Arrived at sort facility: All you need to know

What does arrived at sort facility on tracking information? This is mostly the question that will comes up when seeing the term upon tracking your item on your mobile phone or computer.

If you buying items online from aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, alibaba, or any other online stores, you will definitely see arrived at sort facility on your tracking number. The term is very popular and as a newbie you will try to understand the meaning.

I got you covered here as I will explain all you need to know on arrived at sort facility and what is involved in a sorting center or facility.

What does arrived at sort facility mean?

Arrived at sort facility means items or products has arrived at the warehouse where they will all be labeled, scanned, arranged and dispatched to their various destinations based on their shipping address.

arrived at sort facility

Using aliexpress as an example, once your item has been shipped by the seller or merchant, what follows next will be the item being moved to the sorting facility or sorting center.

From the sorting facility the item will be moved to the linehaul transportation where it will be forwarded to the destination country based on the shipping address.

Kindly note that arrived at sort facility is the early stage of a shipping process cause your item still has a long way to go though with a fast shipping you don’t need to worry at all.

To properly explain what the term arrived at sort facility mean on tracking information, I will explain all that is involved as it will help you to understand more and how long it will take before leaving the sort facility.

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What happens in sort facility

Immediately you see item arrived at sort facility dhl, FedEx, EMS, Aramex, etc, you should try to understand what process your item will undgo inside the sort facility which is a very large warehouse filled with products and items from various destinations.

1. Labeling

Irrespective of the fact a seller or merchant will have to label it’s items prior to moving it to the sort facility, inside the sort facility the item will still be labeled with all the necessary information.

This is why sometimes one might see two labels on a package. One will be a label done by the seller, while the other will be done by the courier service uses in shipping the item.

2. Sorting out the items

This is the most part of the sorting process and why items are brought to the sorting facility. Every courier services has their sorting facility or sorting center and all items will be brought to the sorting facility.

For example, the likes of DHL has their sorting facility in Vancouver Canada. All items bought in British Columbia will be moved to dhl sorting facility in Vancouver, right inside the sorting facility the items will be sorted out based on their destinations.

Their destinations is determined by the shipping address labelled on each one of the items inside the sorting facility.

All items moving to Vernon will be placed inside one bag, all items going to Chilliwack will be placed in another bag, all items going to Kelowna will be placed in another bag and so on.

After all items has have been placed according to the destinations, they will be ready to be dispatched from the sorting facility.

3. Dispatched from sorting facility

This is the final stage and after all the items have been sorted out and arranged according to their destinations or shipping address, they will be dispatched from the sorting facility.

Here, dispatched means to move out items from the sorting facility to their next destination which will be the linehaul or longhaul though it is usually linehaul transportation.

The linehaul transportation will now carry these items to their destinations or destination country.

This is why after you must have seen arrived at sort facility on your tracking information, what follows next will be departed from sorting facility, received by line haul transportation and finally departed from country of origin.

After you have departed from country of origin, you will then know that the item has left the country where you ordered it from or where it is coming from, and immediately you see arrived at destination country, you should be happy cause it has arrived at your destination.

All these are what is involved when it comes to arrived at sort facility based on my observations using my cellphone and computer to buy products online from aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, etc.

How long after arrived at sort facility on tracking information

It usually takes a maximum of three days for an item to stay in the sorting facility though it is mostly one or two days before it gets dispatched to the next destination.

From my six years experience buying products online from Amazon and aliexpress, whenever I see arrived at sort facility on my tracking information, it wouldn’t take more than two days and the item will be dispatched to another destination which is usually the linehaul transportation.

The shipping method used determines how fast or slow your item will be delivered to you cause sorting facility is very tedious and most lazy shippment will leave items for a long time in the sorting center before they gets dispatched.

Arrive at sorting center in destination country

This is when an item arrives at the destination sort facility based on it’s shipping address.

For example, you used DHL as your shipping method while buying products from Aliexpress. After your item has arrived at the destination country, cleared by the custom, they will all be moved to straight to DHL sorting center in the city.

Right inside the dhl sorting center which is a warehouse, all the items will be arranged based on their shipping address. Using DHL sorting center in California as an example. All items going to Los Angeles will be placed together, all items going San Francisco will be placed together, all items going to Beverly hills will be placed together and so on.

Now these items will be dispatched to the local post office or gets delivered based on their cities and shipping address. That’s the meaning of arrive at sorting center in destination country.

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Arrived at sort facility new york city gateway USA

This means your item has arrived at the warehouse(sort facility) in new york and where it will be dispatched to the recipient destination for delivery.

And this also applies to arrived at sort facility hong kong hong kong especially when buying from aliexpress or any other Chinese online stores.


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