sim card and even if someone sent a picture as a text message to you, the pictures goes straight to your phone internal storage and not the sim card.

This is another scenario why I do see some phone user ask does a sim card hold pictures or photos. That is in the case of mms or sending pictures as a text message. As text messages are stored in the sim card, you will also think that the pictures sent as a text message are also stored in the sim card.

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I’m sorry but that isn’t true and will not happen. Immediately the recipient opens the message and taps on the attached picture, the picture will be saved in the internal storage of the recipient phone. Same way goes with sending a multimedia messages.

Does a sim card hold pictures and contacts

A sim card hold only contact but cannot hold pictures. The sim is not built to hold pictures or any kind but rather text messages and contacts only.

Same with the question of today post, does a sim card hold pictures.

There are cases whereby a sim card will be full because of too many contacts and text messages stored in it, in the case you will have to get rid of unmeaningful and unwanted text messages to free up space in the sim card.

You can save and store the contacts using your email address and not the sim card. I find this very helpful cause even if I lose my sim card and my phone, I can easily retrieve my contacts through my email account.

I can’t remember the last time I used my sim card to store or save contacts on my mobile phone, instead I use my email address for it.

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Right now if someone ask you does a sim card hold pictures, you will know what to answer cause honestly I don’t seem to understand why people think this is possible in the first instance.

Does taking out the SIM card delete everything?

Absolutely no, when you take out a sim card from a mobile phone, it doesn’t delete anything though the contacts stored in the sim card won’t display anymore.

This is why I said that I prefer to save my contact in my email address especially if I’m using android phone. Once you save your contacts in your Google account, removing your sim card won’t remove the contacts.  And also, if you connect your Google account with another phone, all your contacts will automatically display on that phone.

Taking out sim card is doesn’t delete anything from your phone but rather you won’t see the contacts saved in the sim card and also some messages.

In the case of messages, new smartphones no longer save messages in the sim card and I’m sure with my samsung galaxy s20 ultra. All my messages are intact even if I remove my SIM card from my phone.

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However, the reverse is the case with my Nokia feature phone. Once you remove the sim card from the phone, you won’t see the text messages anymore.

Can someone steal information from a SIM card?

Yes, someone can still information from your sim card especially if the sim card is connected to your personal information. The one I’m pretty much skeptical is banking information or linking your bank information with your sim card.

Opening a new bank account requires a sim card, and such should be treated with caution. Through your sim card someone might steal your banking information though the person must be a good hacker to achieve that.

Aside from that sim card number are connected to people’s personal information, so through the sim card someone might steal or get information of an individual. Again the person must be a good hacker to achieve that.

At point you have understood the question of does a sim card hold photos, and if you’re looking for how to store all your photos apart from using your phone internal storage, kindly get an SD card or a USB OTG and store your pictures right there.

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I’ve explained all I can and do hope to have properly explained the question of does a sim card hold pictures, if you still have your doubts, maybe you should call your network provider and inquire if you truly are pictures stored on sim card. If yes was the answer given to you, please don’t hesitate to come back here and explain to me how it is done.

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