What does outgoing call mean on iphone (Everything explained)

It came to my notice that a quite number of persons doesn’t know what is outgoing calls in iphone, they tends to confuse it with incoming calls, and that which I’m here to clarify.

To explain all you need to know on what outgoing calls in iphone means.

Moving to the question of the day;

What does outgoing call mean on iphone?

Outgoing calls on iphone simply means calls made by a user on it’s mobile phone. When an iphone user dials a number on it’s mobile phone in term of calling the number, that is an outgoing call on iphone.

This is very much different from incoming call because the person making the call will incure all the charges by the cellular network.

There are more you need to know on what does outgoing call mean on iphone, and I’ve already explained that in this article. Next time you wouldn’t get confused with outgoing calls or confuse it with incoming calls.

What does outgoing call mean on iphone?

Outgoing calls on iphone are calls made by a person on it’s iPhone, and which incure charges by the cellular network service. All the calls you made you made on your mobile phone are called outgoing calls.

This isn’t just on iphone but also on android, or any instant messaging apps like whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger. If you called a contact on your mobile phone, whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, Google voice, etc they are called outgoing calls on iphone.

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Does outgoing call mean they picked up?

No, outgoing call doesn’t mean the picked or answered the call but rather the call was successfully transferred to the recipient.

The recipient may to answer the call or choose not to answer the call.

When you dialed a number on your iPhone and the call start ringing, it is called outgoing call on iphone. When the recipient answer’s the call, then it means the outgoing calls has been answered.

Does outgoing call mean i called someone?

Absolutely yes. Outgoing call simply means you called someone on your iPhone or android phone, and you will be the one to incure all the charges especially in terms of cellular service calls.

What does an outgoing call look like on iPhone?

Trying to figure out what does an outgoing call look like on iPhone, below picture gives you the best answer on outgoing call on iphone.

What does outgoing call mean on iphone

This is what an outgoing call look like on iPhone, and it explains what does outgoing call mean on iphone.

Why Outgoing calls are not going?

This is usually caused when the phone is disconnected by the carrier network due to non payment of phone bill, the recipient phone is switched off, or the recipient blocked your number. 

Let me give more details on why Outgoing calls are not going.

1. Your phone have been disconnected

This is one of the major reason you may be experiencing outgoing calls not going through to a recipient, you have been disconnected by the cellular network service.

The truth is that when a subscriber is disconnected by the network provider, outgoing calls on iphone will never go through unless you use instant messaging apps to make your calls.

2. The recipient blocked your number

Outgoing calls are not going through?

The recipient may have blocked your number and that’s why outgoing calls weren’t going through. This is the case if you have a particular number or contact in your iPhone that you can’t seem to call.

To find out if truly you have blocked by the recipient, use another number unknown to the recipient to make the call. If the call goes through, then be rest assured that the recipient has blocked your number.

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3. The recipient phone is switched off or offline

This is another major case of outgoing calls are not going through on your iPhone.

The recipient phone is switched off or offline especially if you’re making a cellular network service call.

If the problem persist for more than five days then you may have been blocked or there’s a problem with the recipient or it’s number. I will advise you to find other means to reach out to the person.

How do I know if a call was incoming or outgoing?

When you see someone calling your number or your phone ringing, that means it is an incoming call. When make a call on your mobile phone or dial a number, that means you’re making an outgoing call.

This is what I have explained on what does outgoing call mean on iphone.

Outgoing call is the call you made, while incoming call is the call you answered.

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This is what outgoing call mean on iphone, calls made on your iPhone is simply called outgoing call, while call received on your iPhone is called incoming call. This is as simple as it is, there’s no difficulty understanding outgoing calls and incoming calls on iphone.

If you’re still confused somewhere in this article of what does outgoing call mean on iphone, you are free to lay down your questions or comments using the comment box.

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