Auto reject call: What it means and how to use it

If you have been using an android phone or a feature phone for quite a long time, you should definitely come across auto reject call on your mobile phone.

This is very much popular on samsung android phone and other feature phone.

Since the release of samsung galaxy S7 and the S7 edge, Samsung stopped the auto reject call though you can as well see it on samsung feature phone and other feature phone.

The auto reject call is very much helpful then but I will say we have now have a better option or feature that has replaced the auto reject call  on samsung phone and other android phones.

Maybe this is your very first time of hearing the term and you will be wondering what auto reject call means.

I will explain that to you.

What does auto reject call mean

Auto reject call means to automatically decline a call before a call gets to a recipient phone number. In most cases the call won’t go through to the recipient phone, but instead will be seen as a missed call on the side of the recipient. 

In the real sense, auto reject call is same as blocking a number from calling your mobile phone.

Immediately the caller dials your number, the call will end immediately. The only difference between auto reject call and blocking a number is that in auto reject call the recipient will see the incoming call as a missed call while in blocking a number, the recipient won’t see anything or the incoming call.

I will say blocking a number is far better compared to auto reject call cause the call will never get to the recipient phone or phone number.

The call ends immediately the caller dialed the number or forwarded to the voicemail.

Right now I don’t think there’s any samsung phone that still has the auto reject call or the auto reject list unless you as a person is still using the old samsung phone or a feature phone.

We now have something that is lot better and this includes blocking a number, putting a number to te do not disturb mode, or probably redirecting a particular phone number straight to the voicemail.

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By now you must have understood what does auto reject call mean, let me now explain how you can automatically reject a call but this time I will explain it with the latest feature we have and not the auto reject call feature.

Lets continue.

How to auto reject call

This is the next question that will definitely pop into your head, how to auto reject call.

In this tutorial I will explain it based on the latest features we have, and that is automatically blocking a phone number from calling your number, or redirecting a call straight to the voicemail.

1. Blocking a phone number

If you have a particular phone number that you are pissed of and doesn’t want to receive calls from the person, blocking the number is the best option for you.

This is very much applicable to both android and iphones.


To block a phone number on android phone, kindly open the phone app slide to contact just like on the picture below.

auto reject call

You can also open your contact app as well.

Now you have to locate the contact you want to block and tap on the contact to open.

Press on the hamburger menu and you will see the option to block the contact just like on the picture below.

what does auto reject call mean


Tap on block contact and you will receive a warning message stating;

You will no longer receive any calls or text messages from this number

Go ahead and tap on the block button.

With that you have successfully blocked or blacklisted the contact from calling your number.

Immediately the person calls your number, the call will end or won’t go through. If you’re using a Samsung phone, it will show number busy but in the real sense the person has blocked your number.

If you didn’t save the number on your mobile phone, all you have to do is to open the phone app and slide to recent calls.

Look for the number and tap on it to open.

Look below your screen and you will see block just like on the picture below.

Block a number on samsung phone

Tap on block, accept the warning notice by tapping on the block button.

That’s it. You have successfully blocked the number from calling. This is almost the same to auto reject call on android phone.


On iphone, get started by opening the phone app and locate the number or the contact you want to block.

Next to the contact or the number is the i icon, kindly tap on the i icon and scroll down to block this caller. 

Remember that Once you tap into the caller’s details, scroll down and tap “Block this Caller.” A confirmation will appear to block the number. Tap “Block Contact” and you have successfully blocked the contact or number on your iPhone.

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2. Forwarding the call to the voicemail

This is one of the best recommendation I have for you and best replacement for auto reject call on a mobile phone.

Instead of blocking the number or to auto reject call, instead forward the call straight to the voicemail.

In this case what you have to do is to set up a voicemail depending on your network carrier service and your mobile phone. After you must have set up a voicemail on your mobile phone, you can now redirect the number to the voicemail.

To do so, first you have to open the phone app, tap on hamburger menu and select settings. Select supplementary settings and call forwarding.

Right there you can forward a number or your calls straight to the voicemail especially when you’re not available or to busy to answer a call.

You can choose to do this instead of using the auto reject call feature for older android phones or a feature phone.

Related Questions

Why is my samsung phone auto rejecting calls?

Your samsung phone is auto rejecting a call simply because you have enabled auto reject call on your samsung phone or have practically barred incoming calls on your samsung phone.

For older samsung phone, you should disable the auto reject call by going to the phone app, tap on hamburger menu and select the auto reject call.

Open it and you will see auto reject list, kindly go ahead and disable the feature on your samsung phone.

For newer samsung phones, open the phone app and tap on the hamburger menu.

Select settings, and scroll down to supplementary service and tap to open. Tap on call barring and as it opens, look for incoming call barring and make sure you disable it on your samsung phone.

This helps to resolve the problem of auto reject call on samsung phones.

Is Auto reject the same as blocking a number?

Auto reject is almost similar to blocking a number as the two features prevent an incoming call from reaching a mobile phone or a mobile number.

The only difference between the two is that5auto reject call will show as a missed call on the recipient phone, while blocking a number will never show as a missed call as the call didn’t get through to the recipient phone.

How do you call someone who has blacklisted you?

To call someone who has blacklisted you, simply use another phone number or create a Google voice account, get an assigned phone number and use the number to call the person that blacklisted you on it’s mobile phone.


Having explained what does auto reject call mean on a mobile phone, and the best alternative to it especially on the later mobile phones, this is where I wrap it up on the topic of the post, auto reject call.

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