Dispatched from sorting center: All you need to know

Dispatched from sorting center, what does it actually mean on shipping or tracking information.

Every products which requires to be shipped will first pass through sorting facility or sorting center before it will be dispatched to the destination country or the recipient destination.

Being a firstimer you may get confused as to what does dispatched from sorting center upon seeing it on your tracking information. It is one of the first tracking information when buying products online especially from outside your country.

What does dispatched from sorting center mean?

Dispatched from sorting center means items which has been arranged and sorted out according to their shipping address has been moved out from the sorting center (warehouse) proceeding to their various destinations.

Before you will see dispatched from sorting center on your tracking information, you will first see arrived at sort facility (sorting center) and before seeing dispatched from the sort facility.

dispatched from sorting center

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The question one will ask will be what is actually sort facility and what happens inside the sort facility.

What happens inside the sort center

First, a sorting facility is a large warehouse where items are being labelled, scanned, and sorted out based on the items destinations or shipping address. Afterwards these items will be dispatched to their various destination country or cities.

Inside the sorting center, all items are processed and sorted out accordingly based on their shipping address.

For example, if you used DHL for your shipping method while buying products from Aliexpress, your items along with other DHL items will be moved to dhl sorting facility.

This sorting center or facility is a large warehouse and right inside this warehouse all dhl items will be checked, labeled and arranged based on the destination these items are going to.

When every items is properly sorted out and ready for dispatch, they will be dispatched to their various destinations and this is when you will see dispatched from sorting center on your tracking information.

Kindly note that dispatched from sorting center is the past stage of sorting facility after it must have arrived and gone through the necessary process of packaging and arrangement based on their locations.

What follows next after dispatched from sorting center

After you must have seen dispatched from sorting center on your tracking information, what follows next will be accepted or received by line haul transportation especially if you are shipping from abroad.

For example, if you are buying products from Aliexpress you will definitely come across the line haul transportation as it the cargo that will dispatch all aliexpress items to the destination country.

First you will see received by linehaul and next will be accepted by linehaul transportation.

When you see the linehaul transportation on your tracking information then you should know very soon your item will be dispatched to the destination country.

However, if you are not shipping from abroad or bought your item from abroad, when you see dispatched from sorting center then you should know that your item is on it’s way to your location or location post office and will soon be delivered to you.

Example using FedEx. If you happen to see item arrived at sort facility FedEx and later on you saw dispatched from sorting center FedEx, this simply means your item has left the FedEx sort facility on your country and is on it’s way to your location, house or local post office.

Example using aliexpress. On aliexpress, when you see dispatched from sorting center then bear in mind that there are stages before the item or order will be delivered to you and they include the followings;

  • Received and accepted by linehaul transportation
  • Item departed from country of origin
  • Arrived at destination country
  • Awaiting custom clearance
  • Received by delivery company
  • Delivered to you

How long does it take to ship from sorting center?

It usually takes one to three working days to ship or dispatch items from the sorting center though during black Friday sales, shipment might become slower and it will take a maximum of five working days for item to get dispatched from the sorting center.

All in all the shipping method used play an important role when it comes to shipping of items.

If they are pretty much fast then you should expect items to gets dispatched from sorting center within one to two days of arriving at the sort facility.

From my experience the likes of DHL and EMS will take just one day to get items dispatched from sorting center and during black Friday sales it usually takes two working days to move the items.

So the courier service or shipping method used play a major role in receiving your item on time.

What happens after the sorting center?

After sorting center, the item will be dispatched to the cargo that will move the items to their various destinations. The cargo or freight which will move items from the sorting center to their various destinations is usually called linehaul transportation.

It is the linehaul transportation that will move the items to the destination country of the item or their locations. After custom clearance if it is coming from another country, you will receive your item.

Why is my package stuck at the sorting center?

This is usually caused when a package is not in order or there’s a problem with the package. However, you may think that your package is stucked in the sorting center whilsd it has reached your location or your local post office.

Kindly note that when a package is scanned then it will be updated but sometimes some of the packages in the sorting center don’t get scanned and this won’t update the tracking information.

To crown it worst the recipient might think that his or her package is sticker but in reality it has already been dispatched from sorting center.

I’m saying this based on my experience. I had a package that stayed on in transit and at one point I thought the package is stucked at in transit, but lo and behold I received a call from my local post office to come pickup my package.

Why this happened is simply because my item was not scanned and this prevented me from knowing it’s current location and I thought my package has been stucked in transit.

If still after two weeks your item is still yet to get delivered to you, don’t hesitate to contact the seller and or the delivery company as to why it is taking time to have your item delivered to you.

So this is what dispatched from sorting center means on tracking information, and I do hope to have explained it properly especially in a lay man’s understanding.

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