What does unlimited data at 5mbps mean? Detailed explanation

When it comes to buying a data plan for your cellphone, unlimited data plan is the best but it comes down to some limit which can be quite annoying.

When buying a new data plan especially when it states unlimited, you may see unlimited data at 5mbps or 10mbps though it depends on the network provider you are using.

And the question being asked about this is;

What does unlimited data at 5mbps mean?

Unlimited data at 5mbps means that the speed of the unlimited data is capped at 5mbps and it can’t be exceeded.

Usually when it comes to buying unlimited data plan for your cellphone, the speed is usually very fast at the initial usage, but immediately you reached the maximum data usage required for the month, the speed will be reduced and you will start to experience what is called speed throttling.

Speed throttling is when the service network provider reduces the speed of their internet plans after a certain duration.

Speed throttling can be so annoying especially when the internet speed is reduced drastically below 5mbps making streaming not to flow very well.

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When internet speed is being throttled, one may find it difficult streaming 4k videos or even HD videos and this is why most times I don’t fancy unlimited data plan.

Once again, going back to the question being asked about unlimited data plan.

What does unlimited data at 5mbps mean

What does unlimited data at 5mbps mean

Unlimited data at 5mbps means that your unlimited data is capped at the internet speed rate of 5mbps and which cannot be exceeded.

Looking at the speed rate of 5mbps, I won’t lie to you it is way too poor cause you will experience lots of buffering streaming high quality videos or live streams. The essence of having an unlimited data plan is to enjoy internet to the fullest, but it also involves having a good internet speed.

With a good internet speed and unlimited data plan, internet activity on your cell phone will be very sweet.

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Asking what does unlimited data at 5mbps mean, the answer is so clear. If you go ahead to subscribe the unlimited data plan, your internet speed will be capped at 5mbps and it can go beyond that.

If you ask me, that’s very awful.

Is unlimited data at 5mbps good?

Absolutely not good in my opinion cause it will hinder fast downloading of files, and lots of buffering while streaming 4k videos or HD video quality.

Apart from that, it will be quite difficult to stream live videos like live football or any live sports. Please live Facebook videos or any kind are not included as you can seamlessly stream Facebook live with 5mbps internet speed.

Things has really changed and advanced, surfing the internet, streaming on YouTube, Netflix, downloading, requires a good internet connection else you will be very much frustrated even while on unlimited data plan.

Some bad experience you will see while your internet speed is 5mbps.

● DOWNLOADING OF LARGE FILES WILL TAKE TIME: As along as one is using the internet, there is a high chance that definitely downloading of files will occur. Honestly it will take quite a long while using 5mbps to download a file size 4GB or worst still a file size of 20GB if you’re using your mobile phone as a hotspot.

UIrrespective of the fact that it is an unlimited data plan which is good, but with a speed limit of 5mbps, downloading of files will be a lot frustrating especially large sized files.

● TOO MUCH BUFERRING WHILE WATCHING LIVE VIDEOS: If you are the type that love to watch live sports or events, you may find it quite difficult streaming the videos without experience buffering.

From my own experience, 5mbps internet speed can’t stream a live videos especially live football matches as you will experience tons of buffering while watching the live videos.

● UPLOADING OF FILES WILL TAKE A LOT OF TIME: If your plan of going for an unlimited data is to upload files on the internet or to your drive, you will have it a hard time uploading a file size of 20GB with an internet speed of 5mbps.

Asking what does unlimited data at 5mbps mean, you should also bear in mind that 5mbps internet speed isn’t actually good especially when it comes to heavy internet activity.

● PLAYING ONLINE GAMES: To play a high graphic online game onwith an internet speed of 5mbps might not be entirely floating very well especially when playing and live streaming at same time.

I’m talking about playing an online game on your ps4, ps5, and pc. For online mobile games, 5mbps is very much adequately enough for you as the likes of pubg, call of duty, asphalt, real racing, etc will flow very well with a 5mbps internet speed.

What does unlimited data at 5mbps mean

Is 5 Mbps good Internet speed?

Right in 2022, 5mbps internet speed is not good at all especially with the introduction of 5G network as streaming live events like sports with be quite annoying because of so many buffering.

The truth is an internet speed of 5mbps is very poor and not good, but when it comes to 5mbps internet speed with an unlimited data plan, then it is quite okay for me as I will gladly manage it like that.

The minimum internet speed I will recommend is 10mbps as one can easy watch live sports and events, stream live videos and downloading won’t take much time.

How many device can connect to 5Mbps?

If the sole purpose of using the internet is only for browsing, two devices can connect to a 5mbps internet speed but when it comes down to streaming and downloading, only one device should connect to an internet speed of 5mbps.

Please kindly note that an internet speed of 5mbps in 2021, 2022 and counting is very poor.

I mean very poor cause downloading of large files will take a lot of time and streaming live videos will buffer a lot. When you add extra device to it then the internet speed will fall drastically below par.

Is 5 Mbps enough for online classes?

5mbps is quite enough for online classes if truly the internet speed is 5mbps and not connected to multiple devices. Also if high quality video streaming is not involved then there’s nothing to complain about as 5mbps is quite okay for online classes.

But if you ask me, I will recommend at least 10mbs which seamlessly stream high quality videos without an annoying video buffering.

Is 5 Mbps enough for 1080p?

5mbps is quite good enough for a video resolution of 1080p and there won’t be a video buffering, where the problem lies is streaming 4k video with an internet speed of 5mbps which will be a lot frustrating because of excessive buffering one will experience.

Is 5 Mbps fast enough for Netflix?

5mbps internet speed is fast enough for Netflix videos and according to Netflix, the minimum recommended internet speed is 5mbps. 

The problem we have is the network service provider coming up with a false internet speed and not saying the truth. For example, they will say unlimited data at 5mbps but in the reality it is unlimited data at 3mbps.

When you subscribe for it you will be shocked at how slow your internet speed is, and you will conclude that 5mbps internet speed of your network is very poor and slow without knowing that your are browsing at the internet speed of 3mbps.

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