What does arrived at delivery facility dhl mean? Explained

Tracking your dhl shipping and what you saw is arrived at delivery facility dhl, what follows next will be trying to understand what the shipping term is all about.

Before going further into the article you should know that you be happy when you see that shipping term on your tracking information cause very soon you will receive your package.

What does arrived at delivery facility dhl means?

This means that your package has arrived at the DHL delivery office and and from there it will be out for delivery and delivered to you.

Delivery facility is usually the last on dhl shipping though sometimes one may not see this very shipping term on it’s tracking information.

Whenever I use DHL for my shipment and upon tracking the package I saw arrived at delivery facility dhl, I become very happy cause within one or two days I will receive my package.

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Let me explain a bit more on dhl and their tracking or shipping terms.

DHL Quick Overview

arrived at delivery facility dhl

DHL was founded in San Francisco 40 years ago by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. DHL is one of the global market leaders in the international express and logistics industry.

DHL has approximately 300,000 employees and its international network connects more than 220 countries and regions around the world.

DHL services include air and sea transportation, and it provides expertise in express delivery, contract logistics solutions, land transportation and international mail services.

When it comes to the best premium logistics in the world today, there’s no doubt that dhl is among the list and one of the best feature I like about dhl is that they fast with their shipping, very trusted and reliable.

Looking for a logistics or courier company that will deliver your item to your doorsteps, dhl is one of the best and I really like their delivery personnel.

Maybe the one’s I came encounter with are very nice and helpful.

Now let’s continue with the main deal here.

What is arrived at delivery facility dhl?

This simply means that a recipient item has successfully arrived at dhl delivery warehouse and which will now be dispatched to the recipient house or destination.

Like I said earlier, whenever you see arrived at delivery facility on your dhl tracking number, you should be happy cause very soon your item will be delivered to you.

So it is indeed a good news.

How long does delivery take from DHL?

arrived at delivery facility dhl express

From my experience, dhl delivery usually take from two to fourteen days depending on the recipient destination.

If your item is coming from abroad then you should expect to receive the item within four to fourteen days though mostly it won’t reach the fourteen days.

The worse I have seen is three weeks and this was majorly caused by the custom and not dhl. You may think that dhl is delaying your delivery but you wouldn’t know the price delay was caused by the country.

After seeing arrived at delivery facility dhl, you should expect delivery that very day if the delivery facility is close to your location or the next day. In my own case, I usually receive my item within one to days of seeing arrived at delivery facility dhl on my tracking information.

What usually causes delay in dhl

Below are the major causes of delay after seeing arrived at delivery facility dhl or any other on your tracking information.

CUSTOM DUTY: This is the case if your item is coming from abroad and not withing the country. Custom clearance shouldn’t take more than two days though it all depends on country’s custom duty and how fast or slow they are. DHL shipping is very fast but that fast shipping might be hindered by slow and sluggish custom clearance.

RECIPIENT LOCATION: Location is another factor that plays a major role on how fast or slow you will receive your parcel or aliexpress item. If you happen to live in a remote environment where it is quite difficult to access, dhl might drop your parcel with the local post office to have deliver to you.

BAD WEATHER CONDITION: Bad weather can cause a delay in delivering an item to a recipient especially during winter from what I have observed. During that period you will see delivery personnel come up with bunches of excuses as to why they are yet to deliver your item, at the end you might be required to go to the nearest local post office to pickup your item.

GIVING OUT A WRONG ADDRESS: Shipping address matters most when it coming to buying stuff online or sending a package to someone. The shipping address you entered must be very correct else you are probably complicating things and also delaying your delivery.

In most cases dhl will drop off your item to any of the nearest local post office or give you a call if your cell phone number is going through. But this depends on the delivery personnel cause some will not give a damn care if you entered a wrong address which they can’t locate.

Does DHL deliver late at night?

DHL doesn’t deliver at night as mostly their delivery hours ranges from 8am until 6pm. In some cases, DHL delivery starts from 9am and ends by 6pm. 

I’m yet to see DHL deliver items after it is 6pm in the evening unless the recipient decides to go pickup the item. Even in the delivery office or facility, the time usually starts from 9am until 6pm.

In some of their pickup offices, they won’t allow you to enter immediately it is beyond 5pm in the evening. So it is wise to always know the delivery time of dhl in your location especially if you frequently use them for your shipment.

All you need to do is to contact their customer service and inquire about their delivery time and the dates. For the dates, dhl is open from Monday to Saturday though Saturday’s they usually work from 9am until 4pm in the evening and they will close for the day.

Does DHL ship on weekends?

For international shipment, DHL do shop on Saturdays but if it is local shipment, dhl don’t ship on Saturdays or weekends.

Kindly note that dhl don’t ship at all on Sundays and also they don’t deliver items on Sundays. In some cases dhl might deliver your item on Saturday but you as a recipient must request for that.

Is DHL tracking accurate?

DHL tracking is very much correct based on my experience and I’m yet to see dhl tracking information thar is not correct. Once your item has been scanned, you will receive the latest updates for your item.

So whenever you see arrived at delivery facility dhl on your tracking number information, you should be happy cause very soon or within two days you will receive your item. Once again the tracking information means that your item has arrived at dhl delivery office and from there it will be dispatched to the final delivery which is your house or location.

Related Question

What does arrived at delivery facility in new york USA mean?

This means that your item or package has arrived at the DHL delivery office in New York and from which the item will be delivered to you or to it’s final destination.

Anf this goes to dhl arrived at delivery facility in ontario.

With this i draw the conclusion of this article on arrived at delivery facility dhl express and do hope you understood everything I have explained in thir article thanks.

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